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Spin the wheel for a random result — a customizable wheel

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Meet our wheel spinner — a practical tool for moments of indecision.

Give it a whirl, and it’ll pick a random outcome from a list of options you enter. It’s simple, easy, and helps you make quick decisions when you need them most.

Ideas: What can you spin our wheel for?

  • Roulette wheel

    Find your numbers

    Pick random numbers for lottery tickets, roulette, or which selectable bonus feature to go for in an online slot.

  • Player placing a bet

    Betting and wagers

    Use the wheel to determine the outcomes of social bets with friends.

  • Diamond

    Games and entertainment

    Spice up your party games with a dash of randomness, recreate casino-style game shows, or gamify other activities!

  • American football

    Fantasy sports

    Use the wheel to help you decide on your next fantasy lineup.

  • Gift box with ribbon

    Pick a winner

    Be it contest, prize draw, or raffle, our wheel can help you pick a winner from a pool of participants.

  • A pair of boxing gloves

    Sports and hobbies

    Diversify your hobbies by letting chance dictate your workout routine, healthy meals, new hobbies, and other activities.

  • Green checkmark

    To-do lists and priorities

    Overwhelmed with choice? Spin the wheel to see which chore or to-do to pick up next.

  • Question mark


    Make the choice easy between multiple options, settling dilemmas fairly by leaving them to chance.

How to use and customize the spinning wheel

  1. Customize the Spin the Wheel tool by typing options in the right-hand text box.
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard to add a new entry. To delete an entry, simply remove it from the right-hand text box. 
  3. Once all entries are added, click the “SPIN” button at the center of the wheel.
  4. The wheel will spin and randomly select one of the 
  5. and the entry at the top will be chosen, indicated by the yellow arrow. The chosen entry will be displayed in a text box.
  6. Hit “OK” to complete the wheel spin and set up the next round.

Additional spin-the-wheel features

Is there a limit to the number of options you can add to the wheel?

Nope, the number of entries is unlimited. Enter your name, number, or task into the right-hand text box, and press enter to confirm.

Can the wheel be rigged?

No, all results are random outcomes. As the wheel spins, it sets a random position between 0 and 360 degrees, on which it then lands. The wheel uses a random number generator to set the outcome, and past outcomes don’t influence future results.

Enjoy slot-like gameplay, or create your own game show!

If you’ve ever enjoyed a round of Evolution’s Crazy Time or Monopoly Live game shows, then you’ve definitely spotted similarities to our wheel!

Aside from games, RNG wheels are also a common rewards feature at many online casinos and sportsbooks. Most often found as a daily activity or part of a loyalty scheme, RNG wheels frequently offer players special bonuses, like no-deposit cash, a bet booster, or a free spins bonus.

You can use our wheel to recreate the same experience for social-gaming fun with friends, to test your favorite casino wheel’s randomness, or to simulate wheel-based gameplay — where every spin is free.

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