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The best DFS sites and DFS apps

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Fantasy sports sites have exploded in popularity, giving players more options to leverage their sports knowledge to try and win money.

We present the best fantasy sports betting on our list below, so you can build your dream team and compete with other players for the chance to climb the ranks and win some serious cash prizes.

This page covers everything you need to know about daily fantasy sports sites — we break down some of the top DFS operators in the US one-by-one, then cover everything from how DFS works, to laws, and even our expert tips. 

Feeling fit to fight and forge your fantasy? Fire off with our finest DFS factions now:

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ownersbox logo
OwnersBox review
70/100 Sports and markets rating by Anna M. 87% Playscore based on 100% match up to $500
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Good to know

  • Twist on the tradtions
  • DFS super user-friendly platform
  • Great social features

7 payment methods

Bank Transfer
American Express
ACH Network
ParlayPlay review
70/100 Sports and markets rating by Anna M. 86% Playscore based on 100% match up to $100 + $5 Promo Pick
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Good to know

  • Mix of DFS with sports betting
  • Unique contests
  • Simple, user-friendly platform

4 payment methods

ACH Network

What makes these the best?

We’ve chosen two daily fantasy sports betting sites as the best you’ll find in the US market. OwnersBox, and ParlayPlay dominated because of early-bird availability when daily fantasy sports started gaining traction and popularity. With huge databases of players, you’ll always find loads of contests to suit whatever type of player you are, with plenty of prizes up for grabs.

🥇#1. OwnersBox — made for fantasy sports

OwnersBox brings the best of social gaming to DFS betting, with Player Picks, Salary Caps, and Lightning Lineups on the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA. Available in 36 states (including DC), OwnersBox guarantees 30-minute payouts, daily and weekly contests, and impeccable support.

While the sports selection is more limited than competitors, the contests are varied enough, and the rewards are aplenty. The loyalty program, centered around OwnersBucks, drops prizes for signing up, referring friends, and just staying active! The higher the amount players redeem, the better the conversion rate (up to 5%).

🥈#2. ParlayPlay — a unique gamified DFS experience

Like OwnersBox, ParlayPlay might not be one of the big boys on the block but thanks to the innovative gamification element of their platform it is definitely one to watch. If you’re into the camaraderie that many of us look for when playing DFS, then ParlayPlay is the best DFS site for you.

Being one of the newest daily fantasy sites, ParlayPlay also boasts one of the most user-friendly interfaces we’ve ever seen. It’s super easy to build your team and it’s an overall fun DFS site to play at. It is currently available in 28 states but more will be added soon, and it’s also available in Canada.

DFS betting sites — popular sports to bet on

Even though daily fantasy sports doesn’t offer the same range of sports that sports betting does it does cover the most popular sports in the US. Having said that, as the popularity of DFS increases we’re seeing some other sports being offered such as golf and eSports, especially with online gambling trailblazers like New Jersey sports betting. Below are some of the fantasy sports you should expect to see in any good DFS site. Below are some of the fantasy sports you should expect to see in any good DFS site.



It goes without saying that the most popular American sport is also the most popular sport when playing at fantasy sports sites. When it comes to the NFL and football betting you’ll be spoilt for choice.



Whether you’re looking for men’s basketball or WNBA, you’ll be happy to know that the major daily fantasy sports sites carry a good number of contests — though some times of year are more active than others.

Sports betting - Hockey


With the NHL running from October until June, most times of year are great to get your fantasy hockey team geared up and ready to play.

Sports betting - Baseball


With seasons in full swing from April to October, there are hundreds of weekly contests running for every type of MLB fan.



European soccer is becoming quite popular at fantasy sports sites and we’re seeing operators opening up tournaments for things like the Champion’s League and the English Premier League.

What is daily fantasy sports betting? How it works

DFS sites have come a long way since 2009 and now offer a variety of contest types to keep their players engaged. At its core, DFS users will pick a team of players from a particular league and make sure to stay under what is known as the “salary cap.” This is the amount of money all users playing within that contest can spend. After choosing the dream team, then users will have to wait until the games start and the contest will automatically calculate how well the players chosen are doing in the real-life games. Choose the right players and you’ll find yourself at the top of the contest with the chance to win some amazing prizes. The most popular contests are:

  • Guaranteed prize pools: Here a player will pay an entry fee and the content will have a guaranteed prize at the end. This can be won by one winner or prizes can be distributed according to placement.
  • Cash games: These are contests on a smaller scale than GPP. You can join an existing league or create your own with the winner taking home the top prize.
  • Head to head: See if your team can be a match to another player’s team. The winner will win the entire prize pool.
  • 50/50: Placing in the top half of the players will mean you (almost) double your entry fee. Finish in the bottom half and you get nothing.

Keep in mind that like esports betting, DFS is seen by many as a game of skill and you need to have real knowledge of the sport to be able to make your picks correctly. There was a time when DFS came under attack because more than 90% of the prizes were being won by the top 0.1% of players know in the industry as “sharks.” These are fulltime DFS players who use advanced algorithms to choose their teams. Since then, many operators have put into place many checks and balances to make sure prizes are distributed more fairly. If you’re new to this, make sure to stick with the beginner contests for a better chance of winning.

How to choose the best DFS website

When we choose the best DFS sites to list in our rankings list, we use a number of factors that separate the good from the bad and the ugly. In this section we’d like to share these criteria so, in the future, you can make your own choices and opt for the daily fantasy sport site that is right for you.

  • Baseball

    Sports available

    When choosing the best daily fantasy sports betting sites probably the first think you want to look at is the number of sports available and what leagues are also on offer. You want a site that can cover the main sports like football, basketball, and baseball when in season. Plus points if the site offers other sports such as Golf (and the PGA tour) and soccer (ideally with leagues such as the English Premier League and the Champion’s league).

  • Roulette


    After sporty availability, it’s time to look at another important building block of fantasy sports betting – and that’s the contests on offer. The best DFS sites should make going through the different competitions a breeze and should ideally also have several types of contests such as DFS tournaments, head to heads and 50/50s. Also, note any free-to-play contests on offer.

  • Best


    When you’re assessing the type of competitions available it is also worth looking into the prizes, buy-in and amount of people within that particular contest and how prizes will be distributed. This will give you a good idea of whether the fantasy sports site you’re registering with has a contest for beginners where you can get to grips with the system before you join the big leagues.

  • gift-box


    Unlike sports betting, daily fantasy sports sites don’t have a lot of bonuses for existing players so that’s why it’s important to look at their free-to-play contests. Of course, it is also worth checking out any offers available to new players as this bonus money is a great way to get used to the site.

  • Proveedores Software

    Apps and platforms

    The best daily fantasy app will have the same contest availability and the same tools offered on desktop. The app needs to be user-friendly and a player should be able to easily navigate the different contests and tournaments. If a native app is not available then the desktop site should be responsive allowing you to play via your browser’s app.

  • credit-cards


    When looking at payment methods you want a wide selection, the ability to both deposit and withdraw and most importantly, no fees. When it comes to payments it’s also worth checking out the FAQs related to this because if there’s any trouble you’ll want to ideally get it fixed yourself, if not having customer support available 24/7 would help any payment issues.

  • Loading


    Next up we tend to look at how easy the daily fantasy sports platform is to use. If you’re new to this, the many sections and contests might feel like too much information but a properly setup platform will make it easier for you to understand and place your DFS bets.

  • weighing-scales

    Overall product

    When assessing the sites that make it into our top DFS sites we also look at what else the site has to offer. Look at safety seals like the Responsible Gaming logos and any other info normally located in the footer which points to player security best practices. Also look at things like customer support, its availability and whether self-help options like FAQs are available.

How to bet on DFS in the US — Expert tips

Picking the best DFS site of maybe going for the newest daily fantasy site is just the first step in making sure you become a DFS veteran. In this section, we list a few expert tips to take your DFS journey to the next level.

Illinois Tip 03
Tip 1

Create a DFS routine

There is a reason why DFS is seen by many states, such as New Jersey, as not falling under gambling. DFS is a game of skill and you need to keep up with the industry if you want to climb the leaderboard. Have a daily reminder on your phone where you can spend 15 minutes going over your line-up and make any changes according to what is going on in the industry. Use your phone’s alert system to let you know of any important news as it happens and don’t forget to subscribe to a sports news/advice app if available.

Live Casino Bonus Tip 2
Tip 2

Listen to the experts

Make sure to keep yourself updated with sports commentaries, betting experts etc., but also make sure to dial into what the sports betting sites are saying. Sites like FanDuel sportsbook or BetMGM sportsbook have massive resources to help them set their odds. Use this knowledge to your advantage and check in to these sites when drafting your team.

Nevada Tips 06
Tip 3

Learn bankroll management

Just like in sports betting, this is one of the most overlooked aspects of DFS. Fantasy sports betting bankroll strategy will shield you from unnecessary risk. Many people will blow their funds without giving themselves the chance to become successful. Even if you think you have the ultimate win team, it is way too risky to use more than 10% of your funds on any one day.

Tip 4

Choose your contests well

Entering a contest with a chance to win thousands of dollars is the dream but we have to be realistic – the higher the prize money, the better the players. If you’re playing for profit, a long-term strategy is best and that means choosing lower buy-ins in head-to-head contests or 50/50 leagues. These contests might not pay the big money but there’s more chance of winning and doubling your initial stake.

Nevada Tips 07
Tip 5

Don’t forget there’s still variance

Just like poker, even though DFS is a game of skill, there is still a little bit of luck involved. If you put out a strong team the chances are you will win but there is always going to be times when bad runs happen. Don’t forget that, unlike sports betting, you’re competing against other players and there will be times when you are bested by a better (or luckier) player.

Can you bet on DFS in the US? The legal situation

Is daily fantasy sports legal in the US? The short answer to that is yes, DFS sites are legal in almost all states. However, there is a longer answer to that as DFS has existed in a kind of like a grey area. It boils down to whether the state you live in believes that DFS games are classed as a game of skill or a game of chance.

Many would argue that since DFS needs so much knowledge then it classifies as a game of skill and this seems to be the way most of the US states, like New Jersey, are leaning. So far only five states have gone against this and class DFS as a game of chance and therefore see it as an illegal gambling activity. These states are Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana (parts of), Montana, and Washington.

Since DFS has shot up in popularity, some states have taken it upon themselves to come out of that grey area and legislate DFS in their state. These states are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania sports betting, Tennesse, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. In Nevada, DFS is considered to be gambling and operators need to have a license from the state.

StateDFS betting
AlabamaDFS legal since 2019
AlaskaMost DFS sites are available
ArizonaLegal since 2021
ArkansasDFS legal since 2017
CaliforniaMost DFS sites are available
ColoradoEnacted law legalizing DFS in 2016
ConnecticutMost DFS sites are available
DelawareFew active DFS but legal since 2017
FloridaMost DFS sites are available
GeorgiaMost DFS sites are available
HawaiiDFS seen as illegal gambling
IdahoNo active DFS
IllinoisMost DFS sites are available
IndianaFew active DFS but legalized in 2016
IowaLegalized DFS in 2019
KansasRuled DFS is not gambling in 2015
KentuckyMost DFS sites are available
LouisianaFew active DFS as it is only legal is parts of Louisiana
MaineLegal since 2017
MarylandLegal since 2018
MassachusettsDFS legal as long as AG regulation is abided to
MichiganMost DFS sites are available
MinnesotaMost DFS sites are available
MississippiDFS legal since 2017
MissouriEnacted DFS law legalizing it is 2016
MontanaNo active DFS
NebraskaMost DFS sites are available
NevadaNo active DFS as operators need a licence
New HampshireDFS legal since 2017
New JerseyLegalized DFS in 2017
New MexicoMost DFS sites are available
New YorkDFS legal since 2016
North CarolinaMost DFS sites are available
North DakotaMost DFS sites are available
OhioLegalized DFS in 2019
OklahomaMost DFS sites are available
OregonMost DFS sites are available
PennsylvaniaLegal since 2017
Rhode IslandMost DFS sites are available
South CarolinaMost DFS sites are available
South DakotaMost DFS sites are available
TennesseeDFS lega since 2016
TexasMost DFS sites are available
UtahMost DFS sites are available
VermontDFS legal since 2017
VirginiaFew active DFS, but it is legal
WashingtonNo active DFS
West VirginiaMost DFS sites are available
WisconsinMost DFS sites are available
WyomingMost DFS sites are available

Latest updates in DFS

There’s no shortage of excitement in daily fantasy sports and the same goes for its history and how it sits within the legal frameworks in the US. In this section we run though some of the most important updates in the world of DFS.

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