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Top Australian sports betting apps

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Reviewed by Elena I.

Many Australian punters primarily use their mobile phones for sports and racing bets. For most, the user-friendliness and interface of a sports betting app are crucial factors in choosing one.

To assist you, we’ve outlined some of the standout Australian sports betting apps.

Below are our top recommendations, based on the mobile-app features, usability, and safety.

Top 10 mobile apps for sports betting in May 2024

  1. 🥇 Unibet — Best sports betting app overall
  2. 🥈 Dabble — Best social sports betting app
  3. 🥉 Picklebet — Best app for esports betting
  4. bet365 — Highest feature and UI quality
  5. Palmerbet — Classic bookie
  6. Dratstars — Easiest-to-use app
  7. PlayUP — Best sports betting app for esports
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Unibet sportsbook review
95/100 Platform rating by Elena I. 84% Playscore based on Best mobile betting app
Play now

Good to know

  • Great sports layout
  • Live streaming
  • Excellent app UI

5 payment methods

Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
Dabble sportsbook review
95/100 Platform rating by Elena I. 94% Playscore based on Best social-first features
Play now

Good to know

  • Social app
  • Great racing platform
  • Bet with friends options

4 payment methods

Bank Transfer
Picklebet logo
Picklebet sportsbook review
94/100 Platform rating by Elena I. 86% Playscore based on Niche esports markets
Play now

Good to know

  • 11 esports on offer
  • Australian-owned and operated
  • Mobile-compatible platform

5 payment methods

Bank Transfer
bet365 sportsbook review
93/100 Platform rating by Elena I. 91% Playscore based on Most sports markets on offer
Play now

Good to know

  • 40+ sports
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Live streaming

11 payment methods

Apple Pay
Bank Transfer
Google Pay
PalmerBet sportsbook review
92/100 Platform rating by Elena I. 80% Playscore based on Family-run bookmaker
Play now

Good to know

  • Good Aussie league odds
  • 25 sports on offer
  • 60 years of experience

7 payment methods

Bank Transfer
Draftstars sportsbook review
90/100 Platform rating by Elena I. 80% Playscore based on Best fantasy betting site
Play now

Good to know

  • Biggest fantasy prize pools
  • Free-to-enter contests
  • Private and public leagues

6 payment methods

Bank Transfer
PlayUP sportsbook review
80/100 Platform rating by Elena I. 87% Playscore based on Fixed-odds racing and esports
Play now

Good to know

  • Quick withdrawals
  • Good betting markets
  • Live phone betting

6 payment methods

Bank Transfer

#1 Unibet mobile sportsbook: best betting app in Australia

Unibet is easily the best betting app in Australia. To start with, it’s got a very good UI making it easy for players to navigate their way around and find all the features they want and need. And speaking of features, there’s an array of different options right at your fingertips including cashout, live streaming and live betting

The betting app can be downloaded quickly and easily to your device. It’s also compatible with multiple operating systems. Better still, it doesn’t have any glitches and allows you to do live streaming without any lag time. There’s an array of different sports (over 30), with leagues and events from around the world, and all of this is accessible on your phone.

#2 Dabble sportsbook: top social betting sports app 

Also the best horse racing app, Dabble is all about keeping it communal. This sportsbook is only available as a betting app so everything works incredibly well. It’s got one of the smoothest interfaces thanks to a slick design that ensures there’s a speedy load time in effect. Logging and signing up via the app is also incredibly easy.  As far as sports betting apps go, this is really at the top. There’s limited live streaming available though – most of it is for horse racing. Aside from that, there are a ton of exciting community-based features. You can follow your friends or tipsters, suggest bets, bet with friends and a whole lot more as well. 

#3 Picklebet sportsbook: best betting apps for esports

Picklebet’s mobile app in Australia distinguishes itself as a top choice for esports and sports betting on the go, and you’ll find extensive coverage across a variety of other sports. The app is user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation and quick bet placement. Noteworthy for its live streaming capabilities for esports events, Picklebet is a solid choice for tech-savvy punters who like to stay on top of their game. While it may lack in horse racing options, the app makes up for it with efficient customer support and regular updates, catering well to the needs of Australian mobile bettors and esports enthusiasts.

Time2players choosing the best mobile sportsbook in Australia

Best betting apps by category

When we look at the best sports betting app, we don’t just look at the app as a whole. Instead, we also categorise betting apps according to a number of specific categories that we feel are important to you. Take a look at the top categories and which is the best app in the list below. 

CategoryOur winners
Top social betting appDabble sportsbook
Most betting marketsBet365 sportsbook
Safest betting appDraftstars sportsbook
Newest betting appPalmer sportsbook
Fastest withdrawalsbet365 sportsbook
Best app interfacePlayUp sportsbook

How to choose good sports betting apps

Of course, you want to play on the best sports betting apps. Because of this, we carefully rate each sportsbook on different criteria. In the following sections, we outline our rating method so that you can judge a site for yourself or just get to grips with how we score an Australian betting app.

A mobile dispaly along with a download symbol

App availability and compatibility

When looking at mobile betting apps, ideally we want to see that they’re well-rounded. The top-rated betting sites will score highly because they offer a stellar betting app as well as a mobile browser option for users. Sites that only offer one or the other will also score well, but not quite as high as when both are on offer.  However, if there is no provision made for mobile devices at all, then this criterion will get a very low score. New betting apps in Australia should also be fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. If a betting site only offers Android betting apps or only has iOS apps but not both, then the score will also drop. We expect full mobile compatibility. 

A finger pointing to a mobile screen along with a rugby ball and a trophy


Once we have established that there is a mobile app, we then look at how usable it is. The best sports betting apps will ensure that everything is laid out neatly and clearly. A search bar should be provided and there should be the option to filter the sports on offer across both iOS and Android devices.  When betting online mobile apps should have clearly visible odds and other important features such as cashout, live streaming betting and so on, should also be present. The betting slip needs to be clear and large enough to place bets without any mistakes. Finally, the betting app should load well, and not take up too much space on your device. If we find issues with any of these features, we’re going to give a lower score. 

Mobile screen displayed in the front and the back

Mobile betting features

As mentioned, we want to see all the best Android and the best iPhone betting apps packed with a range of exciting features. First, we want to see that betting options like cashout and live betting are on offer. Most betting apps in Australia do have live betting, but not many offer live streaming. As such, if live streaming is available, then the betting app will get a much higher score.  If the betting app has some live streaming for a limited number of sports, then we will give an average score. An iOS or Android app that’s missing any of the features found on the desktop site, such as no in bet trackers or live streaming, will get a lower score. The lowest score is reserved for sports betting apps with none of these features whatsoever. 

A finger pointing to a  mobile screen along with sports elements in the back

Range of betting markets

The best Australian betting apps overseas and domestically will have a vast array of betting markets. The best sports betting app should have at least 30 different sports on offer. These days, we do expect new betting apps to definitely meet this number and preferably exceed it if they are to remain competitive within the gambling industry.  An iOS or Android app that has fewer than 20 sports on offer will get a lower score from us as this is not considered very competitive. Top apps will also need to have a wide array of leagues and events for all the sports offered from around the world. Apps with limited domestic offerings only will get far lower scores. 

A finger pointing to a mobile screen along with cash behind the display

Payment methods

Without a doubt, the best online betting app must have a good selection of betting payment methods on offer. Ideally, we want to see at least ten different options covering the various types of payment such as card, eWallet, prepaid and so on. We also want to see budget-friendly limits with minimum deposits and withdrawals of AU$10.  New betting sites and apps that have five or fewer payment options are not meeting our standards and subsequently get a lower score. We also do not want to see high minimum limits with anything that requires an initial deposit or minimum withdrawal of AU$50 being far too high. Similarly, if an app has low maximum withdrawal limits, we recommend signing up for a betting account elsewhere. 

Phone with the password entered and verification tick


It’s also very important that you stay safe and secure online at all times. To that end, we check to see that the best betting apps are fully licenced and regulated within Australia. This can be from any of the different states or territories though it’s good if each app holds an NTRC licence and also meets South Australia’s gambling requirements.  Any eSports betting app that does not have a licence, will not be recommended by us. We also want to see the app offering responsible gambling protocols in a clear and easily accessible way. If these are hidden, confusing and so on, we will not be handing out a top score to the betting app and suggest you look somewhere more reputable to play.

A finger pointing to a mobile screen displaying a menu features

Overall betting site offering

Finally, we also look at a variety of other criteria to see whether a betting app is worth it or not. For instance, we like to check whether additional features such as betting tips are provided. If betting tips are on offer, we expect them to be helpful. We also check out the odds to ensure these are competitive, not just for traditional bets, but for live streaming too.  Additionally, we also take a look at the support available on the app. We expect 24/7 live chat to be available on the app as well as other support methods. If there is no 24/7 support or live chat, we score down. Finally, we like to see what other players think once they’ve opened a betting account with the sportsbook. If there are numerous unanswered complaints, we recommend steering clear of that betting app. 

Betting apps vs instant play web apps

For many of you, you may be wondering why you might choose to download Android and iOS apps when you can simply use the mobile browser version of a site. Well, there are pros and cons to both of these. At the end of the day, the choice is yours as to which you prefer. Take a look at the pros and cons here. 

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile betting apps 

  • Convenience – bet whenever you want.
  • Reduce costs – you can bet from home.
  • Simplified interface – reduces the learning curve.
  • Storage space — the mobile betting app needs to be downloaded.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile browser betting 

  • No need to download an app.
  • Same interface as the desktop version.
  • Scalable and mobile-optimised for easy use.
  • Cannot set push notifications for bets.

What devices can you use for mobile bets?

Excitingly, these days most devices allow you to use mobile apps and place bets. There are a large number of Android and iOS apps out there as well as some apps that are still compatible with Windows or Blackberry devices. Additionally, most apps are scalable and will work on phones and tablets. Have a look below at the devices that can use web apps.

Three iPhones with different colors

iPhone betting apps

Apple makes it quite easy to access iOS apps via the App Store. In many cases, you can find the iOS app is available for download before there is one for Android devices.

A bettor holding an iPad

iPad betting apps

With a slightly larger screen size, iPads are a great way to place bets when betting online. The layout is easier and you won’t hit the wrong button by mistake due to the larger screen. Everything looks better here too.

A bettor holding an Android mobile phone

Android betting apps

There is a myriad of different Android devices out there which means that downloading Android apps is easy. Excitingly, Android apps tend to be scalable too, given the sheer number of phones they have to cater to. However, the Android app has to be downloaded through the Google Play store which often restricts Android betting apps if they don’t follow their regulations. Because of this, some Android betting apps can only be downloaded from the sportsbook’s website directly.

Mobile app displaying a man playing basketball

Other sports betting apps

Though few and far between, you can still find top betting apps that are compatible with operating systems that are used less frequently for betting such as Windows and Blackberry. However, more likely you’ll only have access to the mobile betting browser site for these devices.

Should you even bet on mobile? Pros and cons

These days, we all have our mobiles with us, using them for all sorts of different things. The logical step with online sports betting is to simply do it on your phone. In this next section, we’re going to take a look at the main pros and cons of using mobile betting sites and apps to place your sports bets. 

  • Mobile betting is very convenient and accessible. 
  • Provides flexibility regarding when you place your bets. 
  • Keep updated thanks to live push notifications. 
  • The simplified betting platform makes it easier to bet. 
  • Using the small screen can be hard to place bets accurately. 
  • Placing a bet on an unsecured network when out and about can open you up to potential detail theft.

Betting apps — a beginner’s guide

At this point, we’ve covered all the important points about Australian sports betting apps, except for one! And that’s how to get started using one. So, as we’re going to assume you’re interested in using a betting app, we’re going to crack on and tell you exactly how to do that! 

  1. Choose an online betting app from our list of the top sportsbook apps in Australia. 
  2. Go to the relevant store to download the app. If you are using iOS apps, go to the App Store. For Android betting apps, go to the Google Play store. 
  3. Follow the instructions to download the Android and iOS apps to your device. Make sure you choose the option that matches your operating system. 
  4. Complete the installation process. This will vary depending on whether you’re using the Android operating system (install the apk file), or iOS (click ‘Get’ and trust the app). 
  5. Open the app on your device. 
  6. Log in with a preexisting account if you have used the desktop platform before, or create a new account if this is your first time at this sportsbook. 
  7. Look through all the sports and racing events, place a bet and have fun. 

We’ve outlined how to get playing with a mobile betting app, but it’s important to point out that most sites will still allow you to play on your mobile even if you don’t use the app. Most sportsbooks have mobile betting sites that are mobile-browser compatible. Simply log in there and play as you would on the desktop site. 


What is the best betting app to use? 

The betting app that’s best to use is the one that matches all the features and functions we look for when rating the best sports betting app. First, top betting apps must have a licence in Australia. Then, we want to see whether the app supports live streaming and betting, whether there’s a large sports selection on offer and whether the app is available to both iOS and Android users. 

Which betting app is Australian?

There are a number of Australian-owned betting apps out there. For instance, the Neds betting app is from Australia as is Dabble, Bet Right, PlayUp, BoomBet, BlueBet and a whole lot more. These exciting Australian betting app options also have a strong desktop version of the site, with the exception of Dabble. Each have their pros and cons, check out their reviews here. 

What is the best horse betting app in Australia? 

If you want to just focus on horse racing, then Australian punters actually have a number of different horse betting apps to choose from. However, if you want to combine the horse betting app with a social betting app, then Dabble is the best option here. If the focus is just the horses, then The TAB focuses on the Australian betting scene very well. 

What is the most used betting app? 

Currently, the most used sports betting apps in Australia include bet365 and Unibet. However, there are some additional betting web apps available such as Dabble and Bet Right, both of which are growing in popularity and deservedly so. You can check out our best betting apps list right here to see which are the best downloadable betting apps right now. 

Which is the easiest betting app to use? 

The easiest online betting apps in Australia for players to use really depends on what you’re looking for. But, in our opinion, both Dabble and Bet Right offer excellent usable Android and iOS apps for players to use. You can access all the different sports and live streaming and betting options quickly and efficiently no matter which operating system you’re using. 



Research methodology

Sportsbooks on our ranking lists are selected based on an in-depth rating system and rigorous quality control, which begins with verifying adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

Then, our specialists assess several vital criteria that comprise our mobile rating, part of our evaluation of the operator’s entire platform. Our research methodology covers the quality, compatibility with operating systems, features, speed, and overall usability of every sportsbook’s mobile product.

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