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Twexit: Has Elon’s Twitter Blue Soured Users?

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Twexit Twitter Blue Elon Musk

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When Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was finalized last month, a new era of change was ushered in for the social media juggernaut. The self-described free speech absolutist forked over a whopping $44 billion to own the platform whose moderation practices he’s long criticized. In the name of combating anonymous trolls and spam accounts that seek to overwhelm his new pet project, Musk announced users could now purchase Twitter Blue. For $8 per month, Twitter Blue subscribers can finally display the once coveted blue check on their profile to prove they are indeed verified on the platform.

But for Elon, things haven’t been going quite as planned. Almost immediately, newly “verified” users began changing their profile photos and display names to impersonate and troll high-profile users, including Musk himself.

Twexit Has Elon Twitter Blue Soured Users

A Tuesday survey of US Twitter users found 86.3% would not pay for Twitter Blue at any price point. Among those who would consider subscribing, $4.17 per month is all they could bare to pay — slightly more than half of the current $8 fee. Among all users polled, 71% told us the ability to pay for a blue check eliminates the prestige attributed to the oft-lusted-after digital bauble. When asked about the general sentiment around Twitter Blue and the subscribers who willingly pony up for prestige, 47.2% described the practice as lame, while 39.7% say they wouldn’t do it, but it’s fine if others want to. Just 8.5% declared that it’s cool any user can now have a blue check of their own.

But Twitter Blue isn’t the only change making waves in the Twitterverse. Amid massive layoffs and internal restructuring, 42% of users voiced concern with Musk’s treatment of Twitter employees and say they’ve considered closing their accounts because of it. And they’d be in good company. A quick poll of 2,000 former US-based Twitter users who have closed their accounts in the last 60 days revealed 30.4% of them left Twitter due to Elon Musk’s takeover; a figure that could mean Twitter stands to lose 12.6 million users based on the 41.5 million active US-based accounts reported in the second quarter of this year.

However, not all users are harmonious about the Tesla and SpaceX chief’s impact on the Twitter world. Among users who identify as Democrats, 70.4% feel Musk’s purchase was a negative move for Twitter, with only 11.5% expressing positive feelings about the sale. On the other side of the aisle, 77.6% of Republican voters feel Elon’s Twitter buy will bring positive change, compared to just 10.2% who shared negative sentiments with regard to the deal.


On November 15, 2022, we surveyed 2,000 US-based Twitter users. The average age of respondents was 36.3 years and the average household income was $74,252. We also polled 2,000 former US-based Twitter users who have closed their accounts in the last 60 days.

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