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Thrillzz sportsbook review

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Checked byVule Petrović,Dasha Goncharova
67/100 Expert rating by Paul P.
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Thrillzz is a new, mobile-only social sportsbook launched in 2024. It aims to let bettors wager on six different sports without making a single purchase.

Does it live up to its promise? Read our Thrillzz social sportsbook review to find out about its six ongoing promos, seven transaction methods, and 24/7 email support.

General ratings

67 / 100 Expert rating by Paul P
70Betting features rating
90Bonus rating
42Odds rating
80Payments rating
75Safety rating
60Platform rating
80Support rating
40Sports and markets rating
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81% Playscore based on 8 critics
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General info

Launch date 2024
Company behind Thrillzz Inc.

Editor’s note

Data and analysis below are accurate at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change.

Expert verdict

I won’t lie, there are better social sportsbooks out there.

There is a lot to like about Thrillzz. Its mobile-only platform is fast and glitch-free, and its six ongoing promos guarantee a steady stream of free currency to keep betting. If you’re into soccer, there are also many betting options available.

However, it’s hard to look past the lack of sports, including no football options. There are also no live streams, few live events, low 91.68% payouts, almost no Responsible Gambling (RG) tools, and no boosted odds. These aren’t small problems to have, and can be a deterrent for many.

Thrillzz isn’t the worst social sportsbook in the world, but it has a lot of work to do before it can stand alongside its competitors.

State differences

Thrillzz social sportsbook is available in 36 US states. There are 14 US states that the site does not operate in: Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, and Washington.

Thrillzz’s offering is the same, regardless of which eligible state you’re signing in from.

How does Thrillzz social sportsbook work?

Thrillzz social sportsbook uses three different currencies: Thrillzz Coins (TC), Thrillzz Sweeps (TS), and Prize Tickets (PT).

TC can be acquired through promos and purchases or won through gameplay. TC has no value outside of Thrillzz’s site and just serves to place predictions on sports events on the site.

TS can also be used to place predictions on Thrillzz. If the prediction succeeds, the bettor will win PT. PT cannot be used to place predictions but can be redeemed for either cash prizes or coin packages on the site. When redeeming for cash prizes, PT has a value of one PT to one US dollar.

Thrillzz bonuses — 3,000 TC + three TS

Thrillzz sportsbook welcomes newcomers with a welcome bonus of 3,000 TC and three TS. These are credited to your account immediately upon verification and are considered “Day One” for the progressive daily rewards.

If bettors log in daily, they will get progressive daily rewards which consist of some TC plus a surprise gift. The number of TC you can acquire every day is as follows:

  1. Day 1 — 3,000 TC
  2. Day 2 — 700 TC
  3. Day 3 — 1,000 TC
  4. Day 4 — 1,500 TC
  5. Day 5 — 2,000 TC
  6. Day 6 — 3,000 TC
  7. Day 7 — 5,000 TC

Bonus facts

Welcome bonus3,000 TC + 3 TS
Bonus codeN/A
Wagering requirementsN/A
Minimum qualifying betN/A
Daily creditsProgressive rewards
VIP rewardsAvailable
Other bonusesRefer-a-friend, payment promos, bi-hourly reward

There is also a loyalty program that allows players to climb levels by handing out Loyalty Points. Every time TC is wagered, bettors gain Loyalty Points. Bettors can also gain Loyalty Points through promos, or from the daily rewards as a surprise gift. With every level gained, bettors are given another surprise gift.

Bettors can also make use of Thrillzz’s refer-a-friend promo. Every referral that signs up through a bettor’s unique code grants the bettor 0.2 TS, capped at 10 TS. Every referral that spends $20 or more grants the bettor an additional 20 TS, capped at 200 TS.

Finally, Thrillzz has regular ongoing sales in its shop, with payment promos sometimes giving up to 2x the amount for the same price. In the shop, bettors can also collect the bi-hourly reward, which hands out 100 TC and one Loyalty Point for every two hours you are logged in.

Bonus rating

90/100 Thrillzz thrives on thrilling treats
  • Six ongoing promos
  • High-value promos
  • Bonuses lack transparency

There are plenty of promos available at Thrillzz and they are all available without needing any kind of Thrillzz promo code. You can just wager regularly and get showered with free TC.

What I like is the value of it all. The minimum wager is usually just 100 TC, so with 3,000 TC handed out right off the bat, you’ll have plenty of currency to get started.

There are some caveats. It’s hard to find any terms for the bonuses, and I’m not a big fan of how the loyalty surprise gifts are handed out. I get that they’re meant to be a fun surprise, but in practice, it just means you won’t know what you’re getting or if it’s worth it.

These are just nitpicks though, and you can argue I’m being a bit of a grouch with the surprise-gift complaint. Overall the bonuses are great and certainly worth checking out.

Six sports available at Thrillzz

Thrillzz has six different sports bettors can wager on. These are basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, boxing, and MMA. Boxing and MMA bets are paired together under one filter.

Sports facts

Number of sports6
Betting markets — Baseball45
Betting markets — Basketball43
Betting markets — Football N/A
Other markets (politics/event betting)N/A

Most sports offer about 40–50 different markets to bet on. Soccer is the exception, with just over 100 markets to bet on. There are no special predictions available, such as esports, entertainment, or politics.

Featured betting markets

Available events

Sports and markets rating

40/100 Lacking in both sports and markets
  • 103 soccer betting options
  • Missing football and hockey
  • No politics or entertainment
  • Few markets in what’s available

Let’s not beat around the bush — a sportsbook offering only six sports is just kind of sad.

I originally thought it was just five sports, ’til I realized that MMA and boxing were inexplicably put in the same filter. Word of advice Thrillzz, you already have too few sports, don’t confuse your bettors and make them think you have even less.

If you think I’m being harsh, take a look at Sportzino, another social sportsbook. It offers a whopping 41 different sports to bet on with over 400 baseball markets alone, and it also has esports, politics, and entertainment betting. BetRivers.NET is another social sportsbook with 33 sports available.

Thrillzz at the bare minimum needs to get some of the more popular sports, like football or hockey. Without these, people will inevitably move away to other social sportsbooks.

Betting features of Thrillzz sportsbook

Thrillzz makes use of a bet builder to help set up your predictions and parlays. It’s important to note that even if it’s closed, it will still set up parlays for you, so you’ll need to actively delete the bet rather than close the bet builder to remove a prediction.

Feature facts

Bet BuilderAvailable
Cash OutAvailable
Live bettingAvailable
Live streamingN/A
Virtual bettingN/A

There’s also early cashout as well as live betting available. There are no live streams, however, there is in-depth live data presented to bettors during the match. Bettors can expect about 10–20 live events every day.

Betting features rating

70/100 Good live features for few live events
  • Cashout available
  • In-depth live data
  • Few live betting events
  • No live streams

I’m mostly happy with the betting features at Thrillzz sportsbook. There’s certainly room for improvement, but overall it’s a good offering.

You’ve got all your important betting features, like early cashout and live betting. I’m disappointed at the lack of live events, but that’s a side-effect of the lack of sports offered in general.

It lacks some features that are available at its competitor, Rebet social sportsbook, such as same-game parlays and quick bets. Hopefully, these features will eventually become available at Thrillzz as well.

Thrillzz social sportsbook odds

Thrillzz sportsbook offers on average around 91.68% payouts across the board. This is regardless of whether it’s general betting payouts or live betting payouts. Some sports are slightly higher or lower, with basketball being more in the 91.40% range, but any differences are minimal and negligible.

Odds facts

Average payout91.68%
Boosted oddsN/A
Parlay boostsAvailable
Line movementModerate

Thrillzz offers some parlay boosts, but there are no general boosted odds on the site.

Odds rating

42/100 Low payouts with no boosted odds
  • Parlay boosts available
  • Low payouts throughout
  • No boosted odds

I’ll be honest, if I was looking for a social sportsbook for myself, this would be the moment I would have dropped Thrillzz.

Look, I get that Thrillzz is a social sportsbook, so you’re not making real-money wagers. But the sportsbook still needs to actually pay out.

For context, Sportzino also offers around 91.80% payouts, but only for live betting. For pre-match betting, Sportzino’s average hovers around 96%.

That right there is the heart of the problem. Thrillzz treats all its bets as live bets and pays out accordingly. It’s common for sportsbooks to pay out lower for live bets due to the advantage bettors have of seeing the game unfold, but it’s unfair to still pay out lower even when bettors don’t have that advantage.

Top that off with no boosted odds, and you have a site that’s just playing dirty with its odds. Thrillzz has to get its general payouts to at least the 95% range if it wants to get an above-average score here and remain competitive with alternatives on offer.

Seven Thrillzz transaction methods

There are seven different transaction methods at Thrillzz sportsbook. These include five purchase methods and two redemption methods.

Bettors can deposit using VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, or Apple Pay. They can redeem using Skrill or instant bank transfer. It’s important to note that bettors can also redeem PT for more TC and TS directly, negating the need to use any third-party purchase methods.

Payment facts

Number of payment methods7
Popular paymentVISA
Minimum purchase$1
Maximum purchase$100
Average purchase timeInstant
Prize redemptionAvailable
Minimum redemption50 PT
Maximum redemption1,000 PT per day
Average prize-redemption timeUp to 10 days

Purchases are instant, with the currency immediately being credited to the bettor’s account. Redemptions however can take up to 10 days to be processed using Skrill, and even longer using bank transfer.

Thrillzz will also do additional verifications for redemptions valued at $600 or higher. In the case of these redemptions, Thrillzz reserves to right to take up to 60 days for the redemption to be processed.

Bettors will need a minimum of 50 PT to place a redemption for a cash prize and can redeem a maximum of 1,000 PT per day. There is no minimum or maximum for bettors who wish to use PT to buy more TC and TS.

Deposit methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Apple Pay

Withdrawal methods

  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

Payments rating

80/100 Plenty of options but mostly harsh terms
  • All major cards available
  • Can use PT to purchase TC
  • Long redemption times
  • Low maximum purchase option

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of the idea of using PT to buy TC and TS directly. It cuts out the middleman and just lets you use the tools within Thrillzz itself.

Unfortunately, this one big pro is not enough to make up for the several cons available. A $100 max purchase seems low for high-rollers, especially compared to OwnersBox which allows up to $10,000.

More problematic are the redemption terms, with some very long waiting times. Thrillzz takes up to 10 days minimum for redemptions, which is incredibly long. Most social sportsbooks take up to three days max for redemptions, including first-time ones where KYC forms must be filled.

Couple it with the fact that there’s no unified transaction method, meaning you’ll need to make purchases and redemptions using two different methods, and overall you have a payment system that’s a bit too harsh for my liking.

Is Thrillzz sportsbook safe?

Thrillzz social sportsbook makes use of 256-bit SSL encryption with RSA technology to keep your data safe. It also makes use of two-factor authentication (TFA), and has in-built tools to detect VPNs and proxies so you cannot play outside of the eligible states.

Safety facts

Auditing sealsN/A
Responsible gambling sealsN/A
SSL encryption256-bit
Two-factor authenticationAvailable
Ever blacklisted?N/A
Deposit, wager, time, and loss limitsN/A
Self-exclusionPermanent account closure only
Cooling-off periodN/A

There is an RG page on a site outside of the app, that gives helpful information and links to RG organizations. There is only one RG tool available, which is for permanent account closure. No other self-exclusion, cooling-off period, or RG limiters exist on Thrillzz’s app.

Safety rating

75/100 Lacks most RG tools and features
  • Strong 256-bit SSL encryption
  • TFA available
  • No RG limiters
  • No cooling-off period

Let’s get the good out of the way — the SSL and TFA all but guarantee that your private data will stay safe. I’m also a huge fan of the tools that block VPNs and proxies, as they add an extra layer of security that’s not present in other social sportsbooks.

Do you know what is present in other social sportsbooks though? RG tools, such as limiters, self-exclusion, and cooling-off periods. Thrillzz has nearly none of those.

The only option available is permanent account closure. This isn’t just harsh — it’s too harsh. So harsh that it risks people not taking it even if they do have a problem.

One RG page that’s not even directly on the app just isn’t going to cut it. We all have our part to play, and Thrillzz needs to add more RG tools to stay in the game.

Thrillzz support — two support options

There are two customer support options available at Thrillzz social sportsbook. These are 24/7 email support and a detailed FAQ and Help Center.

Support facts

Customer support availability24/7
Live chatN/A
Email[email protected]
Contact numberN/A
On-page supportFAQ and Help Center

Email responses came in around three hours after the question was sent, and were clear and detailed with no need for follow-up questions. The FAQ also has several questions, though some have vague answers and will require further clarification through email support.

Support rating

80/100 A solid Thrillzz support team
  • Detailed and clear responses
  • 24/7 support
  • No live or phone chat
  • Long response times

I quite like the customer support team at Thrillzz. They may have taken three hours to answer my email, but the answers were clear and what I was looking for.

Still, I can’t just ignore the length either. Thrillzz says on its site that it tries to process every request within 24 hours, but that’s just far too long. Responses should preferably be coming in within the hour.

I also think the FAQ could do with some improvement. It’s far from the worst FAQ I’ve ever seen, such as Sportzino’s buggy FAQ with few answers in it. But some answers are a bit too vague. Don’t just say you have “a variety of payment methods,” list them so I know what they are.

The usability of Thrillzz’s platform

Thrillzz is a mobile-only platform. It can be accessed through the mobile browser or the iOS app, with an Android app on the way. Thrillzz recommends an HTML5 device with a stable WiFi connection for optimal performance.

Thrillzz homepage on two mobile devices

The site uses a blue-on-white color scheme with black outlines and text, which makes buttons clearly visible. There is no search function, though there are filters that you can scroll through for the different sports and leagues.

Platform facts

Mobile appiOS
Ease of navigationGood
Search functionN/A
Loading speed3 seconds
UI and UX ratingGood
Other productsN/A

The site loads quite fast with no glitches. Creating an account takes roughly two minutes, and once your phone number is verified your welcome bonus is immediately credited to your account.

Platform rating

60/100 Decent, but with lots of room for improvement
  • Fast loading times
  • Glitch-free iOS app
  • No search bar
  • No Android app
  • No desktop option

I always have mixed feelings when it comes to mobile-only sites. I get they’re the new hot thing, and most people bet on mobiles anyway, but I do like my comfortable desktop option in my lovely chair.

Still, if you are going for a mobile-only site, then at least have an app for both iOS and Android. I’d normally be more lax on this, especially since they’ve confirmed Android is on the way, but if you’re locking your users to mobile then you should have all options available before you launch.

I also do not like the lack of a search bar, especially on a phone where navigation can be tricky already. Just let me tap in my favorite soccer team so I can jump straight to it without fiddling with the filters please.

Overall though, the platform is fine. It loads quickly, and the iOS app helps improve the performance even further. It’s a good platform and one people should not have any trouble using.

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