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Online football betting sites 2024

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Everyone loves a good game of American football and naturally, players want to place their bets on their favorite team at the best football betting sites.

Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll lay down all the juicy details you need for football betting, including where to bet on football games, new football betting sites, how to make money. with football betting, and much more.

So, let’s jump right in with a list of our top football gambling sites:

Sportsbook Logo Odds rating Bonus Go to sportsbook Button Show more T&C
1 Time2play's choice
Sportzino logo
Sportzino review
96/100 Sports and markets rating by Paul P. 91% Playscore based on Up to 200,000 Gold Coins + 9 Sweeps Coins
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Good to know

  • 41 sports
  • Early Withdraw option
  • Politics and entertainment betting

6 payment methods

ACH Network
BetRivers review
91/100 Sports and markets rating by Ian Z. 86% Playscore based on Second Chance Bet of up to $250
Play now

Good to know

  • Many regular promotions
  • Huge number of sports
  • Trusted by many state licensors

6 payment methods

bet365 review
81/100 Sports and markets rating by Ian Z. 89% Playscore based on Bet $1 get $200 in Bonus Bets
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Good to know

  • Several user-friendly offers
  • Large parlay boosts
  • Includes virtual sports

7 payment methods

Bank Transfer
Cash at Casino Cage
21+. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-Gambler (call or text in Colorado).
SugarHouse sportsbook review
81/100 Sports and markets rating by Ramona D. 89% Playscore based on Second Chance Bet of up to $500
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Good to know

  • High number of markets
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available in CT, NJ, PA

10 payment methods

ACH Network
Cash at Casino Cage
American Express
VIP Preferred
Caesars sportsbook review
76/100 Sports and markets rating by Ian Z. 94% Playscore based on Up to $1,000 back as a Bonus Bet on your first wager
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Good to know

  • Excellent rewards program
  • Fast payouts
  • Bet on 20 different sports

9 payment methods

VIP Preferred
Bank Transfer
Fliff logo
Fliff review
75/100 Sports and markets rating by Ramona D. 83% Playscore based on 100% up to $100 FC
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Good to know

  • Good sport selection
  • Offers college sports
  • Available in 41 states

5 payment methods

Bank Transfer
DraftKings review
72/100 Sports and markets rating by Anna M. 92% Playscore based on Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets + No Sweat NBA SGP during NBA playoffs
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Good to know

  • Official NFL partners
  • Great football betting options
  • User-friendly bet builder

11 payment methods

Bank Transfer
Cash at Casino Cage
Wire Transfer
VIP Preferred
Clutchbet logo
ClutchBet review
72/100 Sports and markets rating by Paul P. 80% Playscore based on 100% Bet Match up to $250 in Bonus Bets
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Good to know

  • Live micro-betting
  • Same-game parlays
  • Excellent customer support

7 payment methods

VIP Preferred
ParlayPlay review
70/100 Sports and markets rating by Anna M. 86% Playscore based on 100% match up to $100 + $5 Promo Pick
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Good to know

  • Mix of DFS with sports betting
  • Members Club rewards
  • Available in 27 states

4 payment methods

ACH Network

We make it a point not to just dump the football bet sites with the highest scores here, but ones that will give the best overall football gambling experience. This means looking at the available markets and wagers. We also look at the various parleys and boosts, the payout odds, the possibility for live streaming, among other things, and we’ve ordered the list according to where we believe you will find the top football bets. Quick disclaimer; this page is about American football, and is not to be confused with our page on soccer betting sites.

For more information on how we analyze football bookies, check the ‘how we rate’ section.

Best football betting sites broken down: leagues and events

Football betting online isn’t just about the number of markets a site has for the sport. A good football sportsbook will also have a lot of leagues on offer, including the most popular ones such as the NFL or NCAA. After all, what’s the point of heading to football betting sites if there are no football leagues to bet on?

Our handy little table should help you find the best football betting sites for betting on football leagues. This list is based not just on the scores these sites received, but also on factors including the bonuses tied to these leagues, the number of markets for the leagues available, whether you can make live football bets, etc.

For example; BetRivers, SugarHouse, and FanDuel all have quite a few markets for the CFL, however, FanDuel takes the win for having better live payouts than the other two. Of course, the main bread and butter of football betting is the NFL, and for the best NFL betting, you’d have to go with BetRivers for the bonuses including a Beat the Spread Prize Pool.

SugarHouse has several bet boosts for the NCAAF, and for football bets for the Super Bowl, you’ll want to check out Golden Nugget for its impressive payout percentages and boosted odds.

League / eventTop football betting sitesBest market
National Football League (NFL)BetRivers sportsbookNFL Championship
College Football (NCAA)SugarHouse sportsbookNCAAF Championship
Super BowlClutchBet sportsbookSuper Bowl Futures
CFLDraftKings sportsbookGrey Cup Winner

New football betting sites  — our latest reviews

Here’s a tip on how to bet on football online: always check out any new football betting sites. Newer sites usually try to spice things up with some launch bonuses or great promos. They have to if they want to make a mark in the football gambling world. Here at Time2Play, we like to keep an eye out for the newer sites that pop up, especially ones with the best football bets.

BetRivers offers a ton of bonuses and promos, making it one of the best football betting sites on this list. Fanduel is not too far behind, boasting an impressive payout of 95.3%, and that’s not including the boosted odds and parlay boosts that it runs.

Finally, bet365 may be a large player in the EU, but its recent launch in New Jersey has been a benefit for football betting, especially when you consider that it has markets for virtual football.

Why are these the best for football betting?

There are a lot of things that we look into when we rate football betting sites. It’s not just simply seeing if the NFL is available and calling it a day. We take a comprehensive look at the site and consider things such as the bonuses available, the payout percentages, any features such as live streaming, and even the quality of the mobile apps.

Below is a full breakdown of everything we look at the decide which sites are the best football betting sites.

Leagues + events available

It would be impossible to do any football betting if the site didn’t have any football leagues. This is naturally the first thing we look into, seeing what leagues and divisions are available. Leagues like the NFL are expected to be there, but we’re always happy to see other leagues represented such as the CFL, XFL, and NCAAF.

We also want to see what markets are available. Any sportsbook can just have a list of outright winners and call it a day, but we like to see a wide variety of markets to bet on. The more markets, the better. For more information, you can jump to our leagues section to see the best football betting sites by league.

Bet types and features

Another important factor that we consider is the various bet types available. US sportsbooks especially love their parlays and money line bets, but they’re not the only bet types we want to see. Give us some spreads, some over-unders, even a few futures, anything to spice up our betting experience. We’re always happy when we see a lot of different bet types available.

We also want to see the features, and how easy it is to make these bets. Is there a bet builder? Great! Is the football match live streamed? Double Great! Does the site provide in-depth data? Greatest Great! These features may seem small, but they go a long way in providing the best football betting experience. For a more in-depth look, check out our section on football bet types.


Some football betting sites like to be sneaky and provide the player with abysmal odds to rig the game in their favor. Of course, it would be a huge chore for you guys to calculate the payout percentages of every sportsbook for football, so we go ahead and do that for you.

Full disclosure; odds are always changing, so it’s hard to be precise. However our tools give us a close approximation of what the payout percentages look like, so we’re confident in our judgments. The higher the number, the better our score.

Payouts for football live betting are unfortunately always a little lower since bettors have the advantage of seeing the game play out, but that’s just reality. We just want to make sure the odds are decent and bettors won’t be losing their money unfairly.


Everybody loves a good promo. From welcome bonuses to prize pools to even simple refer-a-friend deals, we’re always looking out for the best bonuses that bettors can take advantage of while they bet on football.

We mainly look at any football-specific bonuses, compare free bets, and how easy they are to take part in. We want bettors to be able to bet normally on football without crazy wagering requirements for the bonus. Some promos like to saddle the player with extra requirements such as wagering with certain odds, so we go through the T&Cs ourselves to see which bonuses are great deals, and which ones are just trying to steal your cash.

Apps and platforms

Isn’t it annoying when you’re on the bus and want to bet on football, but you didn’t bring your desktop tower and monitor with you? Luckily the 21st century has gifted us all with mobile phones, so we can have football betting whenever and wherever we want.

We expect every site to have a mobile app, across all platforms. Not only that, but we expect the app to have fast loading, a glitch-free experience, and to run all the sports available on desktop. Anything less just isn’t good enough in this day and age. So you can rest assured that anything we consider as a ‘best football betting site’ will have a smooth mobile app.


Even the most promising football sites sometimes struggle in this department. Everyone is so focused on having as many leagues and markets as possible on their betting site, that they forget to make the site easy to use. We, however, do not forget this issue.

Is the site easy to navigate? Does the site have a functioning search bar? How quick is it to sign up? What about live chat and customer support to help when things get rough? These are all questions that we ask when we look at how easy a site is to use. Bettors need to be able to understand the site they’re looking at after all, if they plan on making any bets on it.

Overall betting site rating

Finally, we look at ‘everything else’ to get an idea of the overall site rating. We look at things such as if the site is available in a lot of states (more licenses = safer), if it has a decent amount of payment methods, and what other sports are available  These aren’t the main things we look at when we decide if something qualifies as a ‘best football betting site’, but they help to round out the overall score.

Recommended football wagers — a closer look

Football wagering can be daunting, especially for new bettors. Football betting sites will pile on a bunch of words like ‘parlays’, ‘teaser’, ‘props’, and ‘moneyline’, and before you know it your head is spinning. No need to worry though, Time2Play is here to save the day.

Below is a quick summary of all the main bet types, to help you get started on your football betting journey:

US football moneyline


This is the most basic bet that you can find. A ‘moneyline’ or ‘win’ bet just involves bettors betting on who they think will win. To put it simply, if there’s an NFL game between the DEN Broncos and the NY Jets, and you think the Jets will win, then you’d just place a moneyline bet on them. Doesn’t get easier than that.
US football pointspread

Point spread

This type of bet is a bit more tricky. Here, a football sportsbook will try to calculate who will win, and by how much this team will win. It is then up to you to decide if the sportsbook is over, or under. Usually, a sportsbook will have a large number of point spread bets for you to choose from, so you’ll have quite a variety of point spread bets on hand.
US football over-under


Over-under bets, sometimes referred to as ‘totals’, are similar to spread bets. Here a football betting site is trying to guess the total points of a football game. Just like spreads, there will be a large number of totals to choose from, and you simply have to pick if a total is over or under.
US football futures


Futures are very similar to moneyline bets, as once again you’re betting on a winner. This time, however, you’re betting on the overall winner of a competition or league. So if you think the NY Jets will win the Super Bowl, you’d place a future bet on them. These buggers get their ‘future’ name since usually these bets are placed well in advance of the actual event, sometimes even years before the event is set to take place.
US football parlay


By far the most popular bet type in US sportsbooks, parlays are everywhere. These bets can be quite tricky, and you’ll see yourself losing a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. The idea is simple; join a string of bets into one large bet, usually with a bonus payout tied to it. For example, say you think the NY Jets will win 6 games in a row. You can combine the 6 moneyline bets into 1 parlay bet, and get a higher payout if you win.
US football hedge


Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite school topic: math. So, say you’ve made a futures best on the NY Jets winning a tournament. However, you want a safety net, or at least you don’t want your losses to be too bad if you’re wrong. Enter ‘hedge betting’. If they make it to the finals, you can place a moneyline bet on their opponents to win the match. Either way, you get something.
US football props


Proposition bets, also known as ‘props’ or ‘specials’ are pretty much everything else. Anything you can think of can be placed as a ‘prop’ bet. Think Josh Allen will score a touchdown first? Go ahead and make a prop bet. Think the DEN Broncos will score a touchdown in the first 30 seconds? Make another prop bet. Think the NY Jets will stop playing and perform an impromptu dance number? You’ll probably lose, but you’ll get great odds.
US football teaser


If you thought that parlay bets weren’t complicated enough for you then you can get into teaser bets. Just like parlays, teaser bets involve you combining a string of bets into one, for a better payout. The difference though is that you can now move the point spreads in your favor to help give you a better chance of winning the wager. This can get quite complicated, so we’d only recommend this to experienced bettors.

Betting 101 — how to bet on football online

Knowing the best football betting sites is great, but it’s pointless if you don’t know how to bet on football online. Football betting sites can be quite daunting, and it’s easy to get a bit confused.

This how-to list should help get you started on how to make football bets, and will give you a few tips along the way on what to look out for.

Magnifying glass on a tablet screen
Step 1


Before you do anything, you’re going to want to research which sportsbook to use. Take a look at the leagues available, the number of markets, the bonuses, the types of bets available, and anything you can to get an idea of the site. Most importantly, make sure the football betting site has not been blacklisted anywhere and is a reputable site. Alternatively, you can check our betting site reviews where we research for you, and let you know which sites are best for football betting. 

Device with American football betting account showing
Step 2

Set up an account

You can’t bet on a football betting site without first having an account. Get your details ready and start filling out the fields. Keep an eye out during sign-up,  as this is usually where you would input any bonus codes for bonuses. If when you’re doing your research, you see a nice bonus for the NFL for example, simply grab the bonus code and pop it here to be able to cash in.

American football and football helmet on a table screen
Step 3

Head to the ‘football’ section

Once you’ve signed up with a sportsbook, you’ll need to look for the actual bets. Any decent football betting site will have a toolbar for sports, with ‘football’ listed as an option. Simply click on ‘football’, and then click on the league you would like to bet on. Most sites will also have a good search bar, so typing in ‘Football’ or ‘NFL’ should take you where you need to go.

American football on a mobile phone screen being held by a hand with cash behind it
Step 4

Place a bet

Now all that’s left is to pick a bet type and place a bet. Just scroll through the markets till you see something you like, click on it, decide how much you want to bet, and viola! You’ve placed a football bet! If you’re new to betting, try to stick with simple bets like moneyline bets, and on leagues and teams that you’re already comfortable with. For more information on bet types, head over to our bet types section.

Laptop with a clock, a trophy, and cash on the screen
Step 5

Wait, and hopefully, win

Congratulations, you did it. Now just sit back, relax, and wait for the football results to see if you’ve won. If you’re impatient, you can try out live betting, which can be easier since you’re seeing the match but will usually have lower payouts. If you’ve won, you can withdraw your winnings, or use them to place even more bets. The choice is all yours.

How to make money — expert tips

The real reason why we’re all here; to make that sweet sweet dough. We all want to withdraw a wad of Benjamin Franklins once we’re done football betting, and these tips should help make sure you always walk away with a few winnings.

  • Loading

    Bet on what you know

    Too many newcomers get swept up in a betting frenzy and make a bunch of bets on random things. If you’ve never seen a CFL match, then how could you possibly know who will win? Place bets on leagues and teams that you know, that way you will avoid losses.

  • Budget Setting

    Have a budget

    Sometimes, you’re just going to lose. It happens to all of us, we all have bad betting days. But if you keep your budget to what you can afford,  you’ll never drown in losses. What’s more, you’ll get it all back on the days when you do win, so just take it slow and stick to that budget.

  • Smile

    Start simple

    Those parlay bonuses may look enticing, but they’re a quick way to throw all your money away if you don’t know what you’re doing. Start small, with a few moneyline bets here and there. Eventually, you’ll get experience and can try out the wilder bet types, but jumping headfirst into a 12-string teaser bet as your first wager will just lead to a massive loss.

  • Casino

    Don’t chase losses

    Speaking of losses, never chase them. It doesn’t work, and you’ll make your loss even bigger. If you’re losing then just stop, cool off for a short while, and head back with a clear head and some new bets. You’ll get your money back and more this way.

  • Information

    Stay informed

    Every day you need to grab your local newspaper and head right to the sports section to see what’s going on. If the Jacksonville Jaguars got attacked by actual jaguars, you want to be the first one to know about it. Even the slightest change, such as a player’s one-game suspension, can heavily impact the odds, and you can’t make safe bets if you’re not informed of the current situation.

  • Icon Juegos De Mesa

    Hedge your bets

    This can be tricky, so you’ll want to head over to our bet types section for more information. The short version is that you might want to make 2 opposing bets, so for example you’d bet that the Jacksonville Jaguars would win and lose a match. You’ll make less money overall, but you can greatly offset any losses if your maths is on point.


Where can I make a football bet?

There are tons of football betting sites you can check out to make football bets, but you can take a look at our top recommendations here. Head on over there to see what we think are the best football betting sites, and for reasons why they deserve to be there.

How do you bet on football online?

We’ve thrown in a whole to-do list  for you on how to make a football bet, however, the basic steps are as follows:

  • Research the football betting site
  • Set up an account and deposit some cash
  • Head to the ‘football’ section
  • Pick a league, a market, and then place a bet
  • Wait, and hopefully, win

How can I win a football bet?

Winning is all about playing it safe and having some patience, especially in the early days when you’re still learning how to place bets. We’ve set up a list of expert tips for you to see how to make money, but as long as you keep it simple, bet on what you know, and stick to a budget, you should be fine.

What types of football bets are there?

There are a ton of different football bet types, including moneyline bets where you bet on a winner, over-under where you bet on if a point total is over or under, parlays where you combine a string of bets into one, and much more. We’ve made a list of the 8 most popular bet types for you and explained them in detail so you can know what there is and what you’re getting yourself into.

Find your football betting league

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