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The best sic bo online casino sites

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Sic bo online, a classic dice-rolling game with roots in East Asia, is becoming increasingly popular at online casinos across the US.

Sic bo isn’t available everywhere (yet) — but we’ve reviewed the best casino sites and created a list of the best sic bo casinos out there.

Let’s kick off our in-depth guide with a list of the best sic bo sites.

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We only rate the top sic bo real money online casinos – all casinos above have high marks in areas like game selections, security, bonuses, mobile features, and more.

All the operators we’ve listed, like BetMGM, made the cut because of the overall quality of experience of playing sic bo games on their online gambling sites.

Playing sic bo for real money — how the game works

Originating in ancient China, sic bo involves three dice and literally translates to “precious dice”. These days, sic bo online is a favorite among online casino customers around the world.

Online casino sic bo is a simple game to learn – but it has tons of little features that keep players interested in the long term. Each game has three dice held by the dealer in a small box. The dealer then takes this box and uses it to shake the dice within. When the dealer rolls the dice from the box, the combination of numbers they land on determines winning bets.

To get you started, here are some sic bo real money bets and combinations available:

  • Big: One of the most popular sic bo bets, big bets involve you betting on the dice falling between 11 and 17. Three of a kind (for example, three 4s) don’t count towards a winning bet.
  • Small: As the name suggests, a small bet is the opposite of a big bet and involves you betting on the dice landing between 4 and 10. Again, three-of-a-kind rolls are excluded.
  • Odd: You will bet on whether the sum of all three dice will amount to an odd number. Again, this bet doesn’t include three-of-a-kind (tiples).
  • Even: Alternatively, you can wager that the dice will land on an even number. Triples are excluded.
  • Specific Triples/Alls: One of the hardest dice, you will wager on the same number landing on all three dice. For example, a five landing on each of the three dice.
  • Specific Doubles: A bet where you choose a number to appear on two of the three dices, such as two fours. Again, the payout depends on which variants of sic bo you play.
  • Any Triple: A slightly easier three-of-a-kind bet where you wager on the dice landing on any three equal numbers at random.
  • Three Dice Totals: Three dice totals are multiple bets that appear on the betting table. This bet allows you to wager on the sum of the three rolled dice. It also involves a range of numbers in which you want the dice to be equal to or within the range.
  • Combinations: This bet will win if you can accurately predict a combination of two of the three dice. For example, a 3 and a 6.
  • Single Dice: As the name suggests, this is a bet for a specific number to show on the dice. You can choose to bet on the outcome of one dice, two dice, or all three dice.
  • Four number combination: Despite casino online sic bo being a three-dice game, you can make a four-number bet. You win the round if any of the four numbers you choose lands.
  • Three Single Combo: Bet on the three individual numbers that will show on the three dice.

Casino sic bo is set around a table showing the available dice combos players can bet on. There’s no standard table layout, so the table you see will depend on the sic bo game variation you choose. Even so, the game remains the same, as do betting options for dice combinations. As for those combinations, each has a specific chance (the odds) of landing on a roll, helping players to understand the risk of their bets.

An introduction to sic bo odds and payouts

Before you start looking at our list of the best sic bo casino sites, understanding the value of each bet is essential. Here we will explain the payouts and odds of each of the best listed in this guide.

It’s worth noting that casino payouts can be different depending on the online sic bo casino you choose and the game you play.

Bet TypePayout (probability)Winning CombinationsHouse Edge
Big1:1 (48.61%)Any number between 11 and 17, excluding triples2.78%
Small1:1 (48.61%)Any number between 4 and 10 excluding triples2.78%
Odd1:1 (48.61%)Odd score excluding triples2.78%
Even1:1 (48.86%)Even score excluding triples2.78%
Specific Triples180:1 (0.46%)All three dice show the same number16.2%
Specific Doubles10:1 (7.41%)Two dice must show the same number18.5%
Any Tripe30:1 (2.8%)Any three-dice combination13.9%
Three Dice Total60:1 to 6:1 (1.4% to 12.5%)Get a score from the following options: 11 or 10 12 or 9 13 or 8 14 or 7 15 or 6 16 or 5 17 or 47.4% to 12.5%
Dice Combo6:1 (13.9%)Two of the dice need to show the two number combination you choose (for example, 2 and 4)2.8%
Single dice bet1 Number – 1:1 (34.72%) 2 Numbers – 2:1 (6.94%) 3 Numbers – 3:1 (0.46%)Bet that a specific number will land on one, two, or three of the dice7.9%
Four-Number7:1 (11.1%)Three of the following four number groups must land on the dice: 6, 5, 4, 3 6, 5, 3, 2 5, 4, 3, 2 4, 3, 2, 111.1%
Three-Number Combo30:1 (2.8%)Bet on the three dice coming to a specific value13.9%

How to play sic bo online — a step by step approach

Want to start playing sic bo online at the top casino sites? Check our our guide that shows you how to start playing today.

Step 1

Select a site and register

Choose one of our best sic bo casino sites on this page. Select the “Register” or “Join” button to begin the sign-up process. Following the on-screen instructions to register, which includes providing your personal information.

Step 2

Place your deposit and claim a bonus

Once you’ve registered, head to the cashier section and set up a deposit. Your sic bo casino site may prompt you to participate in the welcome bonus. Check the T&Cs before claiming the offer. Once you opt-in to the welcome package, finalize your first deposit.

Step 3

Select your Sic Bo game

Head to the game lobby by selecting the relevant category tab (slots, live casino, table games, etc.). Select the best online sic bo game variant from the available games.

Step 4

Place your bets

Drag your virtual chip into the digital betting table to place your first wager. Don’t forget you can place multiple bets at once on sic bo. Your dealer (for live casino games) or RNG software (for virtual sic bo) will now roll the three dice, and how the dice land will determine if you win your bet or not.

Step 5

Collect your winnings

If you win, you can now cash out by heading to the cashier section and choosing your preferred withdrawal method. If this is your first withdrawal, the online casino will likely ask you to verify your account by providing proof of ID and address.

Sic bo bonus offers

You probably won’t find specific sic bo bonuses – casino operators often allow users to play sic bo to claim a bonus. This goes for all casinos available in legalized states, like NJ, MI, PA or WV online casinos among others.

We recommend checking the terms and conditions of any bonus you want to use, whether it’s a welcome bonus or no deposit casino bonus. Not only will you learn about the wagering requirement and payment limitations, but you’ll also see game weighting to redeem the bonus. Casino sites assign different values to games for fulfilling the wagering requirement.

For example, online slots usually contribute 100% to the wagering requirement, while sic bo is generally lower (around 5% to 30%). Sometimes sic bo and other non-slot games don’t contribute to the wagering requirement at all. That is why it’s worth reading the small print.

Current recommended sic bo bonus casino — Borgata casino:

Which is the best online sic bo game — our recommendations

There are plenty of virtual and live dealer sic bo games out there. Sadly, none of these are currently legal, even at the best online casinos. We’ve still listed them below purely for your information:


Sic Bo Macau

Sic bo is the second most popular game in the land-based casinos of Macau, following baccarat. While the gameplay matches variants outside of Macau, some crucial differences still exist. Specifically, there are four exclusive bets you can only find on Macau variants of sic bo. These include three number combinations, three-number combinations with one number doubles, four-number combinations, and two number combinations.

Super Sic Bo

A live version of sic bo from live dealer giant Evolution Gaming, Super Sic Bo puts a twist on the traditional game. The main difference with this game is it provides a random win multiplier up to 1,000x your bet. Only specific stakes are eligible for the multiplier, which is assigned randomly on the betting board.

Grand Hazard Sic Bo

Grand Hazard is a British variant of sic bo that adds new bets to the game and makes other changes across the betting board. For example, you can bet on regular triples like in standard sic bo but also wager on high/low triples (known as raffles). It’s worth noting the bank keeps the original stake in Grand Hazard, so payouts may not be quite as lucrative as you could first think. Another downside to Grand Hazard is the variants doesn’t pay out


You can think of Chuck-A-Luck or Birdcage as a simplified variant of sic bo. It features fewer betting options, so it’s one of the best online sic bo games for beginners and an excellent introduction to three-dice betting games. That also means chuck-a-luck is faster than standard sic bo. Instead of a box/chest, the dice in chuck-a-luck are held in a bird cage, giving the game its nickname.

Which type of sic bo suits you best?

There are several variants sic bo online – but which is best will depend completely on your personal preference. We’ve made a table showing you the type of sic bo that’ll suit your play style and budget. We should note that none of these are available at any US casino we rate. Alternatively, you can try sic bo for free coins at our best sweeps cash casinos, which are legal in all states.

Game titleBest forWhere to play
Sic Bo Macau High rollersNot yet legal at US casinos
Super Sic BoFans of live dealer casino gamesNot yet legal at US casinos
Grand Hazard Sic BoExperienced sic bo playersNot yet legal at US casinos
Chuck-A-Luck Sic BoBeginnersNot yet legal at US casinos

Sic bo online: tips for beginners

Are you new to sic bo? The only way to gain experience is to play the game. Even if you’re an experienced player or even a high roller, there are always things you can do to improve your gameplay. Here are our top tips for getting the most from sic bo online and how to maximize your chances of success:

Tip 1

Start with smaller bets

One of the best ways to manage your bankroll effectively and get familiar with sic bo is to bet small, at least at first.

Tip 2

Practice in a demo mode

Whether you’re new to sic bo, want to protect your bankroll, or simply want to play for fun, accessing in demo mode is a good option. Remember, you won’t be able to win real money prizes, but free-play is an excellent practice and betting strategy tool.

Tip 3

Take advantage of sic bo bonuses

Not all casino bonuses are as good as they seem, but there are loads of incredible deals if you know where to look. The top sic bo casinos we recommend have deposit match and no deposit bonuses that will allow you to play sic bo and boost your bankroll.

Tip 4

Don't switch numbers every round

It may be tempting to try different bets/numbers every round, but this can often lead to consecutive losses. Instead, aim to stick to specific numbers for more rounds.

Tip 5

Try not to wager on too many areas

Sic bo is a game where you can play multiple bets at once, a feature that is both good and bad. At least at the start of your journey with sic bo, stick to a smaller number of bets instead of covering the betting board with wagers.

How to choose the best sic bo casino sites

How do you choose the best online sic bo casino site for you? We’ve made a list of top operators  that offer sic bo. But there are other criteria you should consider before choosing any online casino. Each of the following factors is part of our multi-step review process that leaves no stone unturned.


While having a portfolio of thousands of slots with one or two sic bo titles is nice, but it isn’t the only thing to consider. You should look for sites like Bet365 casino that offer high-quality slots, table, and live dealer games from top studios like NetEnt and IGT. We also like to see casinos with a healthy selection of sic bo variants.


Online casino bonuses are fun and an enjoyable way to extend your bankroll. For the sic bo casinos we recommend like BetMGM online casino, we look for sic bo bonuses that new and existing bettors can enjoy. Instead of sites with lucrative free spins offers, we highlight the casinos with generous no deposit bonuses and deposit match bonuses that sic bo players can participate in.

Live casino games

When we rate and list an online casino as the best, we want it to have a selection of live games from respected and reputable software providers. You should always look out for the best iGaming providers like Evolution Gaming (for live sic bo) who are at the forefront of live casino gaming experience.


As more gamblers play exclusively on mobile, it’s essential for casino operators to offer innovative solutions. We recommend casino sites built on HTML5 technology that are responsive and optimized for smartphones and tablets. Many of our highlighted online casinos like BetMGM NJ also provide native mobile apps featuring enhanced usability and connectivity. However you prefer to gamble, you can do so on the move at our recommended best sic bo casino sites.


Security is one of the most crucial factors when choosing an online casino — you want to know your personal details are safe. We’ll only recommend a casino website with sic bo online that passes our strict security and fairness criteria. That involves secure payment methods, technology to protect your data, and independent testing from state institutions like the DGE in NJ and eCOGRA to ensure games are fair.

Payment methods

While many online casinos offer their games in free demo modes, sic bo real money games provide more excitement and real money prizes. Top online casinos should offer a flexible selection of payment methods for your to deposit and withdraw securely. For example, we’d expect an online sic bo casino to be a PayPal casino, as well as providing a decent selection of major credit cards and other e-wallet options.

More games like sic bo

If you love the experience of playing sic bo online, you may also want to try your hand at other online casino games. At a website with sic bo online you can also find plenty of alternatives like online blackjack and online roulette, and even rarer game types like online keno. We take a deeper look at some popular game types below:  



You may be thinking that sic bo is remarkably similar to craps. In some ways, it is, as both are dice games. There are also core differences that separate the two games. For example, there is some strategy to craps, whereas sic bo is a pure game of chance. Even though there’s no system to give yourself an advantage playing sic bo, its exciting gameplay and fast pace make it a popular choice at online casinos.


The classic wheel-spinning casino game, roulette comes in three common variants (European, American, and French). In a game of complete chance, players attempt to predict where a ball will land when the roulette wheel stops spinning. Popular at online casinos, you can play roulette variants as virtual table or live casino games.


Arguably the most popular casino game online (aside from slots), blackjack is the card game where you attempt to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible. Exciting, face-paced, and with the best house edge, blackjack variants are widely available in virtual table game and live dealer lobbies.


What online casinos have sic bo?

Some leading online casino sites provide sic bo games, both virtual and live. Finding a legit website with sic bo online isn’t easy, though. You can find the best sic bo online sites by choosing one of we recommend on this page. While sic bo is popular, it isn’t available at all online casinos, which is why our recommendations are so helpful.

Can I claim sic bo bonuses online?

Yes, you can – while some casino operators allow sic bo to contribute to the wagering requirement of promotions, most sites we recommend do. Check out our section on sic bo bonuses for more info.

How do you play sic bo online?

By registering with one of the sic bo casinos we recommend. Once you register and deposit funds, you can play sic bo for real money. The game involves betting on the outcome of three rolled dice, with around a dozen different betting outcomes available. We cover all this and more in our how to play section.

What is the best bet in sic bo?

Big/Small bets are widely considered the best in sic bo online. They provide a 48.6% chance of winning and payout 1:1. Odd/Even wagers also have the same probability and payout, but they aren’t available on all sic bo games.

What is online sic bo?

Sic bo online is an online version of the traditional Chinese game. It involves the dealer rolling three dice and the player making one or multiple bets on the roll’s outcome. Sic bo is easy to play but takes skill to learn and understand the various bets and their payout potential.

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