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Axed: Netflix Users Revolt Over Cancelled Shows

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Netflix Users Revolt

Netflix has produced some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows of the past decade. From “Stranger Things” to “The Crown,” the company has proven to be a major player in the world of television. However, the streaming giant has also faced criticism for canceling shows early, leaving fans disappointed and wanting more. To understand the impact of Netflix’s early show cancellations, we asked 2,000 US Netflix subscribers about their feelings on the matter. The results were revealing.

Netflix Shows Canceled Early

When asked if Netflix has canceled a show they liked before it could come to a proper end, 56.3% of respondents said yes, indicating a majority of Netflix subscribers have been affected by the streaming service’s early show cancellations.

The early cancellations of shows also had an impact on the subscribers’ decisions to stay with Netflix. 39.9% of the respondents said they have thought of canceling Netflix because of show cancellations, and 7.1% of the respondents said they have already canceled Netflix because of this. On the other hand, 53.7% of the respondents said they haven’t considered canceling Netflix because of show cancellations.

The early cancellations of shows also led many subscribers to sign up for other streaming providers. 51.3% of the respondents said that Netflix’s cancellation of shows caused them to sign up for other streaming providers, while 48.7% of the respondents said no.

Finally, when asked if they have already or plan to switch to the new Netflix with ads plan ($6.99 per month) to save money, 78.3% of the respondents said yes and 21.7% of the respondents said no.

The results of this survey suggest that Netflix’s early show cancellations have had a significant impact on its subscribers. Many have been disappointed by the cancellations, with some even considering canceling their Netflix subscription. The early cancellations have also led many subscribers to sign up for other streaming providers and have caused some to switch to the new Netflix with ads plan to save money. Netflix should take note of these responses, as the company may see a decrease in subscriber numbers if the trend of early show cancellations continues.


In January 2023 we surveyed 2,000 US Netflix subscribers. The average age of respondents was 36.8 years. The average annual household income was $65,945.14. 

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