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Welcome to the Time2play blog. Here, you’ll find all sorts of interesting and useful stuff, from the latest in the world of sports and casinos to handy guides on how to play and exciting contests! Come back regularly to see what’s going on.


The freshest thoughts to come out of our gambling gurus’ minds. Keep up with all the latest stuff here!

Image shows iconography and artwork related to NFL fans and a woman being in love.
Love and football: Where loyalty meets the NFL

It's no secret that the NFL is one of the most watched sports in the US. It's a pastime that brings people together, offering a unique way to bond over a shared love of the game, a favorite team or an appreciation for the athleticism and skill the players bring to the field. But in a new twist, it appears that the NFL is not only affecting the way people bond with each other, but also how they manage their romantic relationships. A recent survey by shows that some fans are willing to put their love for the NFL ahead of their love for their significant other.

by Carolin P. 6min read
Sports team horrors: What would make you ghost your team?

Sports fans are a passionate breed, often forming deep and enduring connections with their chosen teams. The thought of ending support can be a nightmare for many. However, our recent survey sheds light on the surprising factors that can drive fans to turn their backs on their team and its community.

by Eleanor K. 4min read
Image depicts cartoon of an MMA glove and a man playing golf
Swinging fists vs. swinging clubs: Are golf fans as aggressive as UFC fans?

In the realm of sports, passion and aggression often go hand in hand. But what if we told you that, contrary to popular belief, golf fans might actually be more aggressive than their counterparts in the UFC fan base? Armed with comprehensive data and in-depth research, we're here to challenge conventional wisdom and explore the intriguing notion that golf enthusiasts display a higher level of aggression than their UFC counterparts.

by Eleanor K. 4min read

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Jack Symons: “I never really understood the value of affiliates other than making money out of, essentially, misery.”

After making it through a gambling addiction, Gamban founder Jack Symons made it one of his life’s missions to help anyone experiencing gambling-related harm. In a revealing interview with Time2play, he talks about what affiliates can and should be doing (but don’t!), why operators need to champion change, and the tidal wave that will be the US market.

by Alex K. 29min read
patrick surtain featured image
Time2play interviews: Patrick Surtain Sr.

With his son emerging as one of the league's top rookie corners, we sat down to get an update from the former Dolphins and Chiefs cornerback. Since retirement, Patrick Surtain Sr. has taken the role of head football coach at Florida’s American Heritage School (and continues to be an avid fan of online sports betting).

by Elena I. 10min read
football players running
Time2play interviews: Stevie Johnson

As the Buffalo Bills hold on to a commanding leading in the AFC East, Time2play – the online sports betting recommendation portal – sat down with former Bills standout wide receiver Stevie Johnson, who also spent time with the 49ers and Chargers. Now serving as head coach for his former high school team, the 7th round steal and only Bills receiver to ever post three 1,000 yard receiving seasons shared his thoughts on vaccines, the state of the Bills, draft steals, and quarterback Josh Allen’s MVP hopes. 

by Ben T. 9min read

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