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Bagels are a simple food item, but it is an overlooked staple in many households across Canada. Canadians love bagels so much, that they invented their own flavours like Montreal-Style and All-Dressed bagels. 

We wanted to see which provinces or territories consume the most bagels. We also looked at which bagels each province and territory prefers and what their consumption habits are. To find out, we asked 1,000 Canadian households across the entire country just how much they love their O-shaped carbs.

Which Province Or Territory Consumes The Most Bagels

The Hole-iest Province Goes To … 

We asked Canadians the following question: “How many bagels does your household consume per month?” 

The province that devours the most bagels across the entire country is Saskatchewan – consuming an average of 14.2 bagels per month. New Brunswick places second with an average of 12 bagels per month. Ontario residents consume an average of 11.4 bagels monthly, placing them third. Rounding out the top five, Nova Scotia placed fourth with 10.6 bagels per month; Quebec in fifth at 10.5 bagels per month. 

Manitoba residents munch on bagels the least, where they only eat bagels an average of 7.4 times per month. 

Nationwide, the average Canadian household eats about 10.6 bagels per month. 

The Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon were not accounted for due to an insufficient amount of data.

Canadians Love Everything (Bagels)!

As 94.6% of our respondents have consumed bagels in the past 12 months, we asked the following question: “What’s your favourite type of bagel?” 

The most popular bagel across the entire nation according to our survey was everything bagels. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Ontario love their savoury everything bagels. 

The only two provinces that don’t prefer everything bagels are Quebec and Saskatchewan. This is no surprise as Quebec residents prefer Montreal-style bagels; a bagel that pays homage to Quebec’s largest city. Saskatchewan on the other hand, love Cinnamon raisin bagels! While 79.1% of Canadians prefer savoury over sweet bagels, Saskatchewan’s tastebuds chose to be an exception. 

The Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon were not accounted for due to an insufficient amount of data. 

Spreading The Love (Of Cream Cheese)

Bagels hold endless amounts of potential as they are the foundation of a great sandwich. Some love a good breakfast bagel sandwich while others like to keep with simple with butter or cream cheese. However, over half of the nation (53%) top their bagels with cream cheese. 

In the spirit of National Bagel Day, we wanted to find out more about their bagel-eating habits. Almost all (94.6%) of our respondents toast their bagels and about ¾’s (70.9%) eat bagels open-faced, rather than sandwich style. 

Although bagels can be eaten any time of the day, 82.8% eat bagels in the morning instead of the afternoon or evening.


In January 2023, we surveyed 1,000 Canadian households throughout the entire country. The average age in years is 34.8 years old. The average annual household income is $101,058.24. 

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