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Aussie rules football betting sites and guide

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Hugely popular in Australia, Aussie rules football is primarily only played here. This does mean that Aussie punters have access to many Aussie rules betting sites and some of the best AFL betting apps on offer. 

We’re going to cover all you need to know about online AFL betting. We’ll look at the top AFL betting sites, the AFL markets they offer, as well as how to sign up.

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AFL betting types and other Aussie rules events 

In this AFL betting guide, we’re not just going to look at the overall best Australian AFL betting sites, but which ones are good based on the different Australian football league options they offer. We’ve covered some of the top AFL matches and leagues below so you can find the perfect betting site. 

League /eventTop betting siteMarket
AFL Leaguebet365 sportsbookMatch winner
AFL Grand FinalUnibet sportsbookGrand Final Winner 
AFL International CupPlayUp sportsbookTournament winner 
Women’s AFL International CupPicklebet sportsbook Match Winner

Aussie rules — events to bet on

So, let’s take a quick look at the main Australian football leagues available. Most of these are Australian-based, but there are some from other countries as well. However, these are fewer and far between as this is simply an Aussie sport.

  • Aussie Rules icon

    AFL League

    This is the main Australian rules football league in Australia. It’s the top competition for this sport and has 18 teams each playing 22 matches throughout the season. 

  • Aussie Rules icon

    AFL Grand Final

    With the league over, the top 8 teams qualify for the Final Round, which contains three steps leading to the Grand Final. 

  • Aussie Rules icon

    AFL International Cup

     This is an Aussie rules football tournament that occurs every three years. As Aussie Rules is predominantly Australian and is most practiced here, Australia is the only country worldwide not permitted to enter the International Cup. 

  • Aussie Rules icon

    AFL Women’s International Cup

    Following the same rules as the men’s, this is the women’s version of the event and has been taking place since 2011.

How to choose the best Aussie rules betting sites 

Picking the best Aussie rules betting site can be hard. This is why we have created our specific rating criteria for reviewing these sites. Check out the criteria below and rate the best Australian rules betting site for yourself.

A hand holding a magnifying glass in front of a screen and a blue checkmark

Leagues and events

First up when we rate an Australian rules football site, we take a look at the leagues and tournaments in place. As a starting point, we do expect to see the standard Australian Football League (AFL) in place. Without it, there are basically no AFL betting markets available.  However, if an Aussie rules betting website is to get a better score, then we want to see more than just the AFL here. In addition, the best AFL betting site will have the AFL International Cup and also access to smaller leagues from countries other than Australia. Lacking this, and we give a low score. 

Odds restriction symbols

Betting odds

Starting out with Aussie rules football betting can be daunting, especially if you want to know where to find the best AFL betting odds. As these odds do change rapidly, we check out which are the best AFL odds by looking at the payout percentage offered as a whole on the site.  For a good score, we want to see that the site has a payout percentage of at least 95% or higher. If it’s above 97% then we’re going to give a truly high score for these AFL odds. However, a score of 93% or less is rather uninspiring and will not get a good score from us at all.

A laptop screen along with sports elements

Bet types and markets

When you bet on Aussie rules online, it’s important to have access to a wide array of different betting types and markets as well. Ideally, we want to see at least 10 different AFL betting markets for each of the AFL matches we find at the bookies.  The bet types should be varied and include being able to bet on the AFL finals, enjoy same game multis, put bets on the points scored, outright winner, who will win the Brownlow medal, and so on. The best AFL betting sites will have all this and more.

Money symbols and a football behind a mobile phone screen

Live betting

For a really thrilling betting experience, it’s really great if top AFL betting sites offer you the option of live bets. Live betting simply means that you can place a bet on an Aussie rules match that’s already underway. However, be mindful that AFL odds for live betting are often much lower than those for pre-game bets.  For a good score here, we don’t want to see that there are only a few live betting options for just the Grand Final. Instead, we do want to see that there is live betting throughout the AFL season on a range of AFL markets. If a betting site fails at doing this, then it’s a low score.

A finger pointing to a menu on a mobile phone screen

Aussie rules betting apps

These days, most of us want to be able to place a bet or two while out and about. As such, it’s necessary for AFL sites to offer a betting app or mobile browser version for players to do just this. The top betting apps will have the same features as the main desktop version.  Specifically, we’re looking for mobile-optimized interfaces, a great UI, live betting available on the app, all of which loads speedily. However, a site that lacks all of this will not get a high score. Glitchy apps with missing features will get a much lower score from us. 

Thumbs up next to a checklist

Betting features

We’ve already touched on live bets as an important betting feature, but there are others. For instance, top sites will also have live streaming enabling you to watch teams play in the Grand Final for instance. There should be a good bet builder that allows you to create a first bet or an accumulator bet with ease.  AFL bookmakers will score even more points if they can offer more unique features such as a betting exchange or even provide blog posts with AFL betting tips to help out newcomers. While none of these are essential, they go a long way to bringing up our rating of these sites. 

A laptop screen with a distinctive layout


Following on from the additional features is the ease of use. Australian Football betting sites must be completely user-friendly for both new and returning customers. Navigation should be simple with all the menus clearly laid out and going to the page they indicate they will lead to.  When looking through all the sports options, we want to see good filters, not just in the main sports section, but also once you’re looking at all the Aussie Rules matches and betting options. If everything is cluttered or confusing and it’s not easy to find the specific game or line betting option you’re looking for, it’s a low score. 

A finger scrolling through the odds on a tablet

Aussie rules betting offers

As per Australian laws, AFL bookmakers are not allowed to advertise their bonus offers and promotions to new players. That’s not to say they can’t give bonuses, they can. But, in order to access them or even to simply see what’s on offer, you will have to sign up for an account and log in. 

A handshake

Overall experience

Finally, we take a look at the Australian rules football betting website in its overall form as well. This means we want to see at least 30 other sports to get a top score. Under 20 is no good and results in a poor score for the betting site. Similarly, we want to see more than 10 payment options.  No matter how good a betting site is, we also want to see that there are at least three different support options in place. One of these should be available 24/7 and if it isn’t, then we do mark the site down. We also look to see what players themselves say about the site and factor this in too. 

Aussie rules bets — popular types 

Before you launch into betting on the Australian Football League, you do need to take a step back and look at the betting options. Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of different AFL bets you can place when you play at an online sportsbook. But, knowing the difference impacts the type of bet you choose. Take a look below. 

  • Futures

     These are bets that you can make before the season has actually started. They have much bigger odds than pre-game bets. There are many futures bets here too. These include which two teams will make it to the preliminary finals, or if a particular team, like St Kilda, will make the elimination finals. You can also bet on which player will get the Brownlow medal each match. 

  • Match betting

     This is a straightforward bet that you place on the AFL team you think will win in a head to head match. For instance, whether you think the Sydney Swans will beat the Brisbane Lions. 

  • Over/under

    This is where the sportsbook will set a total score. You simply bet whether you think the total final score between the teams will be over or under this value. If you’re right, you win the bet. 

  • Winning margin

    Another popular bet, you must predict how much you think one team will win over another. For instance, you could predict the Richmond Tigers to beat the Sydney Swans by 1 to 12 points or by 25-36 points. 

  • Same game multis

    You can create accumulators with bets from the same match. 

How to bet on Aussie rules 

If you are still with us, that’s great. It looks like you’re almost ready to start betting on your favourite Aussie rules teams. However, right before you do that, let’s have a quick look at how you can actually get started and even prepare you for how to place that bet. Take a look at this step-by-step guide below and begin your journey. 

A hand holding a magnifying glass in front of a screen and a blue checkmark

Start researching

Look at the different AFL betting sites we have listed here. These are all the top sites and fully licenced in Australia. Pick from one of these to have an immersive betting experience. 

Thumbs up next to a mobile phone screen

Sign up to the site

Once you have chosen which sportsbook you are going to join, go to the main page on either your desktop or mobile device. Click on the registration button and fill out all your personal information to create your account. 

Money being put in a wallet

Head to the cashier section

With your account open, go to the cashier section and choose from the available payment methods. Make a qualifying deposit to fund your account. Typically, deposits are instant. 

A finger pointing to a distinctive layout menu on a mobile phone screen

Look at the betting options

Take a look at the Australian Football League betting options and odds. Select your bet and the amount you would like to wager. 

A hand holding a mobile phone that's showing a green checkmark and a football

See if you win

Once your bet has been placed, all you have to do now is wait. You can either follow the live scores on your chosen sportsbook or actually watch the game live to see how it all unfolds. 

Additional Aussie rules betting tips 

One of the last things to think about before diving right into betting on an AFL team is to consider some of the AFL betting tips we have got for you. These AFL betting tips can really help to make a big difference when it comes to actually being successful and having fun when you play. 

  • Play on big games like ANZAC Day or the Western Derby 
  • Consider the team’s form 
  • Set a budget and stick to it 
  • Understand the rules and league format 
  • Don’t bet large at the start 

Aussie rules betting sites pros and cons 

At this point, you’re almost ready to go and get started. But, we’ve got one more thing for you to consider. While Aussie rules betting is a lot of fun, just like other sports, there are some pros and cons attached to betting on Aussie Rules football games. 

Of course, there are some great pros. It is fun and very accessible in Australia. But, there are also downsides such as addiction and money loss. So, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons so you’ve got all the information you need before you place a bet.

  • Good odds on offer 
  • Aussie bookies offer many markets 
  • Fun to watch 
  • Multiple betting options 
  • Leagues are mostly Australian 
  • Hard to access international games 

Aussie rules betting alternatives — other top sports

As Aussie rules is somewhat niche, it’s not necessarily something that everyone is interested in. With that in mind, there are a number of similar sports you can bet on instead if the AFL is really not your cup of tea. So, have a look below at some popular sporting alternatives. 

  • American Football

    American football

    Team sport that’s based on rugby.

  • Rugby

    Rugby Union

    Contact sport with 15 per team.

  • Soccer ball


    Fast, popular and accessible goal-oriented games. 


Where can you bet on Aussie rules?

You can bet on Aussie rules at a growing number of Australian bookmakers. Some of these bookies include bet365, Betfair, Unibet, PlayUp and Neds. The number is continuing to grow, however, so it’s worth taking a look at our list to see what options you have. Luckily, as it’s so popular in Australia, you’re not going to have too much trouble finding somewhere to bet. 

Which is the best Aussie rules betting site? 

Everyone is different so there is no definitive best Aussie rules betting site out there. However, there are ways to determine which sites are doing better than others. For instance, the best site will have an Aussie licence and will have really competitive Australian rules odds in place. You may even find that these sites offer you a free bet when you sign up. 

How does AFL betting work? 

If you follow our AFL betting tips, you’ll be up and running in no time at all. And that’s because AFL betting works in the same way as other sports betting options. Simply choose a professional AFL team such as St Kilda and predict whether they will win or lose the game against the team they are up against. 

How do I bet on Australian football? 

To place a bet on AFL, you simply need to join up to an AFL betting site. Choose from one of our recommended sites and then make an account with them. Once your account has been verified and confirmed, you can then make a deposit. Deposits are instant so you’ll be able to start placing all types of bets right away. 

What is Aussie rules betting? 

Aussie rules is a popular contact sport played in Australia. It’s typically played on an oval field rather like a cricket pitch. The rules of the game are a little bit of a cross between rugby and football, though it leans more towards the former as it is a contact sport. There are 18 players per team. The aim is to score points by kicking a ball between two goal posts. 



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