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Online roulette MI and best sites to play roulette in Michigan

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If casinos could have one symbol to represent them, it would be the roulette wheel.

On this page, we take a close look at the state situation of online roulette MI since online casinos were legalized in 2019, tell you about what types and variants are on offer, and give you some rules and tips so that you can be on top of your roulette game.

Let’s start with our tried and tested list of the best sites to play roulette in Michigan.

Casino Logo Odds rating Bonus Go to casino Button Show more T&C
Caesars review
88/100 Games rating by Ian Z. 86% Playscore based on 100% up to $2,500 and 2,500 Reward Credits on a $25+ wager
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Good to know

  • Seven roulette tables
  • Live roulette offered
  • 16 other table games

11 payment methods

Apple Pay
VIP Preferred
American Express
Bank Transfer
Cash at Casino Cage
BetRivers casino review
88/100 Games rating by Claire S. 85% Playscore based on Bonus Money reload up to $500
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Good to know

  • 13 roulette games
  • Lightning Roulette offered
  • American and European types

9 payment methods

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Cash at Casino Cage
BetMGM casino review
85/100 Games rating by Ian Z. 91% Playscore based on 100% up to $1,000 + $25 Free Play
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Good to know

  • 19 roulette games
  • Customized roulette game
  • 25c low stakes roulette

14 payment methods

VIP Preferred
American Express
Cash at Casino Cage
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay

The list above isn’t just based on the overall games rating of each casino which you can find on their review pages, but it shows the best casino options for roulette online Michigan specifically.

Best online roulette in Michigan state — types/variants

While someone might not immediately think that online roulette sites in Michigan have different variants because it’s one of the newer states to open its door to online casinos, the best places to play roulette in Michigan will at least have American roulette available. Let’s breakdown down the different types you can find in Michigan to give you a broader look as to what to expect:

American Roulette

American roulette

One of the most popular varieties at US online casinos for obvious reasons, American roulette is also the variant with the greatest house edge. This is all down to the fact that while European roulette has a single zero pocket, the American variety has single and double zero pockets, pushing the house edge from 2.6% to 5.26%. That’s not exactly what I’d call a best online roulette in Michigan state deal!

European Roulette

European roulette

Offering numbers 1 – 36 and a single 0 pocket, this version of roulette has the lowest house edge. Super simple to play, all players must do is pick a number or a color, wait for the dealer to start spinning, and do it all again once the round is over. European roulette is the most traditional version of roulette and is the one you should opt for if you want the odds to be in your favor.

Live Dealer , cards and casino chips

Live dealer roulette

The beauty of the live dealer game has always been that you can have a similar real-life casino experience from your home. Roulette translates really well into the live dealer scene in Michigan, and some of the best online roulette in Michigan state does actually happen at live casinos. The king of the live roulette scene in Michigan is Gold Nugget casino, where you can find several live versions that will keep you occupied for hours at a time.

Mobile Roulette logo

Lightning roulette

A fun version of live dealer roulette, lightning roulette still has all the traditional things you would expect from a roulette game, but it combines them with plenty of extra payouts. All you need to do is wait for lightning to strike your winning bets with multipliers. Fast-paced to the extreme (it is lightning, after all), this variant is not for those who want a slow and leisurely game.

How to choose the best — online roulette sites Michigan

At Time2play, we consider several things when formulating our best online roulette in Michigan state list. Here are some of the criteria we look at:

  • Icon Juegos De Mesa

    Games selection

    When it comes to roulette game quantity, the clear winner of online roulette MI is BetMGM casino with 19 roulette games. The second most extensive catalog, which belongs to Golden Nugget casino, doesn’t even come close to this amount, with just 12 games in its arsenal. Of course, this wasn’t the only reason BetMGM made it to the top of the pile – the customized roulette game sealed the deal.

  • Proveedores Software


    There are a number of times when Golden Nugget casino has come out top for software, and online roulette MI is no different. Apart from having demo versions of each roulette game on the site, it offers several live roulette versions, so you have plenty of opportunities to find the best fit for your realistic roulette experience.

  • gift-box

    Bonuses & tournaments

    The game which usually gets the most bonus opportunities is slots; it’s extremely rare to find a casino that centers its bonus around roulette. That said, BetMGM does currently offer players a bonus where 20% of their roulette wager can count towards their wagering requirement when they sign up for a new account. The very fact that they specify this pushes their position to the top of our list.

  • mobile-phone

    App or mobile interface

    Given that half of players play via mobile, it is more important now than ever that casinos put effort into how they look and work when playing on the go. The best roulette MI casino in terms of app and mobile interface is Golden Nugget, as it offers a casino app on iOS and Android and the same game experience as the desktop version.

  • Security


    When it comes to the online world, there is nothing more important than safety. That’s why we have dedicated a whole segment to it when choosing the right casino for you. The safest online roulette Michigan casino is Caesars casino as it has transparent policies, it’s part of a reputable, land-based casino, and it is regularly audited by each state it is present in.

  • Budget Setting

    Other important aspects

    Ultimately, the casino that won the title of best online roulette in Michigan state had to shine in several ways to get the prize. BetMGM casino not only has the most roulette games out of the bunch and offers players a decent overall bonus, but it also has the most payment options for MI players out of all the other casinos.

Basic rules: how to play online roulette Michigan

Online roulette Michigan games are a lot of fun, but it’s always important that you know the basic rules that govern roulette games before you get started. We have listed all the things you should follow to get started.

  1. Choose which variant you want to play
    As discussed in the previous section, roulette has several different types, each with subtle differences. Understand these differences before you start to place your bets.

  2. Bets can only be made for a limited amount of time
    You can’t just make an online roulette MI bet whenever it takes your fancy. You can start making bets as soon as the dealer begins taking them (when the last round has finished), and you can keep making them even while the ball is rolling until the dealer says they’re not taking more bets.

  3. Announcing the winner
    The winner or winners are the people that bet on the numbered pocket that the ball fell into. That said, you can also win, albeit a smaller amount, if you placed your bet on a specific color or part of the wheel that the ball fell into.

  4. When to stop
    There is no limit to the number of roulette rounds you can play after each other if that’s what you want; however, it’s always important to know when to stop. The best thing to do is always have a pre-established bankroll; the minute that runs out, it’s time for you to run out (or log off).

How to win real money at online roulette sites Michigan — strategies/tips

Here at Time2play, we don’t believe in letting you go in blind. That’s why we have compiled a few tips and tricks that you can use to be at the top of your online roulette MI game.

A magnifying glass looking at a document, surrounded by a roulette symbol, a casino chip, and a green check mark
Tip 1

Learn the rules of the game

Even a simple game like roulette does have rules, and it’s your job to learn what they are before starting to play. While the main underlying rule is that roulette bets must be put down before the wheel is turned, each roulette variation comes with different rules you need to be aware of before you start to play.

Roulette Know Your Bets
Tip 2

Understand what different bets mean

It’s essential to understand what each bet can pay out before you start putting down money; otherwise, you’re in for a few nasty surprises. If you want to play it safe, choose outside bets, as their payout is lower because their volatility is lower.

A casino's landing page on a mobile phone
Tip 3

Always play the demo version if you can

You wouldn’t play a big game of tennis against Serena Williams without practicing, and roulette is pretty much the same. Once you’ve learned the rules and how to place bets, the best thing to do is practice until you’re confident enough to take on the top dogs.

Roulette Choose European Roulette
Tip 4

Always choose European roulette

Thanks to the single and double zero pockets American roulette has, the house edge for this roulette version is higher than the European one, which only has a single zero pocket. Regardless of how patriotic you’re feeling, it’s best to go European if it’s making money you’re after.

Is roulette online in MI worth playing? Pros and cons

As with everything else in life, there are some advantages and disadvantages to playing the best online roulette in Michigan state. We have listed a few pros and cons of parting with your hard-earned cash in the Great Lakes State to help you decide whether or not to hit the roulette wheel.

  • Check Round Green

    It’s easy to play

    One of the best things about roulette is that it’s one of the least complicated games to learn how to play. You don’t have to memorize any crazy rules or panic about when and how to place bets which means that you can sit back and enjoy your casino experience instead of agonizing over details.

  • Check Round Green

    You can win real money

    Since December 2019, online casinos have been legal in the Great Lakes State, meaning that a quick spin of the roulette wheel at a decent casino could win you real money. Check out our curated list at the top of the page.

  • Check Round Green

    You have a number of types to choose from

    Although online roulette sites Michigan haven’t been legal for very long, that doesn’t mean there isn’t variety. You can choose from European and American roulette, and even live dealer and mini roulette – the sky is the limit!

  • Check Round Green

    Live dealer roulette is available

    Unlike in other growing states, the best sites to play Roulette in Michigan do actually offer live dealer options. Golden Nugget casino, in particular, offers players several live options, which means that players can have close to real-life casino experiences from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Cancel Round Red

    You won’t have the social experience

    Roulette is a fun, fast-paced game and many players feel that one of the best parts of it is being amongst other eager players who are equally enthusiastic. Of course, while several online roulette sites Michigan do offer live roulette games, the level at which you can interact with other players varies from casino to casino. Ultimately, the social experience will always be a bit lacking when you’re not physically in the presence of other people.

  • Cancel Round Red

    The game is solely based on luck

    Unlike online blackjack in Michigan, online roulette Michigan is entirely based on luck. Yes, you can benefit from learning rules and strategy; however, ultimately, you have no control over which wheel pocket the roulette ball will fall into. This leaves you at the mercy of Lady Luck.

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What are the best sites to play roulette in Michigan?

We have played at several roulette sites in Michigan and made a list of the best ones in order of what they offer. Go to the top of the page to see which casino would be the best fit for you.

Are there different types of online roulette in MI?

Yes, although you might not always be able to tell at first glance, there are several types of online roulette in Michigan state, with one of the most popular being American roulette.

What are some basic rules for playing online roulette in Michigan state?

To ensure you get the best out of your roulette game, we have listed the basic rules you will need to follow to start your online roulette player MI journey.

Is online roulette legal in Michigan?

Yes, online roulette has been legal in Michigan since 2019, and there are several casinos where you can play. We have listed several pros and cons for you to consider when choosing the best online roulette in Michigan state.

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