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The goal of Time2play CA: earning your trust

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The world of gambling can be a wonderful, entertaining one — emphasis on can. Often, gamblers put their faith in sources that are serving the casinos or bookies, not the players.

Time2play is taking a stand against that. We’re not here for your short-term money. We’re here to earn and deserve your trust.

The Time2play dream

Most online gamblers use Google, Twitch or Reddit to figure out where to play.  

What do the search results from these platforms pull up?

Just look at almost any other recommendation portal out there. How many of them feature only casinos or bookies, which are truly the best and most trusted in the online industry? Why do you think that is?

The Time2play dream is to be the source of truth for the gambling community.  

Our pledge to you is that we will never allow gambling sites any say in how we rate or rank them. We will never adjust negative user reviews. We will never accept any commission beyond a standard referral fee. We will never accept deals that make us profit from your losses.

The rating system is our guarantee to you

Our Time2play rating system is how we walk the walk. Composed of three different important review methods, it ensures your 360 degree view on the topic at hand.

Mobile phone showing Time2play Playscore
The market

Our proprietary Playscore — all sources, one rating

We know that a lot of gamblers like to have multiple sources of information. Instead of needing to visit many different sites, our Playscore provides a complete market overview at one glance. The aggregated score summarises what other recommendation sites have rated — and all sources are linked and listed as well.

Lap top showing Time2play expert score
The expert

A published rating scale and real people rating

Usually, it’s not possible to check how a review site actually rates. Mostly because the ‘system’ behind it is whatever the casino/bookie pays for. Meaning, there’s no actual objective system — it’s a fixed rating from the get-go. The Time2play experts, however, review based on a published rating scale. All users can double check that the reviews are truly objective. And an extra plus? Our experts are real people, not afraid of putting their name on our project —  unlike what you often see out there with fake profiles covering for multiple ghost writers.

Lap top showing different avatars
The users

An actual gambling community with players helping other players

Most importantly, at Time2play, our users get a chance to rate all products. We pride ourselves in featuring the user ratings as they are — never adjusting them to make a gambling site look better. Our users get a chance to really help other users, and even casual players can provide support with their recommendations, warnings, successes, failures, and more. 

The Time2play Playscore

Our Playscore is one of the three pillars of the Time2play rating system, built on a foundation of unbiased transparency. 

We want you to have a comprehensive overview of the market in one place — that’s why Time2play experts consider ratings published by other review sites. In short, the Playscore is the average score (out of 100), collected from up to eight other sources.

The Playscore is integral to our system and offers three key benefits to our users:

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    A complete and convenient overview

    You can use the Playscore as a reference point when choosing the best casinos and sportsbooks in Canada, with all the data you need — all in one place.    You’ll find all ratings at the very top of each casino or sportsbook review. If you need additional information or want to know what other industry experts have to say, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

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    Consistent and straightforward ratings

    Not all review sites use a 100-point rating system, so we factor in an appropriate equivalent for comprehensive, at-a-glance coverage.   A rating of 4.5 stars, for example, is converted to 90 on our scale. The final Playscore is an average of up to eight ratings, expressed as a percentage. 

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    Odds-on transparency

    The Time2play crew diligently examines every nook and cranny of Canadian gambling sites, but we don’t want you to take our word for every claim.   The Playscore is meant to empower you to make the right choice for you, offering a reference point for comparing and contrasting experts’ objective data and insights. 

Helping you avoid the scammers

We don’t just hope to guide you TO the best online gambling sites. We also hope to guide you AWAY from platforms that aren’t looking out for your best interests.

We advise you to avoid any gambling site with less than 40% Playscore or expert rating. There are severe reasons for such a low score!

We definitely don’t link to such sites — regardless of what this costs us in lost revenue.

 Problems with a provider? Help your fellow gamblers. Send a complaint on [email protected]

It’s all about people

We’re all about reaching the vision so that you have an honest community you can go to. And we’re all about doing it in a way, where we as a team can be proud of both the product and our people. 

Some of us are gambling experts. Some of us don’t know anything about gambling. All of us, however, are united in our passion for having a positive impact on the gambling community.

Oliver Lines author photo
Content Manager

Oliver Lines

Oliver is an avid football fan with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He loves the great outdoors and exploring new realms through films and rock tunes.

Giulia Grima author photo
Junior Content Manager

Giulia Grima

Giulia is an esports enthusiast, avid traveller, and casino connoisseur, always eager to share her fresh and distinctive viewpoint on sportsbooks and gaming.

Jovana Gjorgievska author photo
Content Team Lead

Jovana Gjorgievska

Jovana is a numerical whiz who loves to bring her maths expertise to the world of online gambling. She’s also an animal lover and has found success as a DJ.

Dasha Goncharova author photo
Head of Content

Dasha Goncharova

When she’s not creating expert content, Dasha can be found revving up in Formula 1 fandom or taking off into adventure through video games and equestrian sports.

Portrait of Elena
Content Coordinator

Elena Ivanovska

Elena is a football fan with a passion for creating excellent user experiences. She’s a creative thinker who likes to fire up the stovetop or get lost in an absorbing book.

Ian Author Photo
Senior Content Editor

Ian Zerafa

With an insatiable appetite for adrenaline, Ian puts his sports expertise to the test. He is also a prolific storyteller with published works and an avid PC gamer.

Mel Author Image
Content Editor

Melanie Hart

Meet Mel – a master of spinning reels and a wordsmith who loves writing about them. When she’s not conquering the slots, you’ll find her dominating the battlefield in Call of Duty.

Our approach to responsibility

In order for us to be proud of what we do as a team, our support of responsible gambling is a mandatory requirement. 

Of course, the Time2play platform helps provide safe, legal entertainment — but this is not enough for us. 

We actively support various responsible gambling organizations. For now, simply by raising awareness of them. 

As soon as we are profitable, we aim to make donations and support more actively. Stay tuned for some exciting news on that front!

  • ConnexOntario
  • eCOGRA
  • EGBA
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Gambling Therapy
  • GamCare
  • IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association)
  • Protect Integrity
  • Global Gambling Guidance Group

Any concerns? Let’s have a chat…

We’re always happy to engage with you. Especially if you have concerns of any kind. No worry or question is unreasonable. 

In any case, we’re sorry for not having provided you with enough information and will improve in the future.  

Also, feel free to contact us simply to provide us with improvement suggestions. As a team, we’re always striving for greatness. This is the easiest to achieve with feedback from the most important people in the Time2play world: Our users.

 Any open concerns? We’d love to help. Email us on [email protected]

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