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Best Australian basketball betting sites in May2024

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Reviewed by Elena I.

The world’s #2 most popular sport tops the charts in Australia too. Basketball sports betting can be as rewarding, challenging, and downright fun.

We’ll cover the ins and outs of basketball betting sites, along with the best basketball betting sites in Australia.

Our expert analysts are paying closer attention to bookies that cover the top basketball league — the NBA.

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Best betting sites for basketball — NBA and more

When looking for top NBA betting sites we actually look at the different basketball leagues available to you. When NBA betting in Australia, it’s important you have access to all the betting options you need to make your experience a good one. Check out the NBA betting sites and the leagues they offer below. 

League /eventTop betting siteMarkets
NBAPlayUp sportsbookNBA futures
Australia NBLPicklebet sportsbookMatch winner
FIBA World Cupbet365 sportsbookTournament winner
EuroLeagueUnibet sportsbookMatch winner

Basketball betting leagues — a closer look

If basketball betting is your thing, then there are a number of top leagues you can bet on. We’ve outlined some of the most popular options below and these can be found at the best NBA betting sites. 

  • Basketball


    The NBA season is the biggest basketball league in the world, not just in the US. With 82 NBA games in the regular season, there’s also a lot to be getting on with in terms of betting. You can even place bets on the NBA playoffs before the NBA finals arrive and the NBA championship is finally won.

  • Basketball

    Australia NBL

    Perfect for domestic basketball fans, the NBL is the main league for both Australia and New Zealand. It dropped in popularity for a period, but once again is on the rise.

  • Basketball

    FIBA World Cup

    One of the most prestigious events for all basketball teams, it’s been held every four years since 1950. The USA is still the team with the most wins here.

  • Basketball


    The most important league in Europe, this is the highest basketball tier. It’s got a lot of talent in the teams as many players come from NBA basketball.

How to choose the best basketball betting sites

As there are so many NBA basketball betting sites out there, we carefully rate each one so NBA bettors can easily find the perfect site. To do this, we use the several rating criteria as outlined below. 

NBA logo, a trophy and a basketball

Leagues covered

Although the best NBA betting sites will often have a focus on NBA bets, we want to see a good variety of NBA betting markets on offer if we are to give a good score. Not only that though, we also want to see that there are other leagues provided not just the NBA championship.  For a top score, the best NBA betting app in Australia must also offer bets for the EuroLeague, NBL, NCAA and FIBA World Cup, to name just a few. If NBA bettors can’t access other leagues or the online NBA betting choices are limited, then we mark the NBA sportsbook down. 

Betting odds number, a magnifying glass and a basketball

Basketball betting odds

For a betting site to get a top score, the NBA odds need to be competitive when compared to those from other NBA betting sites. However, as NBA betting odds are always changing, we check out the NBA odds by calculating the average percentage payout offered by the NBA betting site.  For us, a good score is only given if those NBA odds lead to a percentage payout of 95% or more. An excellent score is awarded to sites offering payouts over 97%, indicating very competitive NBA odds. However, at the other end of the scale, an online NBA betting site offering payouts of 93% or less won’t be recommended. 

A tablet showing the distinctive menu layout

Bet types and markets

The best NBA betting site should have a diverse selection of different NBA bets so that you can choose the one that suits you the most. For instance, the best NBA betting sites should have futures bets, live betting options and more. We also expect to see at least 20 NBA betting markets per NBA game.  If several of these types of basketball bets are missing, then we’re not going to give the site such a high score. Similarly, if the betting markets are limited – fewer than 10 per game – then we’re not going to give this a high score either. No NBA live betting further drops the score here. 

A laptop screen showing basketball equipment along with cash and live streaming symbol in the backgound

Live betting

Following on from the above, having live betting options is a must for the best NBA betting site to score well. We don’t just expect to place live bets on big events like the NBA finals though, we want live betting as an option across a wide range of NBA games and other basketball competitions.  If there are no live wagering options for NBA games online then we will give the site a much lower score. However, if there is live betting in Australia for some NBA games or leagues, then the NBA sportsbook will get an average score from us. Generally though, top NBA betting sites should always offer live wagering on any NBA game. 

A mobile phone screen displaying a basketball player along with stats icons

Basketball betting apps

As we’re always on the go, we want to see that there are NBA betting apps in place that are fully mobile-compatible will both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the best betting apps should also be scalable so that they can fit any screen size. But this is still not all.  The best NBA betting app must have all the same online NBA wagering options as the main desktop site. The best NBA betting app should have the same NBA games, live betting options, risk free bet offers and more as the main NBA betting sites do. If the app is slow, doesn’t have all the features, then don’t play there. 

A tablet displaying a menu

Betting features

The best NBA betting site should also go above and beyond when it comes to betting features. For instance, we like to see that players have the chance to live stream the NBA games as well as bet live on them. This is particularly important when it comes to the NBA finals.  Betting should be easy so we want to see strong bet builders. For extra special NBA odds, a betting exchange is a way to earn a higher score here. If the site lacks these features or is glitchy when it comes to streaming for instance, then we drop the score accordingly. 

A laptop screen with a distinctive layout


Even if you can place any NBA bet you want, if the site doesn’t make it easy for you to do so, it will get scored down. So, with this in mind, we always assess the usability of the NBA betting apps we review. First, there should be clear menus on your favourite NBA betting sites.  These menus should go where you expect them to, without any broken links in place. Within the sports categories, we want to see easy filters so that you can whittle down the options to a specific NBA game if needed. And we want a speedy sign up process to kickstart it all. 

A mobile phone with basketball,, a trophy and gift boxes

Basketball betting offers

It’s not possible to advertise any specific NBA free bets or offers here as this is not legally permitted in Australia. However, once you create an account and log in with your preferred Aussie bookie, you can then check out the promo codes and offers found in your NBA account and use them on your chosen NBA online site. 

A handshake and a green checkmark

Overall experience

Finally, we consider the entire NBA betting sites as a whole. First, we want to see an array of other sports, ideally 30+. And, we want to see 10 or so betting payment methods with three support options, one of which is 24/7. Finding these features in place will lead to a good score.  However, if there are fewer than 20 sports on offer, only 4 or 5 payment methods supported, and no 24/7 support, then we will mark the sportsbook down quite severely. That’s because all of these features really do help to improve the game play and betting experience online – even if you don’t realise this! 

Basketball and NBA betting types

So, you think you’re ready to place an NBA bet? Well, it’s probable you’re going to need to think again here as there are a myriad of different NBA bet options available to you. So you don’t get swamped, let’s take a look at the different options right now at the top NBA betting sites. 

  • Basketball


    Get shorter or longer odds by choosing the match winner based on the handicap advantage or disadvantage. Typically, a favourite will need to win the game by more than a certain number of points in order for the bet to win.

  • Basketball

    Outrights or futures

    You can place this bet before the NBA season even starts. Here you can choose which team will win which conference, or even go for which teams reach the playoffs of the NBA finals.

  • Basketball

    Match betting

    Simply bet on which team will beat the other in a game.

  • Basketball

    Player markets

    Also known as prop bets, this is where you bet on a player and their performance in the game rather than the entire team. 

  • Basketball

    First basket

    Place a bet on which team or player will get the first score. It can be done every quarter on some NBA betting sites.

  • Basketball

    Top points scorer

    Predict which player will get the most points during the game or the tournament as a whole.

Basketball betting guide — how to bet on the NBA

You’ve made it this far, so it looks like you’re ready to take the next step to start playing at the best NBA betting sites. The first thing that you need to do is sign up for a sportsbook account, and then there are various additional steps, which are outlined right here for you to follow easily. 

A finger pointing to a menu on a mobile phone screen


Take a look at the different NBA betting sites that we recommend for you for both NBA specifically and basketball betting as a whole. Each of the NBA betting sites listed here are licenced and offer an array of basketball betting markets.

Thumbs up next to a mobile phone screen

Sign up

Go to the home page of your chosen NBA betting site and click on the registration button. Make sure you fill out all the required details correctly. Then, confirm your account and accept any terms and conditions outlined.

Money being put in a wallet


Go to the banking section and pick your preferred payment method. Make a qualifying deposit so that you can start betting. 

A PC screen showing stats on basketball

Check out the betting options

Look through all the betting markets on offer and see what odds are available for the different bets.

Thumbs up next to a mobile phone

Place a bet

Open the bet slip and place the bet you want to make. Select your bet value, choose your team and get ready to see if the bet will actually win for you.

Advanced basketball betting tips

If you want to give betting on the NBA a good go, then there are some things to consider when placing your bets. In the following section, we’re giving you some top NBA betting tips that will, hopefully, give you a helping hand when you start placing your bets at one of our NBA betting sites. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to bet on a losing team more than once 
  2. Remember, there are 82 games so you have plenty of chances 
  3. Backing underdogs is a good way to make money on the NBA 
  4. Follow teams on winning streaks 
  5. Set a budget and stick to it 
  6. Pick a licenced and regulated betting site 
  7. Check if your chosen team is playing at home or away 

Basketball and NBA betting — pros and cons

Basketball and NBA betting sites offer a lot of choice as there are so many bets you can make. Additionally, the game play is so fast that you can make multiple bets per quarter and per game. It’s also great that there are so many basketball games to wager on. 

However, it’s not all positives when it comes to the best basketball betting sites. There are some downsides too. With this in mind, we want to cover some of these so that you go into NBA betting with your eyes completely open. Let’s avoid getting you caught out at any point in time. 

  • Many games to bet on 
  • Plenty of in-game or prop bets 
  • Lots of live betting 
  • Very accessible online betting features
  • Regular season isn’t as competitive 
  • Can be addictive

Basketball betting sites alternatives

Although basketball bets offer up a lot of fun, they’re not for everyone. If you want to bet on something other than the NBA and basketball, you can. Luckily, the best basketball betting sites always have an array of other sports on offer, so you will be able to find something that interests you. 

  • Cricket paddle and ball


    A fun, 11-a-side game with international and 1-day events.

  • Soccer ball


    Fast-paced game popular around the world.

  • Rugby


    Exciting contact sport with league and union betting options.


What is the best betting site for NBA? 

There are a number of top NBA betting sites. However, picking the best NBA betting site for you is hard as everyone has different preferences. That being said, the best basketball betting sites should have excellent NBA betting odds in place as well as a range of other top basketball betting markets. We also want to see variety when it comes to betting options including options like a risk-free bet, point spread bets and futures betting. 

How do I bet on the NBA in Australia? 

If you want to bet on NBA games, you need to sign up for NBA online betting sites. Once you have taken a look at the best NBA betting websites we recommend, you can sign up and confirm your account. Make a deposit and then take a look at the futures bets, moneyline bets and more. Place your bet and remember to make use of any NBA betting site promos. 

What is the best option to bet on in basketball? 

There are a wide array of different betting options when it comes to the regular season of the NBA. Really, it comes down to the basketball bettors themselves as each person is looking for something different. However, NBA prop bets are a good option as they have no bearing on the outcome of the NBA game as a whole. They’re also fast and can be changed easily. You should also make sure you take advantage of any risk free bet offers awarded to you from the best NBA betting sites. 

What does +1.5 mean in basketball? 

This is typically a point spread or handicap bet. It means that if you are NBA wagering and have placed a bet on one team to win over the other and you are playing a handicap bet, for your bet to win, your team needs to win by more than +1.5 points. If the team doesn’t, then the bet loses. 

How can I legally bet on NBA games? 

To legally bet on the regular season of National Basketball Association (NBA) games, basketball bettors need to be playing at licensed NBA betting sites in Australia. The top NBA betting sites hold licences from NTRC or comply with South Australia and Victoria gambling regulations. As such, you can make a legal betting account and start placing NBA wagers. 



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