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The Zeal of New Zealanders: A Study on Kiwi Sports Fanatics

Thinking about bailing on a work meeting to catch a crucial match of your beloved sports team? You’d be joined by over half (55%) of Kiwi sports fanatics, our new study reveals.

by Aukje B. 4min read
Car Frustrations Nz
Road rage: what are our biggest frustrations?

With over 4.5 million vehicles on New Zealand’s roads, one could safely say Kiwi’s like to live their lives on the fast lane. However, with so many of us behind the steering wheel, there is a chance not only our speed meter, but also our anger meter turns red every now and then. Time2play took a peek under the bonnet and asked 1,018 New Zealand motorists about their biggest frustrations on the road.

by Aukje B. 3min read
New Zealand rugby ball and trophy
How superstitious are New Zealand’s rugby fans?

Whether it’s All Blacks’ former fly-half Grant Fox, who always claimed the same spot in the dressing room, or ex-Lions and Scotland back-rower Simon Taylor, who never started a game without imitating Bruce Lee's kung-fu moves — superstitions in rugby are legion. But what about the sport’s supporters? We’ve put our luck to the test and asked over 1,000 New Zealand rugby fans about their superstitions and rituals.

by Aukje B. 3min read


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