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Top CS:GO betting sites in 2024

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Counterstrike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO, is THE most popular esport to bet on. You’ll find the most diverse range of markets, great odds, and unique props.

We’re going to look at the top bets to place on CS:GO, give you some playing tips, look at live betting, and help you find the best betting site for CS:GO betting online.

Here are our top choices.

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Picklebet sportsbook review
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  • CSGO prediction comps
  • Most CSGO betting matches
  • Best for esports overall

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Unibet sportsbook review
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  • Huge eSports range
  • CSGO betting tips
  • Top CSGO markets

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bet365 sportsbook review
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Good to know

  • Many CSGO bet types
  • CSGO live streams
  • 8+ eSports

11 payment methods

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PalmerBet sportsbook review
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  • Daily CSGO gambling options
  • Many CSGO matches
  • CSGO multis and cashouts

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PlayUP sportsbook review
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  • Good esports props
  • Great prices
  • Top CS:GO betting app

6 payment methods

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Best CSGO betting site: Category winners

When playing CSGO the best betting sites aren’t necessarily the overall best ones. Each player cares about a different aspect when playing online so we have categorised the different CSGO betting sites accordingly. You can check out the top skin gambling sites, the one with the most CSGO gambling games and so on. 

Top betting CSGO siteCategory
Picklebet sportsbookSkins betting
Unibet sportsbookCSGO matches
bet365 sportsbookSmaller CSGO tournaments 
PlayUp sportsbookBest for high odds

CSGO gambling — a beginner’s guide 

The best CSGO betting sites are fully legal and licenced in Australia allowing you access to this popular eSport. In this section, we’re going to help you get started by first taking a look at the main CSGO bet types out there, which tournaments you can bet on and how to place a bet.

Popular CSGO betting types

As with all sports, CSGO betting has a wide array of different bet options for you to choose from when you play online at CGO gambling sites. Before you place bets, it’s imperative you understand the differences between the types. In this way, you’re going to have a leg up when CSGO gambling. Check out some popular bets below. 

  • Esports

    Match/map/round winner

    This simple bet is about which team you think will win the match, map or round. 

  • Esports

    Match line

    Similar to match winner, but this time there will be a handicap in place that you have to meet in order to get the win. 

  • Esports

    Round line

    Similar to match line, but for this bet the team needs to win the most rounds in the match with the handicap that has been applied. 

  • Esports

    Correct score

    This is very specific and can be hard to predict because when you place bets like this, you need to be perfectly accurate. You will need to select the exact number of rounds or maps that you predict your chosen team will win. 

  • Esports


    Also known as outright bets, futures are when you bet on the entire tournament. You can place bets like this before the competition even starts. In fact, doing so will often result in you getting the best odds for the bet. For some CSGO events, you can place a futures bet on a team reaching the semi-finals as well. 

  • Esports

    Winning Margin

    This is a bet on how much the team will win a map by. For instance, they could win it by 2-5 rounds or over 14+ rounds. 

  • Esports

    First blood

    This bet looks at which team or player will get the first kill of the game. As a prop bet, this bet coming true has no bearing on the outcome of the rest of the game. You can place this bet in a certain round or on a specific map. You can even place this bet on pistol rounds. 

  • Esports

    Method of victory

    As there are two teams in CSGO, you can place a bet on how you predict the game will be won. In CSGO the different methods of victory include the bomb detonating, the bomb being defused, time is up or elimination where all the players of one team are killed. 

  • Esports

    Pistol round

    This is when you place a bet on whether a team will win both of the pistol rounds or not. For each team, there is the option to bet on yes or no. This type of bet can actually be combined with the map winner bet as well. 

  • Esports

    Bomb bets

    You can place bets on the number of defused or planted bombs each team manages in a round or match. Simply guess whether the number will be over or under the value listed by the CSGO gambling site. 

CSGO tournaments — which ones to bet on?

Not only are there a myriad of different bets for CSGO, but CSGO gambling websites also have a number of different tournaments and events. Most CSGO match betting sites will offer the big competitions where you can watch the pros battle it out, but what are they? Let’s take a look at the best CSGO events throughout the year. 

  • Esports

    Esports Championship Series

    Esports Championship Series – Also known as ECS, this is the flagship league for CSGO and was launched in 2016. It’s a tournament system that takes place around the world. 

  • Esports

    Intel Extreme Masters

    Made up of numerous events worldwide, there are three grand stages where teams can win various prizes along the way to the final tournament. 

  • Esports

    ESL Pro League

    Kicking off in March each year, it ends in October and is possibly the premier CSGO league. It brings 24 teams together to fight it out for the prize fund.

  • Esports


    This is a very intense competition that has multiple events throughout the year. It’s usually just 12 teams at each of the BLAST events and it culminates in the BLAST Premier World Final. 

How to bet on CSGO

At this juncture, you’re probably wondering how you can actually start depositing money and playing on CSGO betting websites. Never fear, we’re right here to help, so follow the steps below to get all set up.

A finger pointing to a menu on a mobile phone screen


Take a look at our recommended best CSGO gambling sites right here. Choose one of them that meets your needs and has all the CGSO gambling games, coin flip, CSGO skins and betting options you want. 

Thumbs up next to a mobile phone screen

Sign up

Go to the home page of the CGSO gambling site and click on register. Fill out all the required personal details. You can then provide verification documents to prove you are who you say you are (KYC process). Once your account is confirmed, you can then go forward and play here.

Money being put in a wallet

Deposit funds

Go to the cashier section of the CSGO gambling site. Choose your favourite betting payment method from the list provided and make a qualifying deposit. It is also at this point that you should check if there are any exclusive bonus promo codes on offer. Or whether there are free coins or a match deposit bonus to claim.

Hands holding cash along with a gaming console

Check out the markets

With funds in your account, take a look at the CSGO betting markets on offer. Most CSGO gambling sites will have filters and categories to enable you to find the best bets quickly and easily. 

Thumbs up next to a mobile phone

Place a bet

Choose the team you think will win, select the bet type you want to place and then add this to the bet slip. Type in the bet value and confirm the bet. 

How to find the best CSGO gambling sites

At this stage, you’re up and ready to roll, but how can you find a good CSGO gambling site? Well, we study all the different criteria, carefully rating each of the betting sites against our predetermined scoring system. You can use this to find CSGO betting site codes and more. 

A laptop showing gaming console and monetary elements around it

Odds on CSGO betting sites without deposit

When you join a CSGO gambling site, the first thing to look at is the odds. We check this by looking at the payout percentage of each betting website. Ideally, good CSGO gambling sites will have average payout percentages of from 95% to 97% indicating good odds.  If the site has a payout percentage that’s less than 93%, then we’re really not going to recommend playing or betting here. It’s important to bear in mind that if you’re looking at live betting markets though, the payout percentages are typically lower, with 93% being acceptable here. 

A laptop showing an eSports game

Tournaments coverage

Most CSGO gambling sites will offer a wide array of top eSports betting options from the top tournaments. For a good score, we want to see top tournaments such as Intel Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League and BLAST to name a few. However, for a really great score, smaller tournaments and events should also be included.  If the CSGO gambling site misses out on some of the smaller tournaments, then we’re going to give it a slightly lower score. However, if most of the major tournaments are missing and there is only one or two CSGO tournaments offered throughout the year, this is really not good enough and will result in a lower score. 

The set of hands holding gaming consoles

Bet types and features

As we touched upon earlier, there is a wide array of different bet types for you to place on eSports matches. So, when it comes to CSGO eSports betting we want to see at least 10 different bet types across all CSGO markets for a good score.  The best CSGO gambling sites will also permit CSGO skins betting. You can use CSGO skins (weapons) to place bets. If the site doesn’t accept CSGO skins, then we will give this a lower score. We also like to see promo codes attached to this type of betting. 

PC showing eSports game and a live streaming symbol

Live CSGO betting

Being able to watch the games as you bet on them is a really great way of getting additional excitement into the game. The best CSGO gambling sites will have most of their CSGO games available for live betting. Better still, they will also have live stream betting.  CSGO betting sites that only offer live betting but no live streaming will get an average score from us. However, if the site doesn’t offer in play betting or streaming at all, then this will result in the lowest score for this category. We really do expect to see live betting as a minimum these days.

A finger pointing toward a mobile phone menu

CSGO betting apps

As we’re all very much about on-the-go gaming, it’s important that the CSGO gambling site has a strong betting app available. The best CSGO gambling sites will have an app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It should also be scalable to fit different screens.  We also want to see that the app has all the same betting options and features as the desktop site. You should still be able to enjoy betting live on the app for example. If the app is slow-loading, glitchy or missing features from the desktop, then we’re not going to rate it very high. 

A laptop screen with a distinctive layout


We also want to make sure that the whole process of using the site as a whole is an easy one. We want to see clear menus with no broken links. It should be very navigable so that you can find all the features you want with the greatest of ease.  Additionally, the live streams for eSports games should be very accessible. And, the sign-up process should be quick and easy. Finally, the bet slip should be very simple so that you can fill it out quickly and easily with minimal issues. Any betting sites where this is not the case will get scored down by us. 

A handshake and a green checkmark

Overall betting site rating

Finally, we also look at the overall site to see what it has to offer elsewhere. The best CSGO gambling sites will have other markets to bet on. Usually, we like to see at least 30 sports in total. Betting sites with fewer than 20 sports betting markets are not getting a good score.  Payments are important too and we want to see 10 or more payment methods available. Additionally, there should be strong support with a live chat that’s available 24/7. If there are fewer than 5 payment options and no round-the-clock support, then the site will get a lower score.

CSGO betting tips 

At this point, we’re going to assume you’re ready to dive right into CSGO betting. So, before you get started, here are some top tips that will help you make the most of the betting markets, free skins and so on that you can find online. 

  • Do research and check out team form.
  • Look for good betting options such as free skins and free coins.
  • Make a Steam account and follow experts.
  • Learn the nuances of the CSGO game.
  • Start live betting.
  • Use CSGO gambling promo codes to boost your bankroll.


Where can I bet on CSGO games? 

There are a large number of different CSGO betting websites for you to bet on. Some of the top sites in Australia include Picklebet, Unibet, bet365, PalmerBet, Neds and Ladbrokes. As eSports betting is becoming more and more popular, there are new websites popping up all the time as well, which is making it even easier. 

What is the best gambling site for CSGO? 

While Picklebet is one of the top sites in the CSGO gambling industry because it offers skin gambling and the most match betting options, it’s not for everyone. Because of this, we look at a number of top features that make a site a good one. This includes holding a licence, offering a wide array of games, giving free coins, accepting CSGO skins and promo codes and having competitive odds. 

Is CSGO betting still a thing? 

Yes, absolutely it is. Counterstrike: Global Offensive is still a hugely popular eSports game both at home and professionally. There are many massive tournaments and competitions in place for this eSport and you can watch a range of Coin Flip and Twitch streams as well. Nowadays, you can also enjoy skin gambling on some CSGO sites. 

What’s the best bet to make in CSGO?

As there are so many different types of bets for Counterstrike: Global Offensive, it’s not easy to say which is the best one. After all, betting is often very luck-based. There are some betting options that stand out though as being more likely to win. For instance, picking the match winner gives you a 50:50 chance of getting it right. You can also bet with CSGO skins and free coins. 

Is CSGO skin gambling legal? 

Skin gambling is when players acquire virtual weapons (skins) and can then use them to bet on betting websites. Depending on the rarity of the skin, they will have different values when betting on CSGO games. Currently, there are no specific regulations to curb skin gambling in Australia. In fact, any regulations are outdated making it perfectly possible for players to bet with CSGO skins. 


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