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Top online keno casinos of 2024: Ontario

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Checked by Elena I.

Despite its 2,000-year history, keno online games are seldom found in modern casinos. Given the lack of keno games, you may be wondering how to play this lottery-style game.

Time2play’s keen keno connoisseurs are at the ready! We’ll introduce you to rules of play, keno variants, which Ontario casinos are the best for keno and how we rate them.

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KnightSlots review
95/100 Games rating by Elena I. 63% Playscore based on Best for Jackpot King

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  • Over 1,000 casino games
  • 35 software providers
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BetRivers casino review
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  • 2 keno games
  • Has Ancient Thunder Keno
  • Great rewards program

6 payment methods

Bank Transfer

Editor's note

The casinos highlighted above are currently the only operators in Canada that offer keno games. The list may be short for now, but rest assured that we’ll update our rankings once more Canadian online casinos add keno to their portfolios.

The best keno variants: Play keno online

When it comes to keno online, there are actually a large number of different variants available. Even though it’s a simple game, there are a lot of options to choose from and this helps to keep the game fresh and exciting, no matter how often you play. But with so many different options, it can be hard to choose a favourite. And that’s especially true for us as we love this game so much, so we’re not going to!

Because choosing the top keno game online is actually so subjective, the following list of the best keno online casino games is also very much just our opinion. It’s almost impossible for us to be objective here and that’s partly because the gaming experience is actually quite personal. We all enjoy different things, which is part of what makes us all unique. So, unlike choosing the best casino to play online keno (which we do later), the following list of real-money keno casino games is entirely subjective!

  • Traditional keno — A classic game played with 80 numbers where you choose any amount from 1 to 20. The more numbers you get right, the higher the payout.
  • Video keno — Very similar to a video slot or video poker, it can be played faster than the classic game because there’s no need to wait for other players. Just choose your stake and numbers, and you’re ready to go. Available at DraftKings.
  • Progressive jackpot keno — Almost the same as video keno, the big thing here is the progressive jackpot. Each time someone plays and has a non-winning game this helps to make the jackpot prize a little bigger.
  • Live keno — Sometimes found online, but more often in a land-based casino, it’s an immersive game where the dealer will select the numbers one by one at random.
  • Themed keno — Available in a wide range of types, the only difference between this and video keno is that there is a theme. These can be anything from Greek Gods to Horror. There are additional bonuses too for a little twist where you can land one of 15 bonus spots to multiply your winnings.
  • Multi-card keno — The standard keno plays on just one card, but with multi-card, you can have as many as 20 cards on the go at the same time. It just gives you more chances to win (and lose!).

How to find the best keno casino and games

Unlike keno games, things are a little easier when it comes to finding and rating the best keno casinos in Canada. To do this, we can set out objective measures! And, luckily for you, these are outlined below, and can be applied to any review of a real money casino. This means that you can actually take these concrete criteria and apply them to casinos by yourself. Alternatively, you can look at the casinos we’ve rated and rate them using these criteria to see if you agree with our scores!

  • software

    Game and software

    Rating and ranking the very best online keno sites is no easy task. But we take great care to do it right so that you get the best gaming experience possible. One of the first criteria we rate a casino against is whether it offers games from iGaming’s top devs of online casino software. We want to see lesser-known providers WMS and AGS, and Slingo casinos get an extra points for offering player-favourite software and not just big-name players like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. Next, we look at the games. While keno is actually a simple game, there are a number of different variants out there. So, we’re always on the lookout for a casino that caters to that.   For a top score, we want to see a casino offering at least 5 different keno games and preferably a mix of video, themed and multi-card keno games. These casino games should come from quality providers too so that you know that they will operate well and be accessible via your mobile. Casinos that don’t have any keno or just one game are to be avoided. For an online casino to get the top marks here, we’re also looking for a live keno version to be available. Since it’s relatively difficult to find keno, we’re also looking at the overall library of casino games on offer and want to see at least 500 different titles for the top score. 

  • Certificado

    Fairness and security

    Playing real money keno should be a very fun experience online. You should be able to play safely whenever and wherever you are picking your keno numbers. So, with this in mind, we only ever recommend that you play at a casino that holds the AGCO licence. Any casino that doesn’t have this is automatically removed from our best casino list.   On top of that, we want to make sure that all your online data is kept safe. This means that the best online keno casinos must also have strong SSL encryption protocols in place — we’re looking for 256-bit for the best score. We also want to make sure that they care about you and your actual gaming experience too. This means that we check to make sure there are responsible online gaming protocols in place as well and that there is a partnership with the likes of ConnexOntario to follow through on this. No encryption or no responsible gaming options means don’t play here!

  • Card

    Payment methods

    So, you’ve found a great online keno casino, but what about actually making an online deposit to get playing? Well, it’s very important that you can play real money keno where that your transactions are going to be safe and secure. To that end, we have a number of points that we check for when it comes to payments and getting a high ranking. First, the top keno casinos should have at least 10 different payment methods available.   A casino with fewer than 4 is not giving you enough choice and gets a low score. A range of standard options, like credit and debit cards, along with e-wallets is preferable. Ideally, we’d like to see Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay online casinos. Not only do we want some variety when it comes to the payment methods, but we want to make sure that all transactions are done in a timely fashion. It’s pretty standard that all online deposits will occur instantly, but withdrawals are somewhat different. We want to see that a casino is offering withdrawals of 2 days or less and not ones that take at least three days or more. There should also be transparent terms and conditions.

  • Dispositivos

    Device optimisation

    These days, we all like to use our phones a lot, so this means that we want to make sure you have a good mobile casino platform to play keno on as well. The site needs to have either a mobile app or a mobile browser version that works well across all areas of the platform. We want to see that the mobile version loads well, and doesn’t have many glitches or a slow load time.   If it does, then we will give this a lower rating. It’s also great if the mobile version of the site has the same design and layout as the original desktop site as this makes it a whole lot easier to transition between the two platforms. Finally, we want all the casino games, particularly those online real-money keno options, to be mobile compatible and fully available on the mobile site. If they’re not available in mobile form, we’re not going to be impressed.

  • Saludo De Mano

    Customer service

    Though the very best sites should be easy to navigate and generally not have any technical issues, with all the best will in the world, it’s likely you’re still going to need help at some point. Because of this, we take a look at the customer service options provided by each casino we rate. For a good score, we demand that the casino has 24/7 live chat.   But, that’s not enough to get a high score. We also want to see one or preferably two other contact methods on offer. If an online casino doesn’t have live chat, or there are reduced operating hours for the chat, then the casino does get a lower score from us. It’s also about quality and response time too, so we want to see that we’re getting a fast response (under 2 minutes rather than over 10) and that the support is manned by a real person and not a bot.

  • Icona Pollice

    Overall strength of casino

    Though we’re focusing on online real-money keno casinos here, we also want to make sure that the overall experience you have at the casino is a good one. So we will also look at the overall performance of the casino across all areas too. The best keno sites will also have a wealth of different casino games that cover a diverse selection of game types. So we want to see online casino slot games, virtual table games and live dealer games.   Casinos that don’t offer this type of diversity, have limited numbers of real-money casino games or maybe lean toward slots only, are not giving you a great gaming platform. We also take interface and usability into account as well. And this means looking for sites that have clean, uncluttered layouts with intuitive navigation so that both new and experienced players will have no issues finding their way around the high quality site. Sites that are cluttered, hard to navigate and so on are best avoided in our opinion.

Keno rules explained in more detail

Though keno is very easy to get to grips with, it’s still very important to understand the online rules before you get playing. If you don’t know the rules, then it can be hard for you to actually get a win on the game. Now, there are not too many major things you should know, but there are some key points or strategies to bear in mind that can really enhance your gaming experience. So, let’s take a look at the important points you should know about online keno.

First, you really should know the differences between the different real-money games. This will really help you to make the right decision from the outset. If you are a beginner, stick with an online video keno version as this is the standard game and will ease you in gently. Plus, it’s can usually be found in select flash casinos, which is not always the case for the alternative. You do not want to go for a multi-card game as these are for more advanced players who know exactly how to manage multiple cards and bets at the same time. Let’s outline some of the top rules right here.

  1. Only pick the amount of numbers that are specified for that keno variant
  2. Don’t pick the maximum numbers allowed as you’re unlikely to win
  3. Carefully check the paytable before playing to know what the potential payouts are
  4. Check if there is a bonus multiplier in play and select it to get a winning boost
Man playing online keno games

How to play keno

As mentioned, playing online keno is actually a relatively straightforward process. So, how does it actually work? Well, if you want to play keno online, here’s how to do it. Simply read these rules, and you will be ready to play in no time. Once you have found your online keno casino game, the first step is to check how many numbers you can pick. This depends on the game variant and is not always the same. We then recommend only picking half the allowed numbers for the best chance at a big win.

Then, you just need to select the amount you would like to bet for that game. Remember that this bet will be split across the numbers you have chosen. Finally, you will then need to select how many online games you want to play. This means that whatever bet you have placed will then be the same for each game. So, if you bet $1 for a game, and choose to play ten games, you will pay $10 in total. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be playing online keno in Canada in no time.

  1. Find a casino that offers keno
  2. Select which keno variant you want to play
  3. Choose from 1 up to 20 numbers
  4. Decide how much you want to bet on each game
  5. Select how many games in a row you are going to play
  6. Confirm your numbers and play the game
  7. Wait to see if your numbers match, and you get a win

Top tips for being successful at keno casinos in Canada

While online keno is an easy game to learn, it’s harder to get to grips with and be successful at. However, we’re here to help, so we’ve got a whole lot of excellent tips to help you out. These tips aren’t guaranteed ways to win though, but they can help. That being said, you should never be playing to win, but to have fun. Take a look at some of these tips and see if they can help you to get ahead when you start playing keno online at CA casinos.

  • Stick to your numbers instead of changing them all the time
  • Play free keno games first to learn the rules, so you can determine bet sizes before betting with real money. Free keno can help you determine if you like the game too!
  • Set yourself betting limits so that you don’t overspend
  • Try out different versions of the game on the keno board so that you can see which one you like most
  • Test the different online keno games strategies such as betting in clusters on the grid
  • Remember that keno is all about luck just like roulette
  • Don’t get sucked into thinking there are hot and cold numbers — the probability of a number resets every time you start a new game

Pros and cons of online keno games

Just like every game, there are some pros and cons when playing a keno game online. Generally, though, the pros outweigh the cons as you might expect. One of the best things about keno is the fact that you can actually place small bets when playing. And, these small bets have the chance to pay out pretty big. Another plus to this game is the fact that it is luck-based. There are no really hard rules to learn either, so it means it’s easy to get to grips with quickly.

However, when you decide to play online keno games in Canada, you do need to be aware of the downsides too. One of the biggest downsides is actually the accessibility of the game. Unfortunately, you cannot play keno online in many casinos in Canada, which is a bit disappointing. Additionally, it can be hard to find some of the more unique variants, which means you won’t have quite so much choice when it comes to playing real money keno online. Nevertheless, it is still a fun game to get online and play. Play keno online at our recommended online casinos.

  • You can place small stakes yet still win big during the game
  • It’s easy to understand and get to grips with quickly
  • Fast-paced so that you can play many rounds in a short period of time
  • Variety of online games such as multi-card keno to make things a bit more complex for seasoned players
  • It can be hard to find keno in some online casinos
  • Not all the different online variants can be found online easily
  • Very hard to find live keno games

Best keno alternatives

At the end of the day, online keno is not for everyone. So here are some other online casino games that might pique your interest. If you want to keep things easy, and relatively similar to keno, then bingo might be the option for you. It’s much more widely available than keno in Canada, but operates along similar lines. Essentially, you are hoping for the numbers on your card to match those that are drawn. But, unlike keno where you can choose your numbers on the card, in bingo these numbers are chosen for you.

If you’re still interested in keeping that luck-based game type but want to have more betting options, then roulette is a good choice. There are many different roulette variants out there as well as being able to play this game in virtual and live form. Every single casino in Ontario has at least one roulette game too, so you’ll always be able to find one. All you have to do here is predict which number the ball will land on. There is a myriad of different bets you can place on the outcomes too.

Finally, the last luck-based game type you can look at is also the most diverse. Yes, we’re talking about slots here. These games come in a wide range of different types, which makes them very interesting. To play them is easy, all you need to do is spin the reels and hope that the same symbols line up on a payline. If they do, you win! There are simple, classic games based on three reels or more complex games on five reels or more with thousands of ways to win and a variety of in-game bonuses.


Where is the best place to play keno online?

Really, the best place to play online keno does depend on you. Everyone is different so what might be the best place for one person, might not be so good for someone else. However, as a starting point, you can check out our top keno online casinos right here. These online keno sites have been carefully chosen based on a number of specific criteria. And, they’re picked because they are the best of the best. To cater to individual differences, we’ve also rated the various online keno casinos into different categories too, so you can find the keno casino with the fastest online payouts, or the one with the largest game library.

What is the best online keno game?

Just like picking the perfect online keno casino, the best keno game online is all about personal preference. There are six main keno online game types, and we have outlined these right here. These variants do have different things going for them too. For instance, if you are a beginner, video keno is often the way to go. It’s fast-paced and there’s no need to wait for other players. In contrast, an experienced online keno player will probably prefer multi-card keno as this can be played with up to 20 cards at the same time rather than just one. It makes it harder, but also can payout a lot more.

How can you get the best payout on keno?

To get the best online payout, first, you need to know how the game is played. For a win, you need to match a minimum number of numbered balls, though this minimum can depend on the keno variant you’re playing. Therefore, the more balls you match, the greater your win. Each keno game online will have a paytable on the side detailing the size of the payout you can expect when matching a specific number of balls. However, to give yourself a fighting chance, it’s best not to choose the maximum number (usually 20), but instead, pick 10. This is because it is an easier number to guess. The more numbers you have, the harder it is to win.

Are online keno Canada games fair?

Yes, they are. All virtual and video keno online games are operated through the use of RNGs. This means that a computer program is operating the games and ensuring that the numbers coming up are completely random. Most keno games are created by top game providers such as Playtech and Microgaming. These providers have stellar reputations when it comes to fair gaming. In fact, they are regularly audited to ensure that their games and RNGs are operating fairly at all times. The best keno online casinos will also be audited by third parties, further ensuring that everything is operating above board. In short, you’re getting a fair game.

Can I win real money playing keno online?

Yes, you can. If you play real money keno, there is every chance that you could win real money too. However, it is important to remember that online keno is entirely luck-based. There is never any guarantee that you will actually win when you play keno online. It’s also important to remember that winning money should not be the main goal of playing keno online. Instead, you should be playing only for fun. If you find that winning is taking over your gaming, you might need to seek help or opt for a cooling-off period. We have links to a number of responsible gaming sites you can go to if you need additional help.

How do you play keno online?

When you play keno online, we do recommend that you start out by playing free online keno games. This will help you get to grips with the gameplay and the paytable. In this way, you can see exactly how much you stand to gain from winning on one ball or on ten. To keep it simple, to play keno online you first pick your bet size i.e., how much you want to wager on that game. You then select how many games to play, and then choose your numbers. Then, you wait to see which numbers are drawn and how many you have matched on your card. Once you understand the game, you can start playing real money keno.

Are there winning strategies for online casino keno?

Yes, and no. There are some strategies you can employ when you play keno online. However, these are by no means winning strategies. For example, you should generally not pick the full number of balls when you play keno online. This is because the more balls you choose, the harder it is to match all of them. The more balls you match, the better the payout, but you shouldn’t let this take over when setting your bets. You can also strategise your number choices — some people like to pick lines, others choose their numbers in clusters. But, at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that keno is 100% luck.



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