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Angry Gamers: Which players rage the most

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Angry Gamers Which Rage The Most

There are few things more enraging for gamers than a seemingly insurmountable level or an online foe who always has your number at the absolute worst time. Add in some game bugs along with a camper or two, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an angry gamer. But can you guess which gamers are the angriest? Surely you’re already forming your own theory as to which players are the most peeved, but don’t be too sure. To find out the truth, we asked gamers across the US exactly what makes them rage and if it has ever affected their lives in the real world. The answers may surprise you.

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A data graph displaying which gamers rage the most

The angriest gamers

There is no line of demarcation among gamers greater than that which separates console and PC gamers. Yes, a fair few sit on the fence and dip their toes into both sides of the debate, but it’s unlikely you’ll find any issue in gaming more polarizing than this one. To add fuel to the fire, we wanted to know if a gamer’s device of choice contributes to anger levels experienced while playing. 

We asked respondents how often they feel what they would describe as extreme, uncontrollable anger while gaming. More than one in five, or 21.3% of those who reported doing the majority of their gaming on Xbox say they experience extreme anger from gaming at least once per day. PC gamers came in second, with 14.1% telling us they face extreme gaming-related anger at least once each day.

On a game or franchise basis, those surveyed told us Call of Duty (23.5%) causes them the most rage. Mario Kart (22.0%), Minecraft (21.2%), League of Legends (20.1%), and Super Smash Bros. (19.7%) rounded out the top five most maddening games.

Overall, 41.9% of the gamers we asked claim they deal with extreme anger about once per week, with only minor variation across gaming devices. Only 4.6% of respondents shared they never experience extreme anger from gaming. 

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Collateral damage

A bit of seething can be expected among even the most docile of gamers, especially when things get competitive. But how often does a player’s passion spill into the real world? Overall, 18.4% of those who describe experiencing gaming-induced fury also disclosed they’ve broken something out of anger, with 73.2% revealing they’ve destroyed a controller or keyboard/mouse in a fit of rage. Drywall, TVs, phones, and dishes were also common victims.

But collateral damage isn’t always physical. A disturbingly high 25.5% of angry gamers say they’ve lashed out at a loved one in anger while gaming. Angry Xbox gamers (29.7%) and mobile gamers (25.1%) reported the highest instances of tearing into loved ones. 


In August 2022 we surveyed 1,046 US residents who report gaming at least 4 hours per week. The average number of hours spent gaming per week among all respondents was 14.9 hours. The average age of respondents was 28.6 years. 

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