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Blackjack tournaments online

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This page guides you through the thrilling roads of the blackjack tournament online world, including freeroll blackjack tournaments.

We’ll teach you how to play wisely, get you to grips with the fundamentals of blackjack competitions, and discuss the tournament types.

We’ve put together the ultimate list of the best casinos to play online blackjack tournaments at. Each recommended casino scores highly in terms of security, bonuses, games, payments, and more.

Where to find the best online blackjack tournaments

Let’s start by jumping right into the absolute best casinos in the business for providing online blackjack tournaments. Each of the following operators picks up top marks, not just for the quality of their tournaments but also for the overall casino experience:

Casino Logo Odds rating Bonus Go to casino Button Show more T&C
BetMGM casino review
87/100 Expert rating by Ian Z. 91% Playscore based on 100% up to $1,000 + $25 Free Play
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Good to know

  • Regular casino tournaments are available
  • A diverse collection of casino games
  • Huge welcome bonus

14 payment methods

VIP Preferred
American Express
Cash at Casino Cage
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
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Golden Nugget casino review
91/100 Expert rating by Alex K. 87% Playscore based on 100% up to $1,000 + 200 free spins
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Good to know

  • Plenty of tournaments for all bankrolls
  • One of the biggest game portfolios
  • Huge table game selection

13 payment methods

American Express
Bank Transfer
VIP Preferred
Cash at Casino Cage
Wire Transfer
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How do blackjack tournaments work

So, exactly how do blackjack tournaments work?

Understanding this is a fundamental first step in starting your journey with blackjack tournaments online.

Each online gambling site will have its own competition rules and structure, while several online blackjack tournament variants exist. While US players have several different regulated casinos to choose from, such as NJ online casinos, WV online casinos, PA online casinos, blackjack tournaments are still rare and difficult to find.

Still, despite the nuances, blackjack tourneys function in the same basic ways:

  • Credit Card

    Entry credit

    Every player pays the same flat fee to enter the tournament. The house (casino) keeps a small percentage of each entry fee while the rest goes to the prize pool. Each player is then given the same amount of chips to play through the tournament.

  • Münzen mit oben und unten einem Pfeil, die in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zeigen

    Bet limits

    Your casino will set a minimum and maximum bet limit for the online blackjack tournament. 

  • Keno

    Number of tables

    Tournaments can be multi-table or single-table games. How many game tables are open will depend on the number of participants the casino accepts. Single-table blackjack tournaments are usually exclusive for VIPs.

  • Roulette

    Tournament format

    You’re competing against the house to win chips and against other players to win more chips than them. Games are the same as regular blackjack, where you play against the dealer. The players with the fewest chips are eliminated in each round until a group competes at a final table. 

  • Jackpot

    Prize pool

    The amount you can win playing a blackjack tournament online depends on the competition and casino. Some tourneys will be more lucrative than others. For example, a tournament with hundreds of players will have a large prize pool, while free online blackjack tournaments may have a smaller pot.

  • Real Money


    While the overall winner receives the most significant prize, rewards are also available on a descending scale for players who perform well during a tournament (perhaps the top 20-50 players).

Freeroll blackjack tournaments — a closer look

Most online casino players don’t realize they can also play free online blackjack tournaments. These are known as freeroll blackjack tournaments, and, as you can probably guess, they’re super popular. While freeroll tournaments can be exclusive to VIPs, they’re usually open to the public. That is because they’re a fantastic way for the casino to attract new customers. 

The key component of a free online blackjack tournament is that you don’t need to pay an entry fee to participate. Considering casinos use entry fees to build a prize pool in a standard tournament, the rewards available in freeroll tourneys naturally take a hit. The casino is fronting up the entirety of the pot so that the prize won’t be as lucrative as a regular blackjack tournament online.

If you’re looking for the best freeroll tournaments, we recommend heading to Unibet.


Blackjack tournament variations (most popular formats)

When you visit the online casinos our experts recommend, you will have a wide choice of online blackjack tournaments. Casinos have complete freedom in how they structure online casino tournaments and what rules they use. After scouring the best online casinos in the USA, we have found blackjack tournaments to suit all kinds of players. 

Blackjack Tournament Real Money

Real money tournament

A real money competition is any contest that allows you to win real prizes for your online blackjack tournament play. Freeroll tournaments also count as real-money competitions because you can still win a real money prize at the end.
Blackjack Tournament Sit N Go

Sit ‘n’ Go

This is a popular type of blackjack tournament online with a predetermined number of seats in the tourney – this can be across single or multiple tables. When you pay the entry fee, you wait (sit) for the player allocation to fill before the tournament begins.
Blackjack Elimination Tournament

Elimination tournaments

An elimination blackjack tournament follows a traditional tournament structure where players are eliminated through each round. These multi-table tournaments have multiple rounds where the player pool is cut each round until there is one table remaining of finalists.
Blackjack Live Money Tournament

Live money tournaments

These are blackjack tournaments where you put your own money at risk. A standard tourney involves a buy-in entry fee to get a set amount of chips. In a live money game, you instead buy the chips yourself. All the chips you buy then have real money value within the tournament.
Blackjack Mini Tournament

Mini tournaments

These short-form upcoming blackjack tournaments will be held frequently, such as every week. These competitions take less time and often have smaller prize pools. The entry fee to mini-tournaments is usually accessible for all player budgets.
Blackjack Major Tournament

Major tournaments

While traditionally exclusive to land-based casinos, major tournaments are becoming common online too. These tournaments usually have more extensive entry fees and bigger prizes. They’re also more likely to attract pro-level players and high rollers.
Blackjack Non Elimination Tournament


There is no elimination through each round. Instead, players compete against each other to accumulate the most chips by the end of the tournament. There is typically a leaderboard to show the position of each player in the competition.

How to win blackjack tournaments — our experts’ strategy

Before heading off to play at major blackjack tournaments, you should prepare for what’s ahead. Tournaments are fun and provide drama and excitement, but they can be even better if you have a plan. Our team of blackjack and casino experts has put together the following list of blackjack tournament strategy tips you can start using today to enhance your experience:

  • Blackjack

    Compare tournaments

    There are many online blackjack tournament variants, so it’s worth comparing competitions to see differences in the prize pool, bet limits, number of players, and tournament duration.

  • Review

    Read the rules

    While tournament structures are pretty universal, casinos will have specific terms and conditions you need to know. Read the rules to understand how the tournament works and what restrictions/requirements are in place.

  • Jackpot

    Preserve your bankroll early

    Bet wisely at the start of a tournament. User simple betting strategies and make less risky decisions to maintain your bankroll. If you progress into the tournament, there may be time to take more risks or use more dynamic betting systems.

  • Bonus Available

    Practice for free

    If you’re new to online blackjack, familiarize yourself with the game before jumping into a tournament. The online casinos we recommend provide access to free versions of online blackjack for you to practice without risking your bankroll. 

  • Icona Check

    Gamble responsibly

    We advise all our readers to bet safely by using the pillars of responsible gambling. Only use disposable money you can afford to lose, know when to walk away when you lose, and use timeouts and deposit/bet/usage limits.

How to play blackjack tournaments online

No matter which online casino you visit, you must register with the site to access online blackjack tournaments. Our review team chooses leading casino operators that provide a smooth registration process without compromising security or safety. Check out the following quick guide to register at your preferred online in just a few minutes. 

High Roller Casinos Tip 2
Step 1

Register an account

Choose a casino from our list of recommended operators.  Select the “Register” or “Join” button. You can usually find this at the top right of the homepage. Follow the instructions for the multi-step registration and provide information such as your name, email, date of birth, address, country, phone number, gender, and other details.  Finalize your registration process and confirm your account via the email the casino sends you. Your account is now ready.  Verify your account by supplying proof of ID and address. You can do this following registration or before making your first withdrawal.

Step 2

Fund your account

To buy into a blackjack tournament, you must first deposit into your casino account. Head to the “Cashier” section and select your preferred payment method from the list of deposit options.  Enter the amount you want to deposit and follow the on-screen instructions from your payment method.  Finalize the deposit. Transactions should clear into your casino account instantly. 

Claim A Casino Bonus
Step 3

Claim a casino bonus

Read the bonus T&Cs to ensure you’re eligible for the welcome bonus.  You may be asked to opt-in to a bonus before making a deposit.  If you’re eligible and not prompted to opt-in, participation in the welcome bonus is automatic. Remember to read the T&Cs to learn about any requirements or restrictions on the promotion. 

Select Your Tournament
Step 4

Select your tournament

Head to the game lobby to see a list of online blackjack tournaments.  Your casino will likely make tournaments a prominent part of the lobby to attract players.  Pick a tournament that interests you and check the participation requirements. 

Buy In
Step 5


Pay the entry fee to enter the online blackjack tournament. Join the blackjack table and start competing in the tournament.

Blackjack tournaments vs casino blackjack — which to play

We only list the absolute best online casinos that provide plenty of benefits to players. One of those benefits is a wide variety of blackjack games alongside the available blackjack tournaments online. If you’re wondering whether you should play regular casino blackjack or choose a tournament, the following table will help you make the best decision and plan your blackjack strategy. Remember to also check out our guides to playing blackjack in different states. Michigan online blackjack for example, is an up-and-coming area that is seeing huge growth. 

Blackjack tournaments:

  • You only commit the entry fee and can potentially win a big prize without risking your bankroll
  • Add extra excitement to blackjack by playing against other players. 
  • Freeroll blackjack tournaments allow you to play blackjack and potentially win money without using your bankroll.
  • There is no denying the entertainment factor of competing against other players.

Casino blackjack online:

  • Ultimate flexibility, choose the blackjack variant you want at the bet limit you want. 
  • Potentially win even bigger prizes by betting more. 
  • Play live dealer blackjack with human dealers. 
  • Take full advantage of casino bonuses.


What online casinos have blackjack tournaments?

The leading online casino sites we recommend have blackjack tournaments online. Choose between casinos that have been through our strict review process covering tournaments, game selection, bonuses, security, customer support, payment methods, and more. 

How do you play blackjack tournaments?

You can start playing blackjack tournaments by registering with one of the top online casinos selected by our team of experts. Once you sign up with your chosen casino operator, deposit funds, and select one of the available online blackjack tournaments from the games lobby. Then, pay the entry fee to start competing in the tournament. 

How do I find out what blackjack tournaments are on?

You can find the latest available blackjack tournaments right here on this page. Our team scours the online casino industry to find the best sites providing the most lucrative and accessible blackjack tournaments. You never need to worry about missing a competition as we update our page each time a new tournament is scheduled. 

What different types of blackjack tournaments can I play?

Single table, multi-table, elimination, non-elimination, major tournaments, mini-tournaments, guaranteed, Sit ‘n’ Go, and freerolls are the most common types of online blackjack tournaments. You can find these competitions and other variations on our recommended online casinos. 

Is it free to enter a blackjack tournament?

It can be free to enter a blackjack tournament if you choose to enter a freeroll tournament. Online casino operators will sometimes set up blackjack tournaments that don’t have an entry fee. This means customers can participate for free and potentially win a prize without dipping into their bankroll. 

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