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Sports team horrors: What would make you ghost your team?

A blog post examining the nightmare scenarios that would end fans' support for their team, the fear of leaving a fandom, and the factors that maintain their loyalty.

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Sports fans are a passionate breed, often forming deep and enduring connections with their chosen teams. The thought of ending support can be a nightmare for many. However, our recent survey sheds light on the surprising factors that can drive fans to turn their backs on their team and its community.

A rare occurrence

The survey’s initial findings revealed that ending support for a sports team is a rare occurrence. Only 1 in 5 respondents had ever jumped ship, indicating the enduring loyalty that sports fans often display. More than half of the respondents had supported the same team for over two decades, demonstrating the deep-rooted connections between fans and their clubs.

Worse than heartbreak

Infographic on sports fan loyalty and the difficulty of ending team support

For many fans, ending support is akin to going through a breakup. Approximately 50% of respondents stated that they would compare parting ways with their team to the emotional turmoil of ending a romantic relationship.

35% noted that the most difficult part of turning their back would be the emotional attachment they had to their team.

Reasons why fans would end support

When asked what would lead fans to stop supporting their team, several key factors emerged as the most popular reasons:

Relocation: 15.92% of respondents would stop if their team relocated. Relocation is a major deal-breaker for fans, as it disrupts the bond between the team and its community.

Cheating: 15.92% would cease their support if their team was involved in cheating during competitions. Integrity and fair play are crucial for maintaining a fan base’s trust.

Poor Performance: 13.79% might stop supporting due to consistent underperformance. Fans crave success and exciting games.

Reasons why fans had swapped support

Relocation: 12.88% of respondents who had swapped stated it was due to a team move.

Poor Performance: 11.54% stopped supporting a team because of its consistent poor performance, highlighting the importance of success for fan engagement.

Personal Interests: 8.75% changed their support due to shifts in their personal interests or priorities.

Only 2.79% of respondents stopped supporting their team due to player misconduct.

Relocation as the deal breaker

Infographic showing reasons for sports fans ending support for their team

Relocation emerged as the most common reason for fans to end or consider ending their support for a team. Despite 70% of respondents initially claiming they would never abandon their club, 33% then said they would cease support if the team relocated to a different city or region.

More strikingly, 50% declared that they would end support if their team moved to a different country. For NFL specifically, this figure was higher at 55%.

Performance and practicality over ethics

Surprisingly, when it comes to ending support, ethics take a backseat for most fans. Only 1 in 2 respondents believed their team was ethically run, and a staggering 4 in 5 declared that they would not stop supporting even if their team were found to be involved in criminal charges.

Furthermore, 60% of respondents stated that they separate player behavior from their support for the team. This suggests that, for many fans, team loyalty transcends ethical concerns, focusing more on the performance and practicality of the team’s operations.

Can’t put a price on love

One might think that skyrocketing ticket prices could drive fans away, but the survey results indicated otherwise. Only 10% of respondents would consider ending their support if the prices for games significantly increased.

Factors for maintaining support

Now that we’ve explored why fans might end their support, let’s turn our attention to what keeps them showing up. The most critical factors for maintaining fan support are as follows:

Community and Fan Engagement: 28.95% of respondents believe that community and fan engagement are crucial in sustaining their support. Being part of a community that shares their passion enhances the overall fan experience.

Loyalty to the Team: 28.34% emphasize loyalty to the team, regardless of its performance.

Exciting and Entertaining Games: 18.65% prioritize the entertainment value of games. Fans want to be thrilled and entertained, and the quality of play on the field is essential in retaining their support.


The ending of support for a sports team is a rarity, primarily driven by the nightmare scenarios of relocation, cheating, and consistent poor performance. Our survey suggests that ethical concerns are lower on a sports fan’s worst-case scenario list, with most fans choosing to separate player behavior from their support for the team.

Price increases don’t deter true fans, and what keeps them loyal are factors like community engagement, unwavering loyalty, and exciting games. In the passionate world of sports fandom, the bonds between fans and their teams are deep and enduring, and very hard to sever.


In October 2023, we surveyed 1000 US sports fans.

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