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Mobile gaming: Canada’s preferred video game platform

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Mobile Gaming Canadas Preferred Video Game Platform

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When smartphones first came out, they served multiple purposes – making phone calls, sending texts, or downloading gaming apps for entertainment. With gaming now becoming a universal form of entertainment, mobile gaming is on its way to becoming a significant contributor to the gaming industry – especially in Canada. We wanted to see how many Canadians play video games via smartphones, what the most popular iPhone and Android gaming apps are, and how many hours are spent on mobile games in 2022.

Mobile Gaming Canada's Preferred Video Game Platform

With 52.3% of Canadian internet users playing video games on smartphones, more than any other device, we took a look at the most popular iPhone and Android gaming apps – by the number of downloads.

The most downloaded game in the App Store is Diablo Immortal, with 275,732 downloads. Bucket Crusher is the second most downloaded gaming app with 210,635 downloads. Third, goes to Defend the farm – Merge Plants, with 183,451 downloads. Following closely behind, Subway Surfers places fourth with 175,048 downloads, and Fill The Fridge! takes fifth place with 173,845 downloads.

With 354,447 downloads, Pocket Monsters Rush was the most downloaded gaming app in the Google Play Store in Canada. Apex Legends Mobile placed second with 303,869 downloads, while Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds takes third at 213,449 downloads. Although Bucket Crusher was the second most downloaded game in the App Store, it was the fourth most downloaded game in the Google Play Store with 211,970 downloads – about 1,000 more downloads than on Apple devices. The fifth most downloaded game for Android users was Dream Wedding, with 164,176 downloads.

Lost Track of Time

Gamers across the globe have been recently reported to spend 1-7 hours every week playing mobile video games. This is no exception for Canadian gamers.

17% of Canadian gamers spend 1-7 hours every week playing mobile games. Only 9% of Canadian gamers play mobile games for 30 minutes to an hour, and 8% play 7-14 hours a week. As the hours rise, the percentage of Canadians’ weekly time spent playing decreases. 4% of gamers spend 14-21 hours a week and 2% spend 21-28 hours a week. Only 1% of gamers in Canada spend 28-35 hours and 35 hours plus, a week on mobile gaming.


Our data was derived from recent reports published by Statista. We used the following reports: 

  • Video gaming penetration in Canada 2021, by device
  • Leading iPhone gaming apps in Canada 2022, by downloads
  • Leading Android gaming apps in Canada 2022, by downloads
  • Weekly time spent on mobile gaming among gamers in selected countries as of April 2022

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