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The most popular July 4th food in every state

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Most Popular July 4th Food

Fourth of July BBQs are a quintessential part of American culinary culture. Whether it’s a traditional potluck or the food is provided by a gracious host, every Fourth of July reveler has that one dish they look forward to every year.

While your pyromaniac uncle is out making his annual trip across state lines to get fireworks he fervently describes as, “the good stuff,” those in charge of feeding the hungry partygoers spend the weeks leading up to the holiday planning the perfect spread to quell those ample American appetites. So grab your paper plates, plastic utensils, and a folding chair, it’s time to fix ourselves a plate.

The Most Popular July 4th Food In Every State

Favorite fares on the fourth 

Our research found Americans are crazy for cold salads in the summertime. Seventeen states can’t get enough potato salad, coleslaw, or macaroni salad on Independence Day. Another classic best-served cold, deviled eggs, is the darling of five states, including Colorado and Maryland. Baked bean buffs are in good company, as well. The magical fruit is the most loved July 4th bite in eight states, including Illinois,  New Jersey, and Washington.     

Down south, it comes as no surprise that smoked brisket is the choice among those in Texas and Kansas, while Louisianans are up early smoking those irresistible ribs. Residents of Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Minnesota must have a sweet tooth, because the most popular July 4th treat in those states is red, white, and blue fruit pizza. 


To learn what the most popular July 4th food in each state is, we analyzed Google search volume trends for more than 100 different types of July 4th foods in the weeks leading up to July 4, 2021. 

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