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Our vision? To provide you with the best online gambling experience possible. Wherever you play from. Whoever you are.

We review legal and licensed gambling offerings, and we enable our users to do the same through user reviews.

We aim to be a beacon for safe gambling and shed some honest light on operators. Unlike other platforms, we don’t allow operators to control their rankings by paying more to secure the top positions in our ratings. We accept the standard listing commission, and that’s it. The top positions are only secured by the top-rated American casinos and bookies. We want your long-term trust, not your short-term money.

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Different strokes for different folks is a highly accurate statement when it comes to gambling.

Maybe what you care about most is having the best no deposit casino bonus. But the current best US gambling site happens to be lacking in exactly this area.

Maybe you want nothing more than to play at a top mobile casino. But high ratings were awarded to the gambling operator for excelling in all other areas.

You need to look at what is most important to you - and choose based on this. This is why we’ve created a highly transparent and complex ranking system that will help you compare online gambling sites on exactly what you're after.

Pick from the overall best as decided by the Time2play community - or filter our best online casinos based on your own preferences. We provide the raw data and facts, but the final choice is in your hands - we even have a curated list for those interested in sweepstakes gambling.

Your gambling experience depends heavily on your location in the United States. Each state which has legalized online gambling has its own agency to regulate it.

Our map outlines the number of real online gambling operators available in regulated states only - including the best NJ online casinos sites, the best of Colorado online gambling, all you need to know about Illinois online gambling and much more. We encourage you to dive deeper into the ins and outs of state-specific gambling on our dedicated state pages.

Online gambling reviews should also be voiced by the local community, for the local community.

Our user reviews show exactly what US gamblers experience — unfiltered, unedited. They help you see through a possible “make money” scam and highlight what's truly the best based on first-hand experience.

Top 4 trustworthy gambling sites

Trust is not given. It’s earned. These are the top websites in your area that have proven themselves time and time again.

Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true.

Whether it's intentional misinformation or not, the gambling industry is full of it.

This is why we want to expose you to a range of critical opinions. Not just from our users and experts, but also from other recommendation portals.

We make this easy with our proprietary Time2play Playscore. It offers an aggregate overview of all industry opinions combined into one.

In this way, you're able to make informed gambling decisions as objectively and independently as possible.

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Latest blacklisted gambling site

Due to operators with bad practices, gambling has its dangers. That is, unless you know what to look out for.

The best online gambling sites are few and far between. The blacklisted are many, and we aren’t just talking about licenses. Even legal US-based operators can offer you poor bonuses, glitchy apps, or a basic games lobby.

We do our best to review all sites in the market. Especially when it comes to catching all the bad eggs and exposing them.

We never recommend gambling at sites with less than 50% Playscore or expert rating. And we keep our blacklist up-to-date — also using your helpful input.

It's not all doom and gloom — ever since NJ online gambling was legalized, proper regulation entered the US for the first time, and the situation's been improving. But plenty of bad actors still lurk at the top of the search results, so always do your research.

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Our unique rating system is crafted on honest and unbiased metrics. Combining artificial intelligence and years of industry knowledge, we've created a fair and quantitative reviewing process.

We have our experts apply this process. Plus, we also consider data from the general market through our Playscore, and we take all user feedback very seriously.

You can check this out in more detail for instance on our how we rate casinos page, where you can find the exact scales and ranges used, the data behind it, and more. If we're committing to calling one site the best online casino, we have to be confident in that claim.

  • Product

    Your casino doesn’t have at least 800 different games? It doesn’t include online slots, jackpots, online roulette and online blackjack from a wide range of top software providers like Evolution Gaming? Then it’s not one of the best online gambling sites. If your favorite betting site doesn’t allow bets on all major sports and offer competitive odds and lines? Same.

  • Live gambling

    The top gambling sites offer live streaming and in-play betting 24/7. Live online casinos by more than two top software providers is needed for a top score along with at least 15 different games. The stream has to be in 4k, and the social atmosphere great. At the sports books, all major events receive live coverage with no in-play delay whatsoever.

  • Mobile app

    The top mobile apps make your experience smooth and fluid. They cover 95%+ of the desktop offering, are native to your OS, and offer an intuitive navigation with accessible filters and search bars. Glitches? Extremely rare. And never during any important ongoing mobile gambling

  • Bonuses

    To get the highest rating, a casino needs a no-deposit bonus above $50, more than 50 free spins, a deposit bonus above 300%, and wagering requirements that don’t go beyond 15x the bonus amount. The top sportsbooks need to be somewhere close to those numbers as well. 

  • Payments

    The best gambling operators offer a wide range of payment methods. 15+ at the very least. Often with less than $5 minimum deposit limits and less than $10 on withdrawal. Fees? Non-existent or in the single digit dollar amount. Of course this is all dependent on the exact method.

  • Security

    Your preferred gambling site can only get the highest scoring if the terms and conditions are transparent and easy to find. SSL encryption is a given and co-ops need to be in place with technical auditors to ensure product fairness. Of course, the site lives up to your state's responsible gambling standards.

  • Customer support

    Do you find customer service that's available 24/7? Does the operator have e-mail, live chat, a reachable phone and an FAQ section? Does it respond within 5 minutes on live, and provide you with accurate, informative responses? Then you’ve found yourself at one of the top gambling operators when it comes to customer support.

  • Interface

    Having a top interface is key to your gambling experience. Registration needs to be as fast and easy as possible, ideally completed in minutes. The bonuses should be easy to claim. You should have no issues navigating to exactly what you want to gamble, using filters, search, etc. And ideally, the platform is intuitive and smooth to engage with.

Where is online gambling legal in the US?

Is online gambling legal? Legislation is moving forward on a state-by-state basis. Whether you can gamble legally depends on your location.

The good news? Lawmakers HAVE realized that the best way to provide safe gambling on the internet is to provide a proper framework for it.

But we still have some way to go before all US players are included. To get a legal overview of your state, see the map below.

Your state not only determines whether gambling is allowed. It also decides other factors like your legal gambling age.

Some states require you to be 18 to gamble in person. A few have different age requirements for each type of gambling. If you live in places like California or you're trying to do a spot of Michigan online gambling, the rules are even different per operator.

Online gambling is more unified. All states require you to be 21 and older to play online. Lotteries are more complicated - the Delaware gambling law, for example, has a lower age limit for offline lotteries, as does New York gambling and West Virginia legislation. If you're into Pennsylvania gambling, you can play Fantasy Sports if you're 18. You can get better insights into your state in the overview table.

One piece of advice from the Time2play community: We don’t recommend that anyone below the age of 21 starts gambling — regardless of whether it’s allowed or not. As entertaining as online gambling is, doing it responsibly requires a level of maturity not all 18-year-olds have. Your risk of developing bad habits is reduced if you just start a few years later. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Responsible online gambling

Playing at the best online gambling sites is amazing entertainment that you pay for with your wager, but don’t ever count on it as a method for financial gain. Stay empowered. Stay in control. Even when the adrenaline rush kicks in and starts telling you to take risks — you’re the one in the seat.

Read more about how to gamble safely
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Playing at the best online gambling sites is great. If you know what you’re doing. Using top casino or sports betting apps is awesome. If you know what you’re doing.

Knowledge is key to getting the most out of your entertainment. We provide you with cliff note essentials in the following and encourage you to dig deeper yourself afterward.

Beginner gambling tips

  1. Guide For Online Gambling 01

    Tip 1

    Check if gambling is allowed in your state

    Always make sure that it’s legal to gamble online in your state. As fun as gambling is, it can end up pretty bad for you if you break the law to do it. Use a trustworthy resource to maintain a legal overview. Note: It’s about your physical location. You can for instance live in NY and enjoy a spot of online gambling NJ, when you go there physically. The law surrounding Iowa online gambling, on the other hand, is trickier to navigate.

  2. Guide For Online Gambling 02

    Tip 2

    Gamble with one of the best online sites

    Especially when you’re new, being at a top provider can make or break your entertainment value. Do your research and check a few different sources to figure out who is currently the best. Use our Playscore, expert and user reviews to become truly informed.

  3. Guide For Online Gambling 03

    Tip 3

    Sign up and claim a bonus

    Gambling bonuses are an amazing tool to prolong your entertainment. They will not make you rich, like some casinos or sportsbook will have you believe, but especially the top signup bonuses are a great place to get a smooth start.

  4. Guide For Online Gambling 04

    Tip 4

    Gamble for free before you play for real money

    Many gambling operators give you the option to try out their products for free before you need to wager any real money. We highly recommend you use the option. There’s no shame in learning the ropes, preventing future mistakes before it gets real.

  5. Guide For Online Gambling 05

    Tip 5

    Gamble for real money, but start with minor deposits

    Ultimately, most of us don’t get the fun adrenaline rush, if there’s never anything at stake. You should definitely gamble with real money, when you feel confident enough. But start small and work your way up. Even Phil Ivey didn’t start with the high stakes.

Time2play was founded by a bunch of iGaming veterans in 2021. We were tired of the current state of the industry. Tired of affiliates recommending operators based on whoever paid them the most money. Tired of inaccurate, non-curated, sometimes unsafe information.

We knew that if we could give the gambling community a true source of truth… we’d be able to transform the niche for the better.

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