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Welcome to the Time2play blog. Here, you’ll find all sorts of interesting and useful content — from handy how-to-play guides and exciting contests to up-to-date news of what’s going on in the sports, entertainment and casino industry! Check out our page regularly to see what’s going on.


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NFL Naughty List Featured Image
NFL Teams: Who leads in fines and suspensions?

The 2023/24 NFL season witnessed an unprecedented amount of fines and suspensions, breaking records for the total amount teams had to pay.

by Eleanor K. December 13, 2023 6min read
image showing a red NHL helmet and silver cup
The color of victory: Do red jerseys rule in the NHL?

Professional sports are not just about skill and strategy; psychology also plays a significant role. Studies have shown that the color of a team's kit might be more influential than we would think, with data suggesting a red uniform improves a team's performance by increasing their stamina, energy, and passion. We’ve put this concept to the test within the NHL, examining if there's a tangible link between a team's jersey color and their championship achievements. In this article, we'll dive into the vibrant world of NHL team kits and investigate whether wearing red truly increases a team's chances of securing the esteemed Stanley Cup.

by Eleanor K. November 22, 2023 5min read
Image of love hearts and a clacker board.
Lights, camera, scandal: the steamy secrets of Canadian moviegoers

Amid the laughter and tears inspired by the latest silver-screen flicks, Canadian cinemas are harbouring a salacious secret life that rivals any Hollywood drama. From stolen kisses to sexual affairs, the hallowed halls of entertainment have become playgrounds for the raunchy and the bold.

by Aimee S. August 3, 2023 6min read


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