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Do you live in a cat state or a dog state?

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Cats Vs Dogs

 Cats and dogs have different traits, much like the people that own them. Cats are sweet and curious. They are inquisitive, independent, and vigilant. However, dogs are known for being more affectionate and loyal.

It’s a debate as old as man – cats or dogs? We surveyed over 3,000 Americans to find out which US states prefer cats to dogs, and vice versa. So do you live in a cat or dog state? Keep reading to find out.

Dogs Vs Cats States

You could be fooled into thinking that dogs are more popular than cats, but our data doesn’t agree. In fact, interestingly, it was neck-and-neck. While 25 states said they prefer and own cats, the other 25 said dogs. 

Some notable cat states include Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Whereas dog states include California, New Jersey, Colorado, and Texas. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise is New York. In the past, the Big Apple was considered to be a cat place. Its cramped living spaces were always much better suited for feline friends. In recent years, this has changed a lot. You will find more dogs than ever before living in the state of New York.

Which owners share the most on social media?

Pet owners are notorious for sharing pictures of their furry friends on social media, but which does it the most? 

We asked our 3,000 respondents whether or not they post about their pets on their profiles, and the results are in. 53.2% said they post pet photos online, with 46.8% saying they don’t. Of those who said yes, 56.8% were dog people, and 43.2% were cat people.

The conclusion? Dog lovers are more likely to flood the newsfeed with pictures of their pooches. The data also revealed that the average that posts their pet does so twice per month. Unsurprisingly, millennials are the biggest pet-lovers and they post about their pets on social media the most, followed by generation Z.


In April 2022 we surveyed 3,045 cat and dog owners across the US. The average age of respondents was 38.6 years. We asked them if they own a cat or a dog, what state they come from, and how often they post about their pets on social media.

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