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Resorts sportsbook review

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Checked byCharlie Stamp
74/100 Expert rating by Ian Z.
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Resorts has a long history, going back to 1978 in Atlantic City, where it was the first legal casino outside of Nevada in the USA. Fast forward 44 years and the Roaring 20s-style casino has expanded with the Resorts online sportsbook. 

On the one hand, Resorts sportsbook certainly offers some great things for players, including a particularly impressive Play+ card.

On the other hand, this sportsbook is lacking in certain areas, including its absence of a cash-out option for existing bets, especially with the number of sports it offers.  There’s a lot to say about this sportsbook, so let’s dive right into this Resorts online sportsbook review and kick things off with a look at their bonus offerings.

Pros and cons

  • VIP deals
  • Award-winning brand
  • Great Play+ card
  • Only 15 sports
  • No baseball
  • No cash out

General ratings

74 / 100 Expert rating by Ian Z
61Betting features rating
28Bonus rating
79Odds rating
88Payments rating
93Safety rating
87Platform rating
95Support rating
59Sports and markets rating
How we rate
85% Playscore based on 6 critics
What is our Playscore?

General info

Launch date 2019
Company behind Resorts Digital Gaming, LLC

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Editor’s note

This review is based on the Resorts NJ online sportsbook. Currently, NJ is the only state available.

Expert verdict

With a score of 74%, I should be somewhat happy with this sportsbook. However, something just feels off about this one. This is admittedly a subjective opinion, but as I browse through Resorts sportsbook, I can’t help but feel as if this entire sportsbook was made more as an afterthought.

Looking at the individual scores, I don’t think it is a coincidence that all of the sections that Resorts scores highly in (over 85 in payments, safety, support, and platform sections) are all sections that are shared with the Resorts casino. When it comes to sections like bonuses, sports, or features, that make a sportsbook unique and special, Resorts is lacking. It’s ridiculous for a US sportsbook to not offer futures for baseball, and a sportsbook that has been around since 2019 should have an option for cashing out existing bets by now. 

In my opinion, just looking at the promos says it all. So many rotating promotions are put out every week, but almost all of them are exclusive to Resorts online casino. The sportsbook itself might be lucky to take part in a shared promo with the casino. Usually, though, it’s left out, without even a welcome bonus to try and bring players in.

Resorts online sportsbook available states

This review is based on the Resorts NJ online sportsbook. Currently licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

States available

  • new-jersey-flag
    New Jersey

Resorts rotating bonuses

So normally, we’d start our review with a look at the welcome bonus for the sportsbook. After all, that’s what most people go for first right? It’s not called a ‘welcome bonus’ for nothing. The problem though is, while Resorts does have a welcome bonus, unfortunately, it’s exclusive to the casino. 

Not offering a sportsbook bonus is admittedly odd, especially since our research indicates that Resorts online sportsbook did have a welcome bonus exclusive to the sportsbook, in the form of a $250 free bet offer. With any luck, this offer will appear again fast, but till then we just have to make do with what we’ve got. Unfortunately, there isn’t much. (More on that below).

Bonus facts

Welcome bonusN/A
Bonus codeRSCASHBACK01
Wagering requirementsN/A
Minimum qualifying bet$10
Risk-free betsN/A
VIP rewardsYes
Other bonusesCashback

Resorts likes to rotate its offers, with small offers coming and going every week, and major ones every month. The problem is that a lot of these offers are exclusive to the casino, with the sportsbook getting almost nothing. Currently, Resorts online sportsbook only has one promotion, a month-long lottery that is shared with casino players, where bettors have a chance of winning up to $1,000 every Monday. 

As this bonus will eventually go, we’ll update the review in the future. As for other promotions, frequent bettors have a chance to become VIPs and gain exclusive promos. These also rotate, however, with VIPs occasionally getting deposit bonuses, free bets, and even gifts. Again, a lot of these promos are exclusive to the casino, so even if you are a VIP you might not get a good bonus for the sportsbook.

Since all of these bonuses rotate, you can never know if a month or week will be good or bad for promos. Sometimes it might be brilliant, like a nice cashback promo on losses, or sometimes there might be almost nothing for the sportsbook. It all comes down to luck.

Bonus rating

28/100 Almost nothing to offer
  • VIP offers
  • Small selection of bonuses
  • Welcome bonus only for casino
  • No permanent promos

Resorts should consider themselves lucky that the score (28) is not lower. A sportsbook without a welcome bonus is already a disgrace, but a sportsbook without any permanent bonus at all is downright shameful.

I don’t even hate the idea of rotating promos. It’s nice to always have something fresh and new every week. Thing is, there also has to be something permanent that I can rely on. I want to log in knowing that there is a guaranteed daily boost or cashback or anything. Instead, I come in and find almost nothing.

With rotating promos, there is the extra problem of not knowing if the next promo will be any good. In my opinion, some of the promos I’ve seen have been great, and some have been utter trash. If I get a bad month then I just have to fiddle my thumbs and hope the next month has something better. Or more realistically, I’d drop Resorts altogether to go to a competitor with some decent promos and an actual welcome bonus, like BetRivers

On the pros side, VIPs get to benefit from some nice extras, including the occasional deposit match or deposit bonus, and even some gift giveaways. Be warned though, there’s no way to sign up for being a VIP, and instead, VIPs are chosen by Resorts online sportsbook management. This unfortunately means that you just have to keep playing till someone notices you. 

As for the contest, it’s completely free to enter, and gives players a chance to win some extra money just for making bets on the NFL, which we’re all doing anyway. There may not be a large number of promotions, but the ones that are there are great and let you win just by participating in normal bets.

Additional bonus details

Resorts online sportsbook bonus codes

Resorts is quite a big fan of bonus codes, and you’ll find one for practically every promotion they have. The Resorts online sportsbook bonus codes, unfortunately, change every few days depending on the promotion they have running at the time, so we can’t place anything here as they’ll be outdated straight away.

Sports and markets at Resorts sportsbook

Many things add flavor to a sportsbook. Bonuses, features, support, these are all things that add value to a sportsbook and help make it enticing. But the true beating heart of any sportsbook will always be the sports themselves. So it’s shocking to us that Resorts only has 15 sports available on its roster.

15 sports is not a great number, at all. Considering Resorts has been open since 2019, we fully expected to find more sports on their site by now. To put this into perspective, the NJ sportsbook bet365 comes in at 34 sports, more than double what Resorts is offering.

Sports facts

Number of sports15
Betting markets — Baseball50+
Betting markets — Basketball186
Betting markets — Football 326
Other markets (politics/event betting)N/A

The bad news doesn’t stop here. Resorts doesn’t even have all the essential sports, with baseball being completely missing. Bet365, Golden Nugget, BetRivers, all of these, and more have at least offered futures markets for baseball, with players being able to bet on baseball teams to win outright in major upcoming leagues. At Resorts there’s nothing, forcing baseball fans to wait till it’s available, or more realistically, go to a different site.

There is at least some good news though. Football does have an impressive amount of markets available, with 326 total options. Basketball and soccer also have a high amount of markets, with both clocking in at 100+ (though with basketball, this number drops significantly in the NCAAB). 

Other than those sports, the rest is somewhat unimpressive, with ice hockey coming in at 50+ markets, and everything else struggling to crack the 20+ mark.

Featured betting markets

Available events

Sports and markets rating

59/100 An embarrassing display
  • Several betting options for football
  • Few sports to choose from
  • No baseball

I sure hope you’re a football, NBA, or soccer fan because that’s pretty much all that you can get over here. The sports selection is not great, and the sports that are here have very few markets if they’re not popular. Even in a popular sport like basketball, the less popular leagues have far fewer markets. The NCAAB has 18 markets, which is just flat-out embarrassing. 

There’s really not much else to say. Sure, the football section is fantastic, but in this day and age, what online sportsbook doesn’t have a good football section? Most sportsbooks out there throw in something else to stand out, whether it’s a massive sports selection like BetRivers or something unique like virtual sports with bet365. Resorts has nothing. Not even something unusual like esports or politics. 

Instead, Resorts threw all of its eggs into the football basket and hoped for the best. Its best though is simply not good enough, and if Resorts doesn’t want its player abandoning ship for other sportsbooks then it has to up its game and bring in something to make it stand out from the rest.

Additional market details


The NFL has quite a strong presence on the Resorts online sportsbook. With 326 markets, there’s plenty to bet on. 

However, if you’re looking for other football leagues then you’re going to be disappointed. The NFL is the only league here, so you’ll have to take it or leave it.


Basketball is another sport worth mentioning for the number of markets it has available. 186 markets in the NBA is very impressive and allows players to have plenty to bet on. It has plenty of other leagues, such as the NCAAB, Eurocup, and Euroleague, amongst others.

Unfortunately, the praise ends here. Whilst basketball does have other leagues, the amount of betting options drops massively, with most of them having under 30 markets. The NCAAB comes in at a miserable 18 markets. We understand that less popular leagues might not have as many options as something like the NBA, but we certainly would have expected a bit more.


The last sport worth mentioning in this sportsbook is soccer. This sport is the most consistent of the bunch. It has plenty of European leagues, such as the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, and the Champions League, amongst others. All of the leagues also have roughly around 100 markets, even the less popular leagues such as the Dutch Eredivisie, so soccer fans will be happy no matter what league they want to bet on.

Betting features at Resorts

Resorts, unfortunately, is also lacking in the ‘features’ department. There are several missing features that we expect most sportsbooks to have, starting with a cash-out feature. Nowadays, most sportsbooks let you cash out of existing bets, either partially or fully, however Resorts has decided to omit this. A bet builder is present, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of this crucial feature.

Feature facts

Bet BuilderYes
Cash OutNo
Live bettingYes
Live streamingNo

A live stream is also missing when players decide to move to live betting. This one is not so bad, as Resorts makes up for this by showing a large amount of data regarding the match and the teams. Players can open a pop-up window that will show the team’s history. This also includes in-game data such as attacks and dangerous attacks, so live betting is still a very good option. Odds are also quickly updated, so all in all, the live betting section is doing ok.

Finally, Resorts only offers parlays as a special betting option. This is not entirely the fault of Resorts, and simply something that all US sportsbooks suffer from, but with both cash out and live streams missing, we were certainly hoping that Resorts would make up for it with something else.

Betting features rating

61/100 Several missing features
  • Quickly updated odds
  • In-depth data
  • No live stream
  • No cash out

When I saw how few sports Resorts had, I was hoping that they would at least make up for it with the features available. If you can’t have the quantity, then surely you would go for quality? However, with both cash out and live stream missing, as well as only parlays being available as a different betting option, I’m sorely disappointed.

Nowadays it’s pretty unheard of to have a US sportsbook not offer some kind of early cash-out. When you have sites like bet365 allowing you to partially cash out early and still keep your parlay bonus going, you have to step up your game to compete.

The good news is that the live betting section is still very good, with very fast odds and a ton of data. I could barely keep up with the tennis odds as they rapidly changed from number to number, and the amount of information available in the pop-up could fill an entire book. So live betting is still viable.

I still have hope for this Resorts online sportsbook review, so let’s move onto the odds and see how Resorts fairs over there.

Additional features details


Sportsbooks may be a bit too obsessed with parlays, but we can’t exactly blame them either. Parlays are just too damn good. For those who don’t know, a parlay lets you link two or more outcomes into one bet. You’ll have a higher risk, but you’ll also get boosted payouts, so for those willing to risk it, it can be pretty lucrative.

Resorts is a bit shameless, forcing players to have a minimum of 5 bets linked together to qualify for the boost. At least the actual boost itself is quite nice, going up to 50% for 14 linked bets. The full table of selections and boosts can be seen below.

Parlay Boost %
5-Team 10%
6-Team 15%
7-Team 20%
8-Team 25%
9-Team 30%
10-Team 35%
11-Team 40%
12-Team 45%
13-Team 50%
14-Team 50%

Resorts sports betting odds

As always, we sampled a bunch of games over time and converted the odds into percentages. After we did all this, we took a look at the Resorts percentage payout and saw that it was fine. Not good or bad, just fine.

To clarify a bit, we normally consider 93% to be on the lower end. So when Resorts came out with 94.71% average payouts, at first we were not exactly thrilled. It’s not bad mind you, but it’s closer to the 93% number than we would have liked. 

However, things start to look far more positive when we look specifically at the football and basketball percentage payouts. Both of them are fiddling around the 96% mark, which is excellent. Seeing how Resorts has doubled down on football, this is very nice to see, as it at least is not trying to rob its players on the one sport that it excels at.

Odds facts

Average payout94.71%
Boosted oddsNo
Parlay boostsNo
Line movementFrequent

What’s impressive though is the live payout percentages. We always expect live percentages to be a little bit lower than the alternatives because players have the advantage of seeing the game in front of them. However, 94.22% is almost the same number as the average payouts, which is excellent. This means players can safely bet on live without losing too much money to Resorts. 

*data gathered 20th January 2021

Odds rating

79/100 Solid overall payouts
  • Strong basketball payouts
  • Easy to see odds and make in-play bets
  • No boosted odds

I’m pleasantly surprised with how things turned out in this section. 94.71% is a solid number for average payouts overall, so Resorts is already off to a good starting point here. Mix that in with the higher percentage payouts for both football and basketball, and you should be having a good time overall with this sportsbook. 

I’m especially happy to see that there is only a small dip between general and live payouts. To compare, Borgata dips from 94.70% general payouts to 91.58% live payouts, so Resorts only going from 94.71% to 94.22% is great. 

Still, things could always be better. I would have loved to have seen Resorts hit the 97% mark for the payouts, or at the very least offer some boosted odds. Looks like we’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got.

Payment methods at Resorts

The payments section for Resorts is a bit of a muddled mess of highs and lows. On the one hand, Resorts offers 8 different payment methods yet only 4 of those can also be used to withdraw cash. On the other, the Resorts Play+ card is a fantastic deal and an excellent option for bettors.

Payment facts

Number of payment methods8
Popular paymentPlay+
Minimum depositNo limit
Maximum depositNo limit
Average deposit timeInstant
Minimum withdrawalNo limit
Maximum withdrawal$10K for one time withdrawals, though you can make more withdrawals
Average withdrawal timeInstant
Deposit feesNone
Withdrawal feesNone

Full list: VIP Preferred, Play+ (VISA, Mastercard, Discover), PayNearMe, Mastercard, VISA, PayPal, Cash at the casino cage

The first, immediately noticeable thing about the Play+ card is the general lack of limits. The Resorts Play+ card doubles down on being a card that can be used at any store where Discover is accepted, so there are pretty much no limits on it (though of course, moderation is always advised when dealing with gambling). Deposits and withdrawals are also instant for this option, and there are no fees. It’s a one-of-a-kind Play+ offer.

Policies are very easy to find, with a banking page that goes through the terms and conditions of every offer, and throws in a few FAQs for good measure. You’ve got your standard options like VISA, Mastercard, and PayNearMe, but you can only withdraw with PayPal, VIP Preferred, the Play+ card, or going on-site and picking up the cash at the casino cage.

Deposit methods

  • PayPal
  • Cash at Casino Cage
  • MasterCard
  • Play+
  • VIP Preferred
  • Visa
  • PayNearMe

Withdrawal methods

  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Cash at Casino Cage
  • VIP Preferred

Payments rating

88/100 Standout Play+ card
  • No operator fees
  • Almost no limits
  • Low amount of alternative options

his section of the Resorts online sportsbook review is kind of hard to talk about. The lack of withdrawal options is a definite negative, and normally I’d be more annoyed at seeing so few options on hand. However, the Play+ card is just great, which makes me wonder why you would even need other options anyway. 

All Play+ cards let you shop wherever Discover is accepted, but few of them let you do that with no real limits. This gives players the freedom to just head out after winning big and buying whatever they fancy. It basically negates the need to withdraw almost altogether, and can just be a standard card for the players. Add the lack of fees and instant deposits/withdrawals and you’ve got yourself a solid option right there.

Still, a lack of alternatives can’t be completely ignored. It would have at least been nice to allow players to withdraw with their Mastercard or VISA, instead of having those options for deposit only. 

At the end of the day, if you don’t want the Play+ card, then to see your winnings you’re simply going to have to get used to PayPal or wait the 3-5 days for the money to come through with VIP Preferred. Or pop on your best sneakers and jog on to Resorts yourself.

Safety features of Resorts

As always, safety is a high priority for us, and we’re always particularly happy when a sportsbook scores highly in this section. Thankfully this Resorts online sportsbook review did not disappoint, and the security in this sportsbook is airtight.

Safety facts

Auditing sealsN/A
Responsible gaming sealsRG, 800Gambler, Council of Compulsive Gaming, NCPG
SSL encryption256-bit
Two-factor authenticationAvailable
Ever blacklisted?No
Deposit, wager, time, and loss limitsAll available
Cooling-off periodAvailable

Resorts is licensed by the NJDGE, and it proudly displays a huge green Responsible Gaming logo on the header, which in it has contact details for 800 GAMBLER, the Council on Compulsive Gaming, and The National Council on Problem Gambling. To top it off, Resorts is an award winner, with awards from the Casino Player Best of Gaming Awards.

If you start feeling like a gambling addiction is taking hold, you can impose limits on yourself, with deposit limits, session time limits, and spend limits all available to the player. 

Finally, the site has strong SSL encryption, so your credit card details are safe from any nefarious people lurking about the internet.

Licensed by

  • new-jersey-division-of-gaming-enforcement-logo
    New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Safety rating

93/100 A safe environment for all players
  • Award winner
  • Strong SSL encryption
  • Lacks its own Responsible Gaming platform
  • Only open in NJ

When it comes to safety, there’s very little to fear here. Resorts is a safe and reliable site, in every possible way. From a Responsible Gaming perspective, all of the tools a person could need are there, and free to use from the ‘My Account’ section at any time. It’s also nice to see Resorts offer links to so many different councils, letting players get in touch with whomever they feel most comfortable with. 

I do however wish that it was available in more than 1 state. When a sportsbook is available in more than one state, that means that it has several pairs of eyes looking at it and judging it. A sportsbook like BetRivers, which is available in 11 states, would have had to pass through 11 licensing boards and impress them all. So Resorts only being available in 1 state is unfortunate there.

Still, 1 is always better than nothing, and the NJDGE is a very reputable source, so I’ll take it. If Resorts wants that perfect 100 though, it’ll need to open in more states and have its own Responsible Gaming platform.

Resorts customer support

The highlight of this Resorts online sportsbook review is the customer support. An excellent, friendly, and informative service that helped out in any way they could. 

Let’s get the cons out of the way: the support is not 24/7. You’ll need to contact them between 8 am – 12 am (midnight), or else you’ll have to leave a message for them to see when they come in. It could be a bit of a problem for those late-night gamers, so keep it in mind if you decide to keep betting into the early morning hours.

Support facts

Customer support availability8AM – 12AM (midnight)
Live chatYes
Email[email protected]
Contact number1-844-990-4263
On-page supportFAQ and Help section

The Help and FAQ sections are extensive, with loads of information on any topic you can think of. If you have a question but the live chat is not available, likely the answer is somewhere in the FAQ for you to find. It’s also nice to see Resorts offer both email and calls, with the call being toll-free, so they’ve covered their bases for support options.

As for the live chat itself, it was excellent. We tested it at different times, and we always got in immediately, and always received helpful and informative answers. The staff was friendly and helped out in any way they could. We were also impressed to see that a full transcript of the conversation would be sent to our email once it ended, along with a survey on how to improve. 

If you need to access their contact details on the site, simply scroll down to the bottom and hit the ‘Contact US’ button.

Support rating

95/100 A nearly flawless community service
  • Extensive FAQ section
  • Friendly and helpful answers
  • Easy to find and access the contact page
  • Live chat is not 24/7

Resorts pulled out all the stops in this section. The support for the sportsbook is nearly flawless. I’ve received a lot of pointless surveys in my emails from sites asking how to improve, only for said site to do nothing. Here, however, the work clearly shows, and Resorts have built an exceptional support section.

As for the staff themselves, they were incredibly helpful. They guided me through every dilemma I had and gave me friendly but informative answers. One staffer in particular gave me extra information that I did not even know I wanted till I had it as if he could see exactly what my mind would want next. These guys and gals nailed it, so kudos to them all.

The only thing stopping this section from being a perfect 100 is the available times. I know that 24/7 live support is somewhat rare, but it’s also the only thing stopping Resorts from having one of the best support systems out there. Just this one change is all it will take to make this a perfect score, so Resorts, if you’re reading this, make it happen.

Resorts’ platform

Here are all of the important details that you need to know regarding Resorts’ platform:

  • Registration involves 11 fields, 5 drop-down menus, and 4 tickboxes. It’s simple, straightforward, and can be filled in under 2 minutes.
  • The Resorts online sportsbook app is very similar to the desktop version, and both of them suffer from lots of lag.
  • The website can be a bit clunky, though for the most part is easy to navigate.
  • There is a good search bar and filtering option, which is great since oddly there is no ‘popular’ page, so you’ll need to find each sport you want individually.

Platform facts

Mobile appiOS, Android
Ease of navigationVery convenient
Search functionYes
Loading speed0.4 sec.
UI and UX ratingGood
Other productsCasino

There’s also a nice bar right at the top that scrolls through all of Resort’s promotions, though be warned that some of them are adverts for casino exclusive promotions.

Platform rating

87/100 A solid but laggy platform
  • Quick registration
  • Casino and live dealer
  • The lag

On the whole, Resorts has itself a decent platform to work with. It’s simple, it neat, and it’s easy to understand. So then why is it only getting 87 as a score?

The biggest and most obvious problem is the lag. This only really happens when entering into a new section of the site (Ex. clicking on ‘banking’ to be taken to the banking information), but you better be prepared to wait whilst the screen loads up. I often just did other tasks whilst the site loaded up, because the waiting was getting frustrating. 

Another odd quirk is the site not having a ‘popular’ section. I normally like to throw a bet on a few NFL and NBA games, so a ‘popular’ section helps quite a bit as it puts them all in one location. As is, you first have to go through the football section, and then later the basketball section, which is a bit silly for leagues that most people will be betting on.

The rest of it though is pretty good. The site is smooth once it loads in, with only that initial loading being a problem. The search function is excellent, and there’s some quick filtering to cycle through the sports. There’s even a casino and live dealer for those who fancy. So it’s still a great platform, regardless of the minor problems.

Additional platform details

Resorts verticals

Resorts also offers a casino and live dealer to go along with your sports betting. They’re easily found in the top toolbar, right next to the Resorts logo, so just click on them to check them out. We even have a review for Resorts Casino, so feel free to check it out.


Which states is Resorts legal in?

At the time of writing, Resorts is only available in New Jersey. You’ll need to be physically in the state to place bets on the Resorts NJ online sportsbook, so you better get walking if you’re not there. Details can be found in our states section.

Is there a promo code for the Resorts sportsbook?

There are plenty of Resorts online sportsbook bonus codes. The problem is that they change regularly with the constant VIP promotions on offer. The only bonus code we can reliably put in is RSCASHBACK01, which is used for the $10,000 cashback bonus. More details are in our bonuses section.

How many sports can I bet on at Resorts?

At the time of writing, you can bet on 15 different sports, ranging from the popular ones such as football and basketball to the more niche options such as darts and cricket. Some big sports are missing though, such as baseball, so be warned. A full breakdown of this can be found in our sports section.

How to contact Resorts customer service?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Contact Us’ button. All the information you could need to contact them is right there. If you just want the phone number, it’s 1-844-990-4263. Check out our support section for more information.

How do I download the Resorts sportsbook app?

You can download the Resorts online sportsbook app from the App Store for iOS, or the Google Play Store for Android. Remember, however, that it’ll probably not appear in the store if you are out of state, so make sure you are in New Jersey before trying to download it. More information about the platform itself can be found in the platform section.

Does Resorts sportsbook have good odds?

The odds for Golden Nugget are quite decent. There is a full breakdown in the odds section but for the most part, they average out at 94.71%. Thankfully live payouts are not far behind at 94.22%, which allows you to safely bet on live games without losing too much extra money to Resorts in the process.

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