We offset 100% of our team’s carbon footprint

We are already carbon-neutral across our own operations, but we don’t stop there. We offer a donation program and initiatives that go beyond just delivering a neutral carbon footprint.

Playing our part for the planet​

When you work with Time2play Media, you work with a company that cares about the impact that our company is having on the planet, along with the future impact for our employees and our partners.


Despite all of our colleagues working remotely, we recognise that they still leave a carbon footprint that is directly related to us as a business. Increases in CO2 have had a direct impact on the climate change crisis and, with this in mind, we have launched a Donation Program which aims to give back to the planet, through carefully selected charities and NGOs.

Tons of CO2 locked in per year
Hectares conserved of the primary mountain rain forest
Trees protected in the rainforest area

Land area of the rainforest we protect

We match all our team’s donations


We currently support