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Best sites for soccer betting in Ontario

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Finding the best sportsbook for soccer betting in Ontario can be a challenge — the sport is a staple for every operator, and bookies are closing down the competition in a bid for the best soccer odds on the market. 

Time2play’s soccer pundits review and rate all soccer betting sites based on strict criteria, like odds and markets, betting features, and more. Discover popular bet types, the world’s best leagues, how to place bets, and Canada’s top soccer betting sites and apps. 

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Editor's note

This overview is a work in progress based on the current offer in Ontario. There are other licensed sportsbooks in the province, and our expert analysts are working on bringing you more in-depth and unbiased reviews.

Please note that our rankings may change as we expand our coverage of the developing market.

Soccer betting Canada: winners by popular leagues

Now that you have an overview of the best soccer betting site options for soccer in Ontario, let’s take a look at which ones shine in specific betting categories. Some sportsbooks have special features for specific leagues, while others give the best outright odds for big tournaments.

League / eventOur winnerHighlight
FIFA World Cupbet365 sportsbookBest outright odds
Major League SoccerBetVictor sportsbookInteractive live bets
English Premier Leaguebet365 sportsbookPlayer Specials
Canadian Premier LeagueLeoVegas sportsbookAttractive point spreads
BundesligaPartySports sportsbookUnique proposition bets
Serie ABetRivers sportsbookCompetitive odds on futures
Champions Leaguebet365 sportsbookGreat moneyline odds

How to choose the best soccer betting sites

There are a number of considerations when it comes to choosing the best betting sites that’ll suit your needs when placing soccer bets online. These range from having the right soccer matches to suit your betting style to having the best soccer betting app.

Soccer Champions League Tip 01

Soccer games and leagues

Good online soccer betting sites will have over 1000 soccer events per year for you to choose from, while a bad online sports betting site will have less than 100. If the site only has major European leagues but no MLS, if you want soccer betting in Canada, it’s probably not worth joining. You’ll want both local and international games.    Not all leagues run at the same time. European leagues run from August to May. However, the MLS is from February to October. The best bookmakers will cover all these leagues so that soccer bettors always have a game to bet on throughout the year. Generally speaking, the more choices you have, the better the online soccer betting site is. 

Soccer Betting Tip 03

Online soccer odds

Betting odds play a crucial role in choosing the best soccer betting site. As a bettor, you want to make sure that you win as much as possible on a wager. So, you need to do some research to find the best soccer odds. But, where do you start?    Check outrights soccer odds for a big tournament such as the UEFA Champions League. For example, one sportsbook’s odds for Bayern Munich winning the Champion’s league is -200, but another’s is -180. This means that the one with the -180 soccer betting lines is better. 

It Betting Payment Tip 03

Bet types and markets

Good soccer betting websites will give customers dozens of betting markets to choose from for a soccer game and competitive soccer odds. If a site only has moneyline odds and spreads, it means it’s not a good site. However, the best sites will have parlay bets, live bets and many prop bet options for soccer bettors to choose from.    Having many betting types elevates the online soccer betting experience and allows bettors to be more experimental. This adds to the thrill of watching the game, and so, soccer sportsbooks that give many betting options are worth signing up with.

Soccer Betting Tip 04

Soccer betting site features

Soccer is a very fast-paced sport. As such, you need a sportsbook that can keep up in terms of equally exciting betting types. The best online betting sites will offer live in-play betting for soccer games. But even better, it’ll also provide insights to help bettors bet based on how the game goes.    Live game insights and stats are right next to the live soccer betting feature. Even better is a live streaming feature that allows you to watch the game and place live bets simultaneously. That’s how you can differentiate between a mediocre in-play betting experience versus the best one on an online sportsbook. 

Soccer Champions League Tip 04

Mobile soccer betting

Betting on soccer on a mobile device is a common requirement for most bettors. That’s because our mobile devices are a routine part of our lives, and being able to bet on them is a must. The best soccer betting app will allow you to fully enjoy the betting experience as you would on a desktop.    The worst betting sites don’t have an app at all. They might have a site that’s mobile responsive, but the app experience is always better. So, look out for a site that not only has a mobile app but also has app-exclusive features that make betting on soccer a lot more enjoyable.

A range of casino games viewed on a laptop

Usability of soccer betting sites

Good soccer sportsbooks will make it as easy as possible to place soccer bets in Ontario. The process should only take a few seconds. On a bad site, mediocre usability will mean a complicated betting process that’ll take you a few minutes to figure out.    A site with great usability is intuitive and adjusts to suit your betting style. This is especially true with the betting app. The site should put your favourite sports and leagues at the centre and make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. 

Tip 2


Other than the above, you also want to join soccer sportsbooks with good customer support. This means having multiple contact options and response times that are under a minute. In addition, safety and multiple payment options should be considered. The best soccer betting Ontario sites have encryption technology and offer 10 or more of the most popular betting payments. At the end of the day, you want to be able to place the most popular soccer bets and have access to the world’s top soccer leagues. You also want the site to be easy to use and have your preferred payment method and a few popular backups. Instadebit betting sites, for example, are a great option for Canadian players who prefer online banking.

Pros and cons: should you bet on soccer online?

There are many benefits of betting on soccer online. That’s because it’s convenient and safe. Also, it gives you access to hundreds of betting markets. Below, we’ll take a closer look at not only the pros of the best soccer betting websites but also some drawbacks you should be aware of.

  • Hundreds of leagues
  • Popular sport with plenty of betting guides and expert insights online
  • Year-round events
  • Lower odds than other sports 
  • Can be difficult to predict
Bettors next to a mobile phone showing a game result with a soccer ball in the net

How to place soccer bets in Canada

Soccer online betting is not difficult. Once you’ve found the right site, you can start betting within a few minutes. You simply need to pick a soccer game, read the odds, add your stake then place a bet. 

  1. Join a sports betting site and make a deposit. 
  2. Look for your preferred soccer league and study the odds provided. 
  3. Select a game to bet on and decide which team you predict will win. 
  4. Add your stake to the bet slip and check what your potential winnings will be. 
  5. Confirm the bet, sit back and enjoy the game. 

Popular soccer bets

When you place a soccer bet, there are a number of popular soccer betting options available.

Each works slightly differently, but they basically require you to make a prediction about one outcome or another.

Below, we’ll take a look at popular soccer wagers you can place in Ontario. 

  • Soccer


    This is popular for soccer betting in Ontario that you’ll come across at a betting site. It basically requires you to choose which team will win the game. It’s popular for soccer matches, including live bets, outrights and futures bets. If you’re new to betting, this is a great betting type to consider. 

  • Soccer


    Also known as over/under, another popular, betting type is totals. All you have to do is to predict how many goals will be scored during the whole game. So, it doesn’t matter which team wins or who scores the most goals. You only need to be concerned about whether more or fewer goals than what the sportsbook has predicted will be scored.

  • Soccer

    Points spread

     A popular form of spread betting, especially for soccer betting in Canada, is called Asian handicap. It requires bettors to guess how many goals will be scored based on quarter or half goals. Handicap betting lowers the number of possible outcomes from three — win, loss or draw — to two by removing the draw outcome.

  • Soccer

    Half/Full time

    There are certain types of prop bets you can place to predict if an event will happen during the first half, second half or full time. So, with a half-time bet, you can predict if a team will score 1 goal or if the game will be a draw by the time the half-time whistle is blown. You can also place a full-time bet based on the number of saves, which player will score and so on. 

  • Soccer

    Three-way bet

    You’re likely to see a three-way bet on every sports betting site. It basically allows you to wager on whether Team Y wins, Team X wins or if the game will end in a draw. The odds are usually higher because there’s a third possible outcome compared to a two-way bet.

  • Soccer

    Double chance

    With this bet type, you can bet on two outcomes out of three as given by the sportsbook. There’s a double increase in probability and mathematically equals to 66.6% chance of success.

  • Soccer

    Total goals

    As the name says, this type of bet requires you to predict how many goals will be scored during a soccer game. It doesn’t matter which team scores these goals, it’s the total number by the end of the game that you need to predict. This is a great option for people new to online soccer betting.

  • Soccer

    Both teams to score

    Again, as the name suggests, you simply need to predict if both teams will each score at least one goal. The number of goals doesn’t matter.

  • Soccer


    A high level of experience and luck is required for placing futures bets. That’s because you need to make a prediction on an event that’ll happen at the end of the season. So, that means predicting which team will win the Champions League final or who will be the English Premier League MVP of the season. 

  • Soccer

    Special soccer bets (scorers, corners, penalty)

    Other complex but very exciting bet types are special soccer bets focused on specific in-game events. So, you can place a bet on who will score, how many corner kicks will happen or if there’ll be any penalties. These are forms of prop bets that have very high odds because they are difficult to predict. 

Online soccer betting leagues breakdown

As a global sport, having multiple leagues is important for the success of the best soccer betting sites. This allows people to explore international leagues and enjoy them.

Mls logo


Major League Soccer is North America’s most popular professional soccer league. It’s made up of 28 teams. 25 are from the USA, and three are from Canada. It’s one of the newest leagues in the world, especially when compared to the European top-tier leagues. the MLS was established in 1996.

Fifa logo

FIFA World Cup

Organized by FIFA, this is one of the biggest international tournaments in the world. Each continent fights it out to send representative national teams to the tournament, held once every four years. Games are played over a few weeks, with the champion getting crowned at the end of the final game.

Premier League logo

English Premier League

Also called the EPL, this is the highest level of club football in the world. Millions of people from around the world follow this league and place bets on the games every weekend. 19 teams played home-and-away throughout the season, which runs from August to May.

La Liga logo

La Liga

This is Spain’s biggest league for professional men’s football. It was founded back in 1929 and has 20 teams playing in the league. La Liga is one of the best leagues in Europe, with millions of fans from around the world following it.

Bundesliga logo


In Germany, the Bundesliga is the top professional men’s soccer league. It was founded in 1962. There are two divisions — the 1st Bundesliga which is the top-tier league and the 2nd Bundesliga which has been the second-tier league since 1974. 

Serie A logo

Serie A

In Italy, you have Serie A as the top division of men’s professional soccer. It is one of the oldest leagues in the world, having been established in 1898. 20 teams work towards winning the league every season. The winner of the championship is awarded the Scudetto and the Coppa Campioni d’Italia.

Uefa Champions League logo

UEFA Champions League

Founded in 1955, this is the top-tier inter-club competition for European Clubs. Top-division clubs fight it out every year to be crowned Europe’s champions in the single-leg Champions League final. Those who make it past the round-robin group stage qualify for the two-leg knockout stage before making it to the single-leg final. 

Europa League Soccer logo

UEFA Europa League

Organized by the Union of European Football Associations, the UEFA Europa League is an inter-club annual competition for European football clubs. It has been running every year since 1971 for eligible European football clubs. The Europa League is the second-tier competition for European club football. The UEFA Champions League is a top-tier competition. 

Online soccer betting tips

Placing a simple moneyline bet is one thing, but learning how to increase your chances of winning is another. Remember, there are no guarantees when it comes to wagering on a sporting event, but you can prepare yourself for successful betting.

Do your research

Before betting on a soccer match, find out if the two teams have ever played against each other before. Has one team dominated the other a lot more? Also, check how they’ve been performing home and away in their last few games. This type of information will help figure out which team is most likely to win. 

Freebets Tip01

Follow team news

Soccer commentators usually have nuggets of information that you might not be privy to as a fan. Pay attention to which players they believe will perform well in an upcoming game or which teams are on a losing streak and shouldn’t be wagered on.

Betting budget tip

Experiment with different betting types

Soccer betting sites online usually have multiple betting types. Other than moneyline bets, check what other betting markets are available. Check out live bets, spreads and parlays to give yourself more choices. Some betting types, such as parlays will give you bigger profits if they are right. 

Live Betting Tip 02

Take advantage of live betting

In-play betting sites are great because you can place wagers in real-time, with changing odds based on how the game’s action unfolds. Obviously, the odds are a bit lower, especially as the game is ending, but it’s a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. It’s also perfect for bettors new to soccer being.

Read Reviews 02

Bet on the favourites

The odds may be lower on favourite teams, but you are much more likely to win. Betting on the favourites is a great way to boost your confidence, especially when first starting out.

Live Betting Tip 05

Make small bets

Increase your chances of winning by making small bets and spreading them across multiple leagues and games. Making small bets is also a good way to keep gambling in check and ensure you’re having fun without it becoming problematic.

Other online sports betting options

It’s clear that there’ll always be a soccer game to bet on, especially if you use a big bookmaker. But, if you’re looking for alternatives, here are other sports similar to soccer that are popular in sports gambling.

  • Soccer ball


    Soccer-based game, similar to five-a-side, played on a hard, indoor court. The smaller field size allows for faster gameplay and more goal-scoring opportunities.

  • Handball player in the middle of a throw


    Two teams of seven pass a ball in an effort to throw it into the opponent’s goal on a 40×20 court. Just like soccer, but players can use only their hands.

  • American Football

    American Football

    Different gameplay but one that’s derived from soccer, with similar team composition (two squads of 11), midfielder/quarterback playmakers, and offside rules. 


Can you bet on soccer in Canada?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you choose a site that’s registered to legally operate in Canada. Check the iGaming Ontario site for the list of Ontario’s top soccer betting sites. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will also provide a list of sites they regulate. Don’t forget to check with the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency which oversees all Canadian soccer sportsbooks. 

Which is the best soccer betting site?

To find the top sites for soccer betting, you need to consider a few things. First, the sportsbook must have multiple soccer competitions available. Also, make sure that your preferred betting markets are available. Then, look into the available payment methods, site security and level of customer support. All of this will help you find the best betting site for soccer. 

How do you place soccer bets?

The process is quite simple. Most sites are intuitive enough to guide you through the process. First, select a game you want to bet on. Choose which team you believe will win, then enter your stake. Confirm the bet and your betting slip will be created. Refer back to it once the game is being played or has ended to see if you’ve won. 

What is the best soccer betting app in Canada?

There are many soccer betting apps to consider but look for one with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to place bets on your favourite team or player. Most betting apps have all the features of their website and more. App-exclusive features further elevate the mobile sports betting app experience for Canadian bettors.

Is it easy to bet on soccer?

Yes, it is. Soccer betting sites offer simple betting types such as moneylines and totals that you can use to place the bets. The top soccer betting sites will indicate which team is the favourite and even provide a soccer betting guide. If you want to play it safe, stick with betting on the favourites. The profits might be lower than going after the underdogs, but your chances of winning are much higher.



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